Tu Hi Mera Shivika FF Part 5

This part is my personal favourite so I hope u all love it too☺

A new day it was. He woke up earlier than his usual time. Yup! The great Shivaay Singh Oberoi after breakup woke at 9 instead of 12!
How Astonishing!

It was astonishing for the family as well.
And how can Rudi leave this topic so easily

“Breaking News! Shivaay Singh Oberoi jinka 2 months pehly breakup hogaya tha aaj 9 bajy jaag gaye warna he used to wake up at 12… We are surprised at this news! How this happened? Yesterday he said GOOD MORNING and today he wake up early! It is all because my Ani didi!”
He shouted in the hall alerting everyone.

Shivaay saw him and gave a dead glare.
And our Rudi hide behind his Sumo
“Sumo save me or else bhaiya will be killing me with his eyes!” He said in a frightened tone
“It’s okay Rudr. He is not doing something like that!” She pulled him and make him stand beside her

“Shivaay? Hows wake up earlies?” A surprised Pinky asked
“Mom! I had enough sleep yesterday so I just wake up earlier!” he replied
“U had Enough sleep or u hadn’t drunk alcohol last night Shivaay?” Om asked
“Okay! I hadn’t drink it!” his reply made everyone go “Really”
“Anika ki wajah se hua na?” Om asked as a possibility
“Haan!” Shivaay replied all truly

“Anika is a real magic!” Prinku said smiling
“Magic! Pagal hy wo Pagal!” Shivaay said with a unique smile on his face which didn’t go unnotice by anyone
“Aaj itny dino baad tujhy muskurata dekha hy!” Tears brimmed in Pinky’s eyes as she hugged Shivaay
“Mom! U r just getting emotinal! ” Shivaay hugged her back

“Ohhhh!! I am sorry! Wrong timing! Emotional moment chal raha tha!” Anika stepped in the house and said in a loud voice attentioning everyone

Pinky broke her hug and see her but before Shivaay could see her.

“Anikaaaaaaaa!” Prinku ran towards her and hugged her tightly followed by Om, Rudi and Somo
“Can I just take a breath guys?” She asked

All giggled and left her one by one, and she start taking deep breathes. His eyes went on her and he was mesmerised to see her. There she stood clad in a purple and light gold brown coloured anarkali.The dupatta was on her right shoulder. Her hairs lightly curled and to complete the look big golden earrings with some white pearls on the bottom of them were hanging in her ears.

{You can imagine something like this one}

( http://rutbaa.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/thumbnail/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/_/0/_0005_644005405000.jpg )

His eyes were stuck on her while she met all the family members.

“Beautiful” he mumbled slowly but it was audible for the one standing beside him
“Bhaiya whom did u say beautiful???” well it was Rudi and he was quite astonished
“Anikaaaa….” He replied while his eyes fixed on her.
He saw her taking steps towards him and saying something which was actually Mr.Oberoi wasn’t able to listen

“Shivaay??? Shivaay??” Anika was standing exactly infront of him and snapped her fingers this time
“Haan?? Haan?? What?” he came out of his lost land and fumbled over words
“how are u???” she asked
“Fine.. Totally fine!” he replied rolling his eyes
“Okay!” she replied while her lips curved in a smile
“Anika, lets goes! Breakfast abhi readies hy… Comes!” Pinky aunty called her out and everybody start moving towards the table leaving those two in the hall as he want to go to his room for a work and she want to do a call

He turned to go in his room when she called him

“Hmmmm????”.he turned back and asked
“Wo… I was….Ummmm… Actually!” she was fumbling
“What Anika???” he questioned
“Nothing…” She turned around to go when his voice made her turn back
“You look beautiful today. Do wear these type of dresses Anika” his voice as sweet as honey

Anika wasn’t believing what she heard.. but still a smile crepted on her face.

“Anika.. Shivaay.. Comes fast!” Pinky shouted from the dinning room and she went towards there while Shivaay made his way to his room


“Bhaiya won’t be going!” Rudi said as a matter of fact
“And how can u say this?” Saumya asked with curosity
“See….” before Rudi can completed someone barged into the room
“Om….Om….” she called out him
“Mae idhar hi hoon Ishana… Please don’t shout!” Om stand up from his seat and came towards her
“Haa! Finally u r here. You know I was finding u in the whole Mansion and…” She kept on saying
“So..????” he smiled and asked
“What u all have been talking about???” She asked taking a seat
“Ishana, Dev didn’t come with you???” Priyanka asked seeing at the door
“Ehmm…Ehmmm…” Ishana coughed..
“Talking about me???” A boy entered the room and looked towards Prinku

“Devv…..” Prinku’s voice was filled with excitement

“Kaisay ho???” Om hugged him and asked

“All fine Bhai!” he hugged him back

{GUYS! Imagine Dev as Neel Motwani from BHRK}

“Rudr??? Kaisa hai??” Dev went towards Rudi and asked
“Bus…All fine” he said with a sad face

“Prinku??? Tum???” Dev voice had all sweetness

“Mae bilkul theek hoon!” Prinku replied looking into his eyes

“Btw! PriDev we all are here!” Rudi said at once and both get conscious

“Haan??? So what we were talking about???” Saumya said at once

“Haan dekho! Bhaiya won’t be going in the Shaadi because!!!” he again started but left incomplete hearing his didi

“Shaadi??? Kiski??” Anika asked with excitement

“Should I come too???” Ani continued

“Didi! It’s Tia’s wedding today!” Rudi replied

“What??? Her’s ????” Anika looked on sadly

“Anikaaaa didi!!!” Ishana squealed on happily

“Aray?? Tum kab aai??” Moving towards Ishu she hugged her and asked

“Few moments before!” Om replied from the back

“Anika… di..di!” Dev shouted from back with a naughty smile on his face

“Ughhhhhh!!! Dev how mamy times I’ve told u that u are not younger than me. Your age is same as a O so call me Anika, not Anika didi!” Anika was irritated

“Okay!! Di…Di!!” Dev again making Anika go mad

“Guys! Guys! We are talking about something else na…” Samuya changed the topic and said

“Haan! Tia’s wedding! ” Anika said at once

“Haan? So what do u feel didi? Bhaiya will go in the wedding or not?” Saumya asked again

{ A for Anika, I for Ishana, S for Saumya, P for Prinku, O for Omkara, R for Rudi, D for Dev }

A: Well!!!

I: I don’t think so that Shivaay bhaiya will go

R: I think so he should go

A: I am with Rudi!

O: And why should he???

R: He can capture dp for his social media

Rudi said with his signature “Logic” sign

“Rudr! ShutUp!” Everyone said in unison

D: Do u really think that Ru?

R: Ofcourse! See people now-a-days capture photos in events and then put them as their dp’s

P: Rudr bhaiya this will never make Shivaay bhaiya go in that wedding

I: Prinku is right! I think he shouldn’t go

A: He should

“Why???” asked everyone

A: It will make him forget his pain forever

O: How Ani??

A: See…

R: Where didi?

S: Duffer! It’s like listen

A: So, seeing Tia with someone else will make his pain vanish forever and ever. He’ll not be drinking, he won’t curse himself and…

D: And became like the old one

A: That won’t happen but if wo Tia ki shaadi mae jaaye ga wo uss ko bhulany mae kamyab hojaye ga

P: That’s right! Then we should to talk Shivaay bhaiya.. O bhaiya

O: Prinku I have some important work. I won’t be able to talk to him. Ask Rudr.

R: Me? Huh? How? Like No way! Somo u talk

S: Bade bhaiya is dangerous now-a- days, I think Ishana didi would make him

I: Hello guys! I am just 22, I don’t want to die in such a young age. Dev will surely make him

D: Whose Dev here? I am Abhi! Prinku have guts to talk his brother

P: Dev! Please!

O: So…..

Everyone look towards Anika and smile.

A: Guys, why are u seeing me like this?

She senses the problem and.

A: Wait a sec! U want me to… NO WAY!!!!

R: Didi bhaiya listenes u so much

A: When did u feel so?

O: We have seen.

A: Om, please stop taking side of ur baby brother

S: U know what didi, According to the research by University of London the people having their names staring from A can easily make the S named persons

A: When this research came? Haan?

S: Didi….jab…I…mean kuch din pehlay

A: Stop making these excuses…

I: Baat krlo na Anika didi

D: Haan di.di

P: U can Anika

A: I swear if mujhy 7 logon ko maarny ki ijazat hoti sabse pehly tum logon ka murder karti. Mae Shivaay se baat….

She was cut by the voice she heard

“Kia baat krni hai mujh se???” asked Shivaay as he entered the room

All turned towards him Anika whose back was facing him turned back just to stare in those eyes

“Kia baat karni hai???” he again asked seeing everyone’s shocked face

“Anika needs to talk to u Shivaay bhaiya…” Dev said gaining some courage

“Aray Dev… How are u???” He saw him and asked

“I am fine…” Dev replied

“Hmm.. So kia baat karni hai???” Shivaay asked again looking towards Ani

“Shivaay? Will u go in Tia’s wedding today???” She asked gulping her saliva and motivating herself

“Why? Why should I go???” As expected, he shouted

“Because u will…” Anika was saying but was cut by Everyone

R: U will forget your pain

D: Your pain will vanish


I: The pain Tia caused

S: U’ll live your life easily then

“SHUT UP!!!!” this time it wasn’t Shivaag who had shouted but it was Anika.

“I have to talk na.. You all pushed me to talk so please let me speak.” Anika said with an angry face and stressing on please

“Shivaay… U know what? Tia yeh smajhti hai that without her u have died. U are nothing without her. And I am sure that shaadi mae bhi uss ny sabko yehi kaha hoga that I have called my my-ex-atm-boyfriend whom loved me so much but I just used him and now I have called him and see he won’t come because he loved me like a mad person. Dekhiye Shivaay!” She stopped for a moment just to take a breath

Everyone including Shivaay was listening to her

“Shivaay uss ko dekhaiye that u can live without her. Aap uss ky bagahir jee sakty hain. Aap uss ky baghair mar nahi gaye hain. Woh aap ki zindagi ka past thi aur past don’t interfere in present. So u should go and if u won’t go tou Jhoot ki jeet hojayegi aur Sach ki haar…” Anika said

Shivaay was just listening yo her standing still

“Somo do u feel bhaiya will go???” Rudra whispered in Saumya’s ear

“Rudr, I don’t know. Maybe or maybe not!” She replied in a low voice

“Mujhy nhi lagta O ky Anika didi ki speech ka asar bhaiya par hua hai!” Ishana said still looking towards Anika and Shivaay

“Come on Ishu, Anika ki speech ka influence is so much. It can help!” Om replied looking at Ishana

“Prinku. What do u feel?” Dev asked her

“Dev! I think bhaiya will say haan to go in wedding” Prinku replied

“Ummm…. Shivaay what did u decide than?” Om asked atlast

Shivaay turned back to go. Everyone hopes drop that he won’t be going then

“Mae jaaon ga.. Zaroor jaoon! I’ll go in her wedding!” he replied turning back to them and in a second OmRu came to hug him

“But I want someone to accompany me” Shivaay said ruffling Rudi’s hair

“Shivaay I have to complete a sclupture by today so I don’t think so I can go with u!” Om excused himself

“And bhaiya I have to help O” Ishana is there too

“Me and Somo have to complete a project bhaiya” And Rudr beautifully made an excuse including Somu as well

“Bhaiya I forgot to tell that our college is going to have a function, so I have to prepare for that!” And Prinku comes too

“And I have to help Priyanka!” And the last person Dev excused himself too

Shivaay eyes than went towards Anika who was clearly understanding all the excuses made by everyone

“Anika???” Shivaay called her out and she turned towards him

“Hmmm” She asked

“Will you…just come with me?” Shivaay asked in a go.

“Mae???” It wasn’t less than a shock for the girl

“Yeah… You..” Shivaay replied in the normal way

“But how can I???” Anika was confused

“I even don’t have a dress to wear” Ani continued

“You can take it from me…” Priyanka said from the

Anika turned towards Prinku and give her a I swear I’ll kill u first look

“Problem solved then!” Shivaay said

“Magar…” She was going to say something but was cut by Shivaay

“ Anika be ready at 6…” He said balkay ordered and then left the room

“Girl u have to get ready” Ishu said from the back

Anika turned towards them and picked up a cushion from the couch nearby. She throw it directly on Ishu followed by everyone.

“I hate u all….” She was continuously saying and everyone tried their best to hide from the jungli billi.

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