Tu Hi Mera Shivika FF Part 16

I think I have listened this name somewhere. Even the hosp name is some what similiar”Om said thinking
“Haan so it’s the hospital where Anika works na”Shivaay replied casually not even realizing what he’s saying
“Anika/didi?”All shouted after few seconds when reality hit them
“OMG! My didi? Matlab….Yayyyy” Rudi did some happy jigs
“Yes. Mr. Rajiv Kumar is the head of that hospital” Om said remembering what had Anika told him
“Yani wo jo Anika ne celebration ky baary mae bataya tha it’s the same. She told me that the chief guests are called by the head and he didn’t even told anyone of us”Shivaay informed his brothers

R:(smiling foolishly) We’ll meet Anika didi being Chief guests?
O:(rolling his eyes) Shut up Rudi
R:Okay… I’ll call Anika didi and tell her
S: No stop. Don’t call her. Let’s give her surprise…

He smirked and this didn’t go unnotice by OmRu
“Bhaiya wants to surprise my didi?” Rudi asked raising his eyebrows
“Rudr…Shut up”Shivaay said and walked from there


Later that day when it was the inaugration of that Cancer branch of the hospital Anika was running here and there inside the hall beside that hospital because she was given the duty of decorations.

“Dr. Verma is everything ready?” Dr. Kumar asked her stopping in between
“Yes Sir. Everything is done”She replied
“Okay. Dr. Verma u along with Dr. Kapoor, Dr. Malothra, Dr. Singh and Dr. Rajput have to welcome the chief guests so u all should be at the entrance by 4.” Dr. Kumar told Anika to which she listened carefully
“Guests? So there are more than one? Who are they?”She asked out of curosity
“Not so soon Dr. Verma” Dr. Kumar said and walked off from there smiling
“Who can they be?”Anika thought for once and engulfed herself in the speech which she has to give

“Dr. Kapoor is here. Dr. Rajput is here. Dr. Malothra is here. Dr. Singh is here. Dr. Verma is…..not here?” The head Dr. Kumar looked at the doctors standing there and questioned them not finding Anika
“Sir, Anika had a call so she went to take it. She said she’ll be here soon” Dr. Sanjana Kapoor, Anika’s best friend replied
“It’s 3:55 and just few minutes in striking 4. Ask her to come soon” He said and Sanju went fastly to call Anika.

After few minutes she came back and said that she’s just coming. Just after Sanju finished few cars came to halt and all the doctors standing there look at the side and the Chief Guests had arrived.

The first one to step out of the car was Shivaay followed by Om and Rudi.

“Good Evening Sir” The head shaked his hand with ShiOmRu
“Good Evening”All three of them said and moved forward.
The head introduced the doctors standing there with the three.

“Dr. Kapoor where is Dr. Verma?”The head whispered and asked and she just gave I-don’t-know look

“Didi kahan hain?”Rudi whispered in Om’s ear and he also gave him the same look

“Come. I’ll show you the seats”The head said and the three nodded and he showed him the seats
Just after they moved Anika came running there
“Sorry.. Sorry.. Sorry”She mumbled in between. She was panting
“Anika meri dost. Sir aur wo chief guests are here….Gooooo” Sanju told Anika and she ran from there towards them
“Sir..Sir..”She said panting heavily by now

By then Dr. Kumar had showed the their seats and they were seated
“Dr. Verma? Where were you?”He asked in a bit angry tone
“I’m sorry Sir.. I was”She was replying but the he just cut her in between
“Go and say welcome to them”He said and moved from there and Anika just sighed that she didn’t get scolded so much.

She walked towards their seat and was standing at the back of their seats.
“I’m Sorry. I was buss….”She was saying and stopped in her tracks when the three of them turned their heads towards her

“Tum loag????”She was shocked to the core.
“Haan didi…Hum Loag” Rudi said stressing upon hum loag
“But how?”She couldn’t help herself and asked
“Chief guests darling chief guests” It was Shivaay who replied and OmRu looked at him with full shock
“Oh My God..”She said “But u are not chief guests for me”She said smiling and sat beside Shivaay
“I am so tired”She said sitting and laid her back on the back of the sofa and closed her eyes
“They make my di work so much” Rudi came beside her and touched her face. No one was around that time
“Rudi mery bhai..”Anika said and put her head on his shoulder
“What I am to you”Om asked teasing already tired Anika
“My long-haired brother”She replied adjusting on Rudi’s shoulder
Om giggled looking at her and Shivaay was too busy adorning her.
“Waisy didi u are looking beautiful” Rudi said looking at Anika
“Thank you Rudi”She wrapped her hands around Rudi
“Haan Anika u are looking so gorgeous. Mujhy nahi pata tha ky tum itni achi lag sakti ho”Om complimented and teased her
“Thank u jiju” Anika also teased him
Om frowned at her while she hifived with Rudi
“You are looking breathtaking”Shivaay complimented Anika and she blushed and smiled
“And you are looking dashing. Many girls will surely come to you”She said sitting back
“What about us di?”Rudi asked making a sad face
“U both always look handsome”Anika replied ruffling his hairs
“Oh sorry. I have to go. Gotta prepare for the speech”She said and ran from there.

“Darling??” O looked at Shivaay and asked him
“Haan bhaiyaa. Darling?”Rudi also raised his eyebrow
“It was just a slip of tongue”Shivaay said looking here and there
“Haan Shivaay slip of tongue”O repeated his words but before Rudi could say anything many doctors came there to them.


Anika came to the place where the three was sitting and saw girls beside them. She mentally chuckled on their situation. Rudi’s face was shining with joy but Shivaay and Om faces showed no interest in them.

“Doctors” Anika called out the girls sitting beside them and everyone looked at her
She then assigned some works to the girls and all of them went from there. Shivaay and Om thanked her while Rudi showed a sad expression.

“Mr. Oberoi..”A voice came from behind Anika and the trio looked at there while Anika smiled listening to the voice.
The girl came and stood beside Anika and looked at her and Anika just smiled in response

“Hi I am Ritika, Ritika Mathur”She introduced herself to the Oberois
“Umm..U are so famous in businessworld. Mr. Shivaay can I sit with you?”She asked in a flow and before Shivaay could even reply she sat with him
Shivaay’s eyes widened in shock and he distanced himself from her while Anika and OmRu giggled lightly seeing Shivaay
“Shivaay…”Ritika said and again came close to Shivaay and held his hand
“Anika Dr. Khanna was calling you”Ritika said turning at once at Anika
“I have already done my work Ritz. Don’t try to send me from here”Anika replied smirking and Ritika showed her an angry expression
“Shivaay u know u are so handsome…”Ritika again turned towards her Shivaay and said touching his cheeks
OmRu were having a hard time to control their laugh. Shivaay helplessly looked at Anika and signed her to help him to which she nodded smiling
“Ritz Dr. Khanna asked me to assign you some work”Anika said diverting her attention and Ritika looked at her
“Kaho…”Ritika said and Anika assigned some work to her
“Will u mind having a selfie with me Shivaay, Om and Rudra?”Ritika stood up and asked before leaving
They all nodded in Yes as they knew if they’ll deny, this chipku will again try to flirt with them. She took the selfie and walked towards Anika
“See Anika what your luck have done to you? You have to stand here and has to look after them and I, I have even talked with them and took a selfie with them….Tch tch Anika”Ritika said and moved from there while Anika controlled her laughter
After she left Anika laughed hysterically and ShiOmRu let out a sigh of relief but seeing Anika they were left confused.

“Anika what happened?”Shivaay asked and she tried to stop her laughs
“Actually Shivaay…”She said and then sat on the sofa while all the three also settled
“That Ritika na.. she’s kind of jealous with me as Dr. Khanna always prefers me more so you know she doesn’t like me and so she was trying to make me jealous using you people”She told in detail and ShivKara smiled but Rudi laughed out loud
“Di kash hum unki ghalat fehmi door karsakty”He said and hifived with Anika and they both laughed again
ShivKara looked at them and nodded in a no
“If mental hospital heads see them na they are gonna take both of them”Shivaay said and Om giggled
“Can I take a selfie with you?” Anika imitated Ritika and again laughed along with Rudi.

Am I writing an AN for the first time??
Khair. Let me tell what am I feeling right now.
Exceptionally great and happy?
The guy dancing up? is me? *giggles*
But I’m writing this thing for the first time. I didn’t intend to write that but now I am doing it. I’m not just fine with the comments I’m getting. I’ve never complained before because I, myself was a silent reader but now I amn’t like that anymore so I thougjt to ask those silent readers to come out from behind the rocks jiske peechay they are hiding?
Hope you’ll understand a writer ki feeling? Just wanted to write this. I just love the people who kept commenting everytime
Abbi, Sairish, Anku (Ankita), Niriha, Jerry (Vedika) and many more agar mae kisi ko bhool gayi, although I forgot many of you people. Don’t get upset I’ll surel mention you. I just wanna thank all of you? A bear hug to all of you?

Enough talks na? Love u everyone❤
P.S: Deal with the picture as I’m having nooooo picture of them right now?

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