Tu Hi Mera Shivika FF Part 3

I am sorry for the delay as I was having a practical so was preparing for it…


Anika came out of his room similing

“KIA HUA????” Everyone standing outside his room asked in unision

“KUCH HONA THA KIA???” She was asusual in her careless manner

“Anika what happened inside??” Jhanvi aunty asked her

“Badimaa! It was ALLLLLLL OKAYYYYYY!” Emphasizing and stretching All Okay she replied

They all reached the lounge to comtinue the convo

“Anika! Did he agrees???” Pinky asked restlessely

“We are Friends now!” She replied happily

“WHAT?????” Everyone was shocked

Om: Are you serious???

Ani: I know Om yeh thora shocking hy

Ru: Didi, thora???

Ani: Okay zaida!

Ru: Good, agay

Ani: Haan so, but we are friends

Pri: Anika! How did u do that???

Ani: Prinku! Anika Kuch bhi kar sakti hy

She was playing with her hairs

“GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!” Shivaay came from the back and greeted everyone

And all the people sitting there were beyond shock. There mouths turned in an “O”. They were seeing him without blinking their eyes

“You says Goods Mornings????” Pinky unbelievingly asked

“So????” Shivaay was confused

“Par Bhaiya! Aapny itny dino pehly humy last Good Morning bola tha!” Rudi said still seeing him

“I think that’s all okay!” Shivaay replied

“Acha… I’m leaving for office… Good Bye!” He gave them another shock

“Byeeeeeee!!!!” They waved their hand unconsciously

“Anikaaaaaa” They all came to her and hugged her

“Ehmmmmm… Thank…. Thank You”  she smiled


Sitting in the office he was
Still so engrossed in Tia’s wedding thoughts


For me she was my everything and for her I was just her credit card. She never loved me and I… She betrayed me. She is…


His eyes filled with tears. His files witnessing those drops of his.


He came home a bit earlier

“Shivaay? You comes fast todays???” Pinky asked

Shi: Mom! It’s just I was tired

Pin: Okay u rests! Mae khana bhijwati hoon

Marching off to his room he sat on the sofa and again thought about her

“KHANAAAA!!!!” Anika shouted coming in

“Tum???” He asked

Ani: Kyn? Mujhy dekh kr khushi nhi hui

Shi: What???

Ani: Let it be… Eat food

Shi: I am not hungry

Ani: Eat it! Bhook lag hi jayegi

Shi: I told I ain’t hungry

Ani: I know u r thinking about Tia

Shivaay looked her with confusing eyes

Ani: Shivaay! I know u are thinking about her. Its her marriage somedays later na

Shi: It’s my personal matter and u should not interfere in that

Ani: We are friends na

Shi: Not that good one that we start sharing our PERSONAL PROBLEMS

He emphasized on the words Personal Problems

Ani: See Shivaay! I know u r so hurt inside. Not only hurt aap tou andar se mar chukay hain and dieing inside torture u so much.

Shi: What do u wanna say???

He relaxed a bit. Listening to her he knew that she had understood him from inside.

Ani: Shivaay! I know u loved her so much. And she betrayed you Kyn ky wo aapse pyar hi nhi karti thi. Aap ka pyar sacha tha magar….

Shi: Uss ka jhoota… yahi na…

Ani: Nah!

Shi: Then what???

Ani: First of all drinking is not the solution to forget her

Shi: Anika jab dhokay bardasht na hon tou ye sab karna hi parta hy

Ani: Seriously Shivaay? U didn’t endured her betray? Agar na kia hota na tou aap mery samny nhi bethay hoty balkay ghar ky darwazy pr aapki tasveer pr phool ki mala lagi hoti

Her reply made him chuckle

Ani: Dard usny dia hai apny ny nahi so, punshiment should be given to her not to you

He was seeing into her hazel eyes.

Ani: Khana zaroor kha lijiye ga or else Pinky aunty will not spare me

He smiled at her and she smiled back at him

She left his room and he thought about her words

Suddenly his phone rang

“Kal shadi hy Tia ki! U’ll come na….” the person on the phone said


“Phone number 28168030187330107269911074710 just got murdered by MR. SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI!”

And again he made his way to the Alcohol bar….

He reached there and took out the wine the glass but the glass was just stopped infront of his mouth

“ Dard usny dia hai apny ny nahi so, punshiment should be given to her not to you ” Her words rang in his ears


Shayad she’s right but how can I forget Tia. She was my only Love. My life, my breaths, my everything.. 

“Zindagi dhoka deti hy magar saans nhi deti!” Again the sweet melodious voice hit his ears


He saw her pulling the chair beside him and sitting
She took the glass from his hand and put it on a side

“Anika… tum kuch nahi janti… u know nothing” He said with pain

“So I want to know… I want to know everything about you, about her….” Anika replied

Shi: What will u do???

Ani: Maybe I can help u taking out u from this trauma

He laughed

Shi: Really??

Ani: U r being sarcastic? Right?

She air quoted the word sarcastic

Shi: Intelligent enough

Ani: Really Mr.Oberoi! U think aap ky ilawa iss duinya mae koi Intelligent nahi hy?

He faced her listening her reply

Shi: U know what pain is

Ani: U know what extreme pain is???

Her voice cracked up and his eyes went wide. Her tone was something, something he never listened before

Shi: Extreme pain?

Ani: Yes! Extreme Pain

Shi: Aisa kia hua???

Ani: Aap ny mujhy bataya jo mae aapko bata doon?

Shi: I’ll tell you only when u’ll tell me

Ani: After you Mr. Oberoi!

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