Tu Hi Mera Shivika FF Part 13

Sorry Guys, for making you wait *holds my ears and apologise* I am so hpppy because it’s my first story whom crossed more than 10 parts? and I still I don’t know how long it’ll go? but there are still many parts left. So enjoy this part and tell me how it was❤

The brothers had slept in O’s room last night as Anika was still sleeping in his room. He woke up earlier than his brothers, just to catch up a glimpse of early morning. He had gotten used of waking up early and watching the early morning from the time Anika made him realize it’s beauty.
Today the sky was grey showing symptoms of rain.
He walked out of Om’s room and went to kitchen to make himself a Espresso. He was on the entrance of the kitchen when he saw someone working in the kitchen

“Anikaaa?” He called out and it was her. She turned towards him with a broad smile on her face
“Shivaay… Good Morning and Thank you” She uttered those words with complete excitement in her voice

“Good Morning but Thank you for what?” He was totally clueless on why she was thanking him
“For picking me from the hospital” She said looking on his fresh face
“Oh! It’s okay. I can do this little for my bestfriend” He walked towards his coffee machine talking with her
“Best Friend?” Her eyes widended with shock on hearing the word bestfriend from his mouth
“Yeah! Aren’t you?”He asked looking at that shocked face of hers
“I am..I” She said but was cut off by him
“Okay, tell me what had happened? Why were you so sleepy and what you were doing at hospital?” He asked the detail

“Okay, you know my friend Sanjana whom I call Sanju. She was there in my absence but a day before yesterday she had an accident” She was telling him the whole incident although he didn’t know Sanjana but still he listened her with full concentration “Then she had given dates to some patients but as she was on bedrest I was called on her behalf and you know then. I did rushed on that day na bus that was the reason so I hadn’t had sleep well from that day so with that I had severe headache and then I took a heavy painkiller and phir mujhe thora sa u know nasha charh gaya tha” She talked continuously with doing some actions and after finishing she took some deep breathes

“Matlab Rudi said correct” He said wondering
“What did he say?” She asked raising her eyebrows
“He said you were drunk” He told her on which she mumbled something which was inaudible to Shivaay
“Did u say something?” He asked touching his ears
“No..No.. I mean I wasn’t drunk. Just some little effect of painkillers” She cleared him fumbling and stammering a bit.
He shook his head and she sighed that he didn’t listen her.
“Did u see?” She left the sentence imcomplete making Shivaay knit his eyebrows in confusion
“What?” He asked being all confused
“The weather?” She continued
“I did” He replied “It seems like raining” he again looked outside the window of the kitchen and said
“Yes… It seems so and I wish it rains” Her voice held the excitement of a child craving for rains.

“What yo do in rain Anika?” he asked seeing her excitement
“I play…I play with the rain droplets Shivaay. They make me feel so good. I love it” She told what she do in rain.
She moved out from the kitchen while Shivaay made a coffee for himself. He came out and saw her going upwards in the room which was probably her’s.
He went to his room almost after a day and the whole room was neat and clean, even the bed wasn’t messed up but all set. He smiled not knowing why.


He came out of the room in some kurta pajama. He saw the whole family sitting on the dinning table eating breakfast. He walked upto them and greeted morning but saw that Anika was nowhere to be found.
“Where’s Anika?” He asked taking a seat beside OmRu
“We thought she was sleeping till now” Jhanvi said thinking
“No..she was..” Shivaay started to say something but stopped seeing her coming downstairs.
“Good Morning everyone” She said and took a seat beside Prinku and Sumo
“Where were you?” Jhanvi asked

“I was in my room” She replied clamly and smiling
“Puttar what had happened to you yesterday?” Dadi asked at once and everyone tilted their heads towards her waiting for the answer
“Aray dadi.. you know my friend Sanjana whom I call Sanju. She was…” She started narrating the story to dadi but Shivaay cut her in between
“Dadi I tell you. Her friend Sanju had an accident and she had to perform the duties on her behalf” Shivaay told the summary to the family and everyone nodded their heads
“Hey Rudi, did u see, baarish honay wali hai” Anika said taking the parathas and omelete in her plate.
“Yeah didi. We’ll go na?” Rudi asked stuffing the toast in his mouth as today wasn’t his cheat day

“Yesss….” She replied. Her eyes twinkling with joy and her voice fill with excitement “I have also called Ishu and Dev” she continued and saw Om who smiled at her saying thankyou
“Now what you will all do in rain?” Shivaay asked irritated listening their plans
“Bade bhaiyaa.. you will also come na? Like the way you watched the movie with us?” Saumya asked completely thrilled
“Shivaay watches movie with yous???” Pinky asked completely shaken

“Haan Chotimaa, even ab tou bohat din hogaye” Prinku replied making everyone leaving their breakfast
“It’s okay. Continue with your breakfast. I just watched a movie” Shivaay saw them looking at him smiling
Everyone continued with their breakfast chitchatting about different things


“I am going outside..”Anika squealed on happily standing at the main door
“We are also coming” Ishu shouted coming out from O’s room
Anika walked outside in the garden and stood at a place for few minutes. She looked up at the sky and closed her eyes feeling the droplets that fall on her face. She smiled and spread her arms trying to open his eyes and after such difficulty she opened them but kept blinking them as the droplets kept on falling in her eyes.

She looked down and started to swirl around in the garden. The rain wasn’t in the mood to stop right now and she defo loved it. After a little while all the youngsters came up taking the fun on rain. Shivaay stood at the entrance of door looking at everyone. All of them were busy in dancing, playing or were either chasing each other but his stuck on her. She was there stood alone and was smiling like an idiot.


The sky was all grey showing that it will be raining till evening or till night. There, Anika stood alone. But why? She’s different from everyone.


Shivaay kept on looking at her. She was standing there playing with the droplets of water letting them fall on her. She looked at everyone and then her eyes went up to the person standing on the door looking at them. She moved towards and totally dragged him in the garden making SSO totally drenched in rain

“Anika?” He called her out faking a bit of anger
“What? Haan? Everyone’s here except you, you kanji eyed baggad billa” She called him out shaking her head
“What did u call me?” He confusely asked listening to the word which was completely new to him
“Baggad Billa. U don’t know baggad billa? Baggad billa is the white tiger who have blue-green eyes. So u are so fair, so white white and u have blue-green eyes so u are baggad billa. Did u get it?” She explained him

“I amn’t any ba…ba…whatever” He said glancing at her angrily
“It’s baggad billa u billu” She said mocking him making him startled once again
“How did u know that?” He questioned her not making anything specific
“What did I knew?” She asked in confusion
“That bi….bil….billu” He stammered infront of her afterall she knew his nickname
“Oh..wo dadi told me. She said she calls u billu because you are like a cute cat to her. Cute cat” She said pinching his cheeks
“Fhat the wuck Anika?” He yelled removing her hands off his cheeks“Don’t u ever call me that what dadi calls me”

“Okay then I’ll call u ddb” She said giggling thinking something
“Now what’s ddb?” He questioned her keeping his hand on his waist
“Oh actually ddb is an abbreviation to dadi’s dear billu” She laughed looking at his annoyed face
“Anika…” He was pissed off now
“DDB catch me if you can!” He teased him making him run behind her in the rain.
While the other youngsters were busy admiring their partners, Shivika were running behind each other giggling and laughing like children while a pair of eyes watched them and smiled looking at their bond.

Umm…Think that they are standing in the garden not in the house and it’s raining?.

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