Tu Hi Mera Shivika FF Part 14

“Now comes inside. U all haves been takings bath in rains for so long” Pinky stood at the main door and shouted gaining the attention of the youngsters
“Yes Maa/ Choti Maa/ Aunty” Everyone replied in unision
The took their steps towards the mansion and stood outside the door. Jhnavi stood their handling them towels. One by one everyone took the towels and went to their rooms for taking a bath.


The sky was still greyish black. Little drops of water was still falling from the clouds but still there were chances of some heavy downpour.
The elders were sitting in the lounge on the sofas while the youngsters sat on the ground. Pinky and Jhanvi had made pakoras and they were enjoying it.

“Mummy jee, Jethani ji, I needs to talk to you” Pinky said slowly, nearly whispering to them
Dadi and Jhanvi nodded and she proceeded
“Did u sees Shivaay? He has becomes like old ones na?” She said, a smile crepted on her face.
“Haan Shivaay had been so heart broken after his breakup and now he has became the old one” Jhanvi also said looking at Shivaay who was busy with youngsters
“Mummy ji what about weddings of Shivaay now?” Pinky hesitated
“U are right Pinky but I don’t think so he’ll agree to marry and nor any girl is here ready for the wedding” Dadi agreed with her daughter-in-law
“Mummy ji, actuallys I’ve seens a girl” Pinky said
“Who is she Pinky?” Jhanvi asked

P: It’s…It’s Anika
D: Anika? Our Anika?
P: Yes mummy ji. U know I likes her from the start. I treated her like my daughter always. When she becomes elders I have thoughts to make her my daughters in law but Shivaay had chosen Tia so I stayed quiets but nows
J: I think mummy ji Pinky is right. Anika is intelligent, beautiful. Even she knows how to keep a family together
D: Even I like her. She is really a gem and she had also taken Shivaay out from the trauma
P: That’s it mummy ji then. She will be my daughters in law
J: But what about Shivaay? Did u ask him?
D: First we should know about his concepts and thinking
P: That’s okay with mes but except hers no one will becomes my daughter in law.

They kept on talking how to ask Shivaay his feelings while the others were busy at their work


It was 10 till now. It was still raining but not so heavily and nor it was drizzling.
Shivaay had been sitting by his window side and was working on a deal.
Completing the work he shut down the laptop and leaned onto his window looking at the rain outside when his eyes went on the figure standing in the rain and swirling.
“This girl won’t change” He mumbled under his breath and walked out of his room taking an umberella


“What are u doing at this time outside?” he asked going near her.
She, who was swirling closing her eyes opened them at once and stopped with a jerk
“Shivaay? You at this time?” She looked at him with shock
“I am asking u this question. What are you doing at this time in rain?” He angrily asked
“I was swirling…” She replied swirling once again
“Anika come inside. You can fall ill” Shivaay held her hand and started dragging her
“No.. No..No.. ddb, I don’t wanna go in” She jerked her hand from his hand and said making him turn towards her. She can clearly see the frown on his face

“How many times I had ask u not to call me ddb?” Shivaay asked Anika in an irritated manner
“Maybe 5, oh no 7, no no it was 13, wait a minute it was 21 or maybe I forgot” She said counting on her fingers
“Don’t call me that again” He warned her
“I will. I will call u ddb and I’ll also tell the family members” She mocked Shivaay smiling evily
“Acha meri maa bata dena” He said making puppy face infront of her
“Maa tou na kaho” Anika said frowning

“Okay. Now should we go inside?” he asked and she nodded like a 5 year old

Up in Om’s room Ishu and Om were sitting in the balcony sipping their coffee in this beautiful weather

“Don’t u think they are perfect for each other?” Ishu asked Om taking a sip from the mug
They had seen the whole scene infront of them and were smiling
“I too think that but it’s not easy to make Shivaay ready for the marriage” Om replied to Ishu
“But the way he took care of Anika di. Don’t u think he cares for her?” She asked

O: He does
I: Then?
O: Ishana pyar ky bina bhi koi zindagi hoti hai kia?
I: So Shivaay bhaiya should love Anika di?
O: Yes!
I: Then shouldn’t we all become the cupids in their story?
O: Good Idea

I: U remember how these all played a role of cupid confessing our love for each other
O: I do Ishu
I: That was so funny yet beautiful
O: I love u Ishana
I: But I hate u Omkara

She hit O playfully to which he smiled and encircled his arms around her.
That’s how their love was. This hate and love was the most beautiful thing in their Love

Back in that garden Anika was standing at the door of the mansion as Shivaay had gone out to bring towel for her
“Did u go to the factory to bring the towel?” She asked taking the towel from his as soon as he came
He rolled her eyes at her and then she walked upto her room to get changed


She was drying her hair infront of the mirror and was singing when the knock on the door disturbed her

“Aajo Shivaay” She said still looking in the mirror
“How did u know it is me?” he asked getting startled

A:(In a trance, she said unconsciously) I sensed you
S: Huh
A:(Getting conscious she realized what she said) I mean I knew that it’ll u only so I…
S: Okay.. Coffee
A: Yeah sure

She took the coffee mug from his hand and let out a sigh

S: So?
A: So?
S: I mean you’ll go hospital tommorow?
A: Nah. I asked for a day leave. Will u go office tommorow?
S: I always go to office
A: Haww Jhootay… U didn’t go today
S: It was due to rain
A: Okay Okay.. Should we plan a outing tommorow?

Shivaay choked at once and start coughing as he thought that she was asking for the outing only for them. Anika went towards him and rubbed his back

A: Are u okay?
S: Yes, Yes I am. Outing? Only us? We two?
A: No Baggad Billa No. Not only us, we all.
S: Okay. Yeah. Nice we can plan it
A: Yeah Sure. Did u think about me and you only?
S: You can say that!
A: Why?
S: Maybe cause..
A: Nevermind. Well I actually love to go with you on outing someday
She said and Shivaay looked at her. He shooked his head at her and they both drank their coffee chit chating


“Can we go for a dinner at night?” Anika asked at the dinning table
“We all?”Jhanvi asked and she nodded her head
“We can” Dadi said. Anika came towards her and hugged her mumbling a thankyou
“Set the time and venue then” Om said
“I have already” Anika replied having a twinkle in her eyes
“What’s it?” Tej questioned
“It’s Hot & Sauce (Sorry guys. I don’t know a single name of resturant and I can only thought of that) at 9 today” Shivaay replied drinking his coffee
“How do you know?” Rudi asked out of curosity

“Cause I have the decided the venue only” He said making everyone gasp at him
“ Really, you dids?” Pinky asked
“Ofcourse Mom! Can’t I?” He questioned with innocence on his face
“U can beta” Shakti supported his son
“We’ll be ready till then” Prinku said munching her breakfast
“I didn’t bring any clothes with me. Anika didi u should tell before making the plans” Ishana made a sad face plus puppy eyes and looked at Anika
“Haww Ishu. U can take it from me darling” Anika said winking at her
“Sumo wear an evening gown please” Rudi whispered in her ear

“Why?” She asked whispering back in his ear
“U know I love you in that” He whispered back and she blushed
“Shut up Rudi” She said controlling her blushing

Everyone started to talk about their dressing and all as they got a plan of outing today.


The outing went well as they some family time after days. This is was when everyone noticed the great bond between Shivaay and Anika and all were ready for his marriage with Anika but they have to make him confess.

Sorry for the late update ?

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