Tu Hi Mera Shivika FF Part 15

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After some days Anika went to the Oberoi office to give some file to Tej uncle. While returning she saw Shivaay sitting in his cabin clutching his head.

“Sar dard?” She asked stepping in his cabin
“Haan” He looked at her and smiled a little
“Coffee peene chalein?” She asked sitting infront of her
“Hmm.. We can” He replied and stood up from his seat
“So where we are going?” She asked walking towards the door
“Tumhara idea hai. Tum batao” He walked behind her and said
“Okay..”She replied and moved out of the office


They walked in a cafe and took a table for two.
“What will u take?” She asked taking the menu card in her hands
“Black Coffee” He replied glancing at the menu
“Total sadu” She said and called for the waiter
“Yes Sir your order?” The waiter asked from Shivaay
“One Black Coffee, One Cappuccino, One Cafe Latte, Two Chocolate pastries and One Strawberry Pastry. That’s it” It wasn’t Shivaay but Anika who had ordered. While she was giving the order Shivaay was looking her with wide eyes

The waiter went and she start tapping the table with her fingers smiling
“Aur kis kis ko bulaya hai?” He asked at once
“No one. It’s me and you only. Think this as a coffee date” She replied mischiviously “And I’ll pay the bill”

“I am okay with Coffee date but isn’t that much?” He asked looking at an impatient Anika
“What is much?” She questioned raising her eyebrows
“That..That food” He replied little bit fumbling
“Aray Nahi. See that black coffee and one chocolate pastry for you and that Cappuccino, Cafe Latte and one Chocolate and Strawberry pastry for me” She replied calmly
“Are u sure you’ll eat that all?” Shivaay asked in a little loud tone
“Yess… I can and I’ll” She told him

S: I can’t believe it Anika
A What can’t u believe?
S: That you’ll eat this much? Your weight will increase. I mean you’ll become fat
A: Haan I know yaar, I’ll? I am becoming fat?
S: (not believing) Can u pinch me?
A: (confused) Why?
S: Just pinch me na
Anika pinches Shivaay and he shoutes
S: Thank you
A: But why did u ask me to pinch you?
S: Cause you are the first girl who didn’t get upset for calling you fat
A: Huh Shivaay..

The waiter comes up with the order and places it on the table
“Thank you” Anika mumbled and took the strawberry patrsy and start digging it
“It’s delicious” She said eating a spoonful of it.
She was enjoying her pastry while Shivaay was silently drinking his black coffee
Anika than drank her Cappuccino and closed her eyes taking full taste of it. Shivaay looked at her and admired her

God! Her antics are so childish but she’s so cute

He came out of the trance when he listened Anika’s voice
“God u make such delicious things. Thank you Thank you sooooo much!” She was busy eating the chocolate pastry.

Shivaay wasn’t believing himself for thinking such things. Oh! He wasn’t sure about falling in love with Anika.

“Shivaay if u won’t eat your pastry than I’m here haan” Anika warned Shivaay eating her pastry and drinking her Cafe Latte.
“I’ll eat it Anika. U already ate and drank so much” He said and picked up the spoon to eat.
“That’s tasty” Shivaay took the first bite in his mouth and mumbled
“I told you” Anika said smiling
“When did u tell me?” He asked surprised as he didn’t remember
“Bhool gayi hongi” She said and again digged into her pastry.

After that Anika paid the bill and they moved out of the cafe.
“Should I leave you till hospital?” Shivaay asked looking at her
“I won’t say no to a free ride” She said giggling and Shivaay chuckled at her response

“I won’t be able to meet you guys for 2 to 3 days” Anika said sitting inside the car
“Why?” He asked at once.

He miss meeting her

“There’s some celebration in hospital and I have to give the speech and even have to look after some arrangements” She answered in detail
“Ohkay… What type of celebration?” He asked

A: I don’t know. I guess some inaugration
S: So the speech must be about Chief guest?
A: Ofcourse Yes
S: (asked full of curosity) Whose the chief guest?
A: I don’t know. Only the head knows.He said it’ll revealed on the day only
S: Oh…
A: Yes!
S: When is the party or celebration or whatever?
A: It’s on july
S: Nice…
A: My hospital is here. See u and family after that “celebration” (she air quoted celebration) Bye.
S: Bye…

They waved at each other and left for their destinations than.


Shivaay was sitting in his office doing his works when suddenly his phone rang
“Shivaay Singh Oberoi” He picked up the phone and said
“Hello Mr.Oberoi. I am Doctor. Rajiv Khanna, the head of abc ( imagine any name guys) hospital” The person from the other side introduced himself
“Yes doctor?” Shivaay asked
“Actually Mr.Oberoi we have opened another branch of our hospital especially for Cancer patients and I want you and your brother to inaugrate it” The doctor continued and Shivaay listened it carefully
“What’s the date doctor?”Shivaay questioned
“It’s on july” The doctor replied and Shivaay thought for a second
“I’ll tell you in some time Doctor” Shivaay said and hung up the call saying Bye.


“No Rudi, she can’t come for the next 2 to 3 days”Shivaay said ruffling Rudi’s hair
“Why???”Rudi asked in crying tone
“She told she had some work in her hospital” Shivaay replied and Rudi cursed the hospital’s head for making his Anika didi work
“Umm.. I got a call today from Doctor. Rajiv Khanna” Shivaay told his brothers
“So?”O asked
“He asked us to inaugrate the Cancer branch of their hospital”Shivaay told the whole thing
“Umm..Date?”O again questioned
“July”Shivaay replied and looked at his brothers for the answer
“We can go”Om said and looked at Rudi and he also nodded in Yes and Shivaay called the Doctor and confirmed for coming.

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