Tu Hi Mera Shivika FF Part 2

So it’s Thursday today and I’m kind of so excited to update second part of my FF. If there is any mistake pardon me please


Keeping himself busy in office works he tried to forget that phone call. And asusual at night, he was found drinking ALCOHOL.
Trying to forget that phone call he was sipping continuously.


“TUM AOGY NA USS KI SHAADI MAE???” How he did ask me this. Why! “WO SHAADI KAR RAHI HAI” I can’t believe myself but when she have betrayed me, she can marry also.


Anger, rage and what not emotions were flowing him. Drinking enough of that “ALCOHOL” he collasped on the floor not knowing what happened then.


Entering the house she saw his best friends

“OmRU” shouted Anika

“Ani/ didi!” both shouted in unsion

Hugging them both she talked them for some time

“Wo Devdas kaisy hain???” She asked

Ru: Devdas? Kon didi?

Ani: I am talking about your brother Shivaay

O: What will happnen Ani? He again drank last night

Ani: Again???

O: Yes!

Ani: But why?

Ru: His some friend called him and told him about Tia’s marriage and ask him if he would could or not?

Ani: So???

O: Ani she is one whom Shivaay loved

Ani: Ahhh!!

Ani: Mae unsy mil sakti hoon?

Continuing she asked

Ru: Ofcourse Didi!

She raised her eyebrows asking where he’ll be to which they pointed towards his room


And I’m going to his room. How much he had shouted me yesterday. I hope he doesn’t do the same today. Anika Strong ban Strong.


She stopped at the door of his room. Closing her eyes she let out a sigh and prayed to God for her well-being.

Pushing the door slightly she saw him sleeping peacefully but NOT PEACEFULLY. His face showed an expression of deep pain. His eyes having black circles, his eyes bags all swallon up. His lips all dried.

She could easily see those dried tears marks on his face.

“His condition was worse. He loved her dearly but what he got in return is just betray. DHOKA!” She thought as she saw him.

Lifting the heavy weights of his eyelashes he opened his eyes at once. Everything was just blur for him. Blinking them few times his vision got cleared. Observing his surroundings his blue eyes locked in those hazel ones.

How come this girl is here in my room? No one is allowed to come here so how did she?

“Good Morning!” She wished me a GOOD morning which I probably lost some weeks ago.


Giving her a glare he tried to get up and sit just to feel dizzy and all.

“Aik min!” Ani said and moved from there.

He was shocked at her behaviour. He had shouted at her yesterday and she is so polite with him!

Anika came back with a glass of Nimbu pani and offered him

“Drink it! Sar ka dard sahi hojayega!” She said.

He can’t resist as he was having severe pain. She sat down on his bed a little far away from him.

Hs raised his eyebrows at her.

“Ji???” she asked

“What are u doing in my room plus u r sitting on my bed too!” Shivaay asked rudely

“Can we become friends???” Ignoring his question she forwarded her hand for a handshake

Shivaay was startled at her behaviour. She was different

“I ASKED U SOMETHING!” He asked angrily

“Bata doon gi! Phelay batiye FRIENDS???” Again she asked the same question

“WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND?” he asked with same angry tone

Ani: Acha dost nhi kam az kam baat tou krskty hai na???

Shi: And why the HELL u want to talk to me?

Ani: Aap ki har baat mae HELL kyn ajata hy?

“KYN KY MERI LIFE KISI HELL SE KAM NHI HY!!” he unconsciously said that which he TRIED to hide from everyone

Realizing what he said he asked her to go

“Magar I want to know!” She said looking straight into his eyes

“What do you want to know? Why I am living like this?” He asked almost shouting

Everyone heard his shout and went to his room but finding the door locked they stand outside

Pinky: Why did Anika closes the door?

Pri: Koi baat nhi Choti Maa, Ani will manage

Om: But how? You know Shivaay.. he’ll just

Ru: Show Ani didi his eyes and shout on her and kick her and…


Ru: Okay!

O: If dadi would be here she can handle Shivaay but to Ani’s badluck she’s not here

Jhan: Come on everyone! We know Anika! Wo sambhl legi!

Jhanvi aunty tried to assure everyone. But everyone ears were just trying to listen the inside convo

“AKHIR TUMHARA MASLA KIA HY???” Shouting like hell Shivaay asked her

“ AM I IRRITATING YOU???” Ani asked with all her innocence

“Yes! You Are!” he told her

“But I just want to be your FRIEND!” Emphasizing on the word FRIEND she replied

“UGHHHHHHH!!!” Shivaay was irritated badly

“See you can’t go out. I have locked the door, U can’t step out of the bed as I know u are still having slight headache and when u’ll stand up u’ll feel dizzy. Moreover u can fall too and can injure yourself which is your favourite thing by the way and then…..”

Ani was continuosly telling him and he just cut her in between

“SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI!” he forwaded his hand for a handshake

She smiled and did a handshake with him

“ANIKA! ANIKA VERMA!” Ani told her name

“Now! We are friends, we will share EACH & EVERY THING with each other! Understand???” She looked him and he was startled

“FHAT THE WUCK???” his usual reply

“Dekho Shivaay!” She said and he looked at her with a shocked expression

“DEKHO???” He asked

“Yup! I talk to my friends like this. And stop saying his FHAT THE WUCK! Mujhy acha nhi lagta!” She replied carelessely

“Tumhy kia acha lagta kia acha nhi lagta hy I don’t care about that. U r not my Girlfriend ” He replied again in a bit rude tone

“Agay ja kar ban jaoon gi!” She took that as a normal reply from him and he was just not believing what she had said

“Now can I??? Just!!!” he looked into those hazel orbs and asked

“KIAAA???” Ani asked confusely

“Proceed for my…. Routine!” he said

“Sure.. Sure…” She stand up from his bed and moved towards the door

“ISS KA NAAM TOU PAGAL ANIKA VERMA HONA CHAHIYE!” Shivaay was speaking to himself

“Btw! Shivaay, my friends do call me this PAGAL ANIKA VERMA” She turned back and winked at him

Shivaay was shocked as how did she listened him….

Well Anika Rocked! Shivaay Shocked!

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  1. Superb dr and Anika always rock…….post next part soon….

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  2. Wow!!!!! Just amazing!!
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  3. Jerry_36

    This is so good. Loved it. When Shivaay cut her in between to say Shivaay Singh Oberoi for a handshake was a epic moment. Looking forward to you ff❤

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    OMG Fati !!!!!! You are seriously “Laakho me Ek”.. Love you for such an amazing episode yaar, Just one word to describe how I feel – Awww??Loved the way Anika is taming Shivay ❣️You always write and express every scene and emotions so well that I have shortage of words to appreciate you..?
    .Can’t wait for more, Dear Thursday pls come soon..?

    1. Fati

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