Tu Hi Mera Shivika FF Part 12

And I decided not to make u people wait for so long so here goes the new update☺

The day finished on a happy note and the next morning started on a happy note. Everything in OM was going on normal. The Oberois were having breakfast when Rudi can’t keep himself calm
“Anika didi kahan hai?” He asked. Anika probably did breakfast with Oberois and it was her holidays as well
“She had a call yesterday and than she rushed” Shivaay told his brother
“What work she can have in her holidays?” Om wondered and Shivaay gave an I-don’t-know expression and everyone again concentrated on their breakfast

It was noon by now and Shivaay had almost tried calling Anika 10 times but she wasn’t answering the calls. He even asked OmRuPriYa to call her but they got the same reply.

“Did Anika come?” Shivaay asked as soon as he entered the house in evening
“Why are u getting so impatient bhaiya? I guess she’s having some important work!” Prinku teased her bhaiya and he gave a death glare to her
“Bhaiya I think she would have something important to do or else she always picks our calls” Saumya said releasing some tension from the atmosphere
“But still she can’t be so irresponsible!” Shivaay almost yelled
“Come on Shivaay, she’s your friend not your wife that you are getting so angry!” Om also teased his brother and hi-fived with Rudi.
“You three.. she’s my friend that’s why I am asking. What if this would have been done by Ishana, Saumya or Dev?” Shivaay questioned them
“Ishu is my mangetar” Om squealed on happily
“What about Saumya and Dev?” Shivaay glanced Rudi and Prinku and mentally chuckled seeing how he have stuck them
“Saumya… Saumya is my…” Rudi stammered thinking what to say
“Dev is a….” Prinku also fumbled over words and saw his brothers
“Whatever… Let it go, let me know if Anika calls anyone of you” Shivaay let his brother and sister go and walked away from there


The clock striked 12 at night but still there wasn’t any call of Anika. It had been 24 hours since they last saw her and after that she wasn’t answering his phone
“What the hell this girl thinks of herself? Is she some sort of superwoman” Shivaay talked to himself seeing his phone once again before drifting to sleep, although sleep was far away from his eyes but he tried.


It had been few hours since Shivaay slept when his phone started ringing. Rubbing his eyes he sat resting his head on the headboard and looking at the phone. His half-slept eyes opened at once seeing the name which was flashing on his phone screen

“Where the hell are you?” He almost yelled not even listening the other side person talks
“Ummm….Shivaay…”the person yawned at the other side “Can u please pick me up?” The person asked
“Anika? Why are u sounding so sleppy” Shivaay asked out of curosity listening her yawnings
“Cause I am seriously so sleepy and you know… driving in such a state is sooooooooooooo easy” She said stretching so in much sleepy voice.
“Easy???” Shivaay stood up from his bed and looked at the clock which was striking 6 at the morning and shockingly asked her
“No..Sorry not easy. It’s risky, yeah risky” Anika again yawned.
“Okay I am coming but where are you?” Shivaay asked moving towards his cupboard taking out his clothes
“Hospital” She told him making his heartbeats go faster
“Are u okay? What are u doing at hospital? Are u injured? Which hospital?” He asked many in questions in a go in a very serious and concerned tone to and he listened her giggles from the other
“I am okay… Just come to Abc [sorry I don’t know any name] hospital” She said giggling.
“This girl is crazy!” Shivaay thought as the call ended and he made his way to washroom


He had called her and asked her to come out as he had come. After few minutes he saw her coming stumbling much. He came out of the car and went towards her. He saw her eyes bloodshot red and her face all tired, her eyebags all puffy. He held her hand and made her sit in the car.
“What were u doing at the hospital?” He shoot his question to her as soon as he started the car
“Operations” Anika told him again yawning and before he could question her again he saw her closing her eyes and drifting into sleep.


They reached Oberoi Mansion and he looked at her but she was fast asleep. Thinking about not having another option he went upto her side and opened the door. Picking her up in his arms carefully and not disturbing her sleep he started walking towards Mansion
“How cute she looks while sleeping” Shivaay thought as once as he saw the innocence on her face whilst sleeping
“What the hell I am thinking?” This was the second thought that crossed his mind

Shivaay Singh Oberoi had started falling for Anika?
Have I started loving this girl?
What type of thoughts I am getting?

His mind clouded with thoughts as he kept on walking. He entered in the mansion and his family members gathered him.

“What happened to her Billu?” Dadi asked seeing Anika in his arms
“Nothing dadi…” Shivaay replied trying to release the tensiom
“Then why did u bring her like this? And why she had closed her eyes?” Jhanvi asked being concerned
“She was much tired so she slept mid way and I didn’t feel like waking her up” Shivaay replied making his way to his room
Carefully he placed her on his king-sized bed and covered her with the duvet. Pinky closed the curtains and opened the air conditioner for her and let her sleep.


Shivaay came back from office and sat on the couch with a thud. OmRu came and sat with him and they started chitchatting about the day
“Wo ab tak so rahi hai?” He looked at the door of his room that was still closed
“Yes..” Om replied and Shivaay’s jaw dropped
“From 6:30 she is sleeping and now it it 9 pm” Shivaay asked being completely astonished
“I think didi had drunk…” Rudi said showing actions of drinking
“Shut up Rudr.. Sab tere jaisy nahi hote” Om said
“Prinku???” Shivaay called out her sister
“Yes bhaiya?” Prinku asked coming towards him
“Can u bring my clothes from the room?” He asked as he wasn’t going in his room
“Ofcourse bhaiya, I’ll” She said and moved towards the room
“Waisy Anika looks so cute while sleeping na” Shivaay said dreamly with a smile on his face, Rudi faced Om and both smirked looking at each other, Prinku who had brought Shivaay’s clothes from his room stood there listening to what his bhaiya said and Saumya who had come there to talk with Rudi stared Shivaay in disbelief.
Shivaay saw his brothers and sisters looking at him and that’s when he realized what he said
“O..” Rudi said and looked at Shivaay
“Rudr..” O looked at him and said
“Bhaiyaa/ Bade Bhaiyaa?” Sumo and Prinku called out in unision
“Cuteee???” Everyone said in unision
“I.. mean…everyone looks cute while sleeping na” Shivaay fumbled over the words badly
“Rudi tumhari di nahi but your bhaiya is drunk” O smirked looking at Shivaay
“Hum sab smajh rahe hain bhaiyaa” Rudr winked at Shivaay and teased him
“Kya?? Kya smajh rahe ho?” Shivaay asked in tension
“Yehi ky Pyar hua, Iqrar hua hai. Pyar se phir kyn darta hai dil?” Rudr sang along with Sumo and Prinku and O giggled seeing Shivaay’s expression
“Fhat the Wuck?” He yelled, he took no time to become SSO
Pyar hua, Iqrar hua hai. Pyar se phir kyn darta hai dil?
Kehta hai dil rasta mushkil, Maloom nahi kahan manzil?
Pyar hua, Iqrar hua hai. Pyar se phir kyn darta hai dil

OmRuPriYa sang along leaving no chance to tease Shivaay. He walked from there pissed off leaving them laughing their hearts out.

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  1. Awesome amazing marvellous mind blowing blasting and so on… Please post next episode asap yaar am waiting eagerly….

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    Thanks for uploading soon ?… today’s epi was too good…. shivay being all worried for anika was just so nice and his concern when he saw her so tired and all, and he didn’t wanna wake her up… awww ?…. anika is toh kumbhkaran only ??…. the last scene was just superb… everyone ganged up and teased him… pyar hua iqrar hua ???… great epi

    1. Fati

      Heyoo Maryam. Thanks alot❤❤
      Yup he cares for her alot. But he won’t accept it soon ? She’s kumbhkaran. Pyar hua hai magar iqrar SSO kar hi na lein itnay jaldi?
      Thank u once again

  4. Amazing update..
    loved it

  5. Sairish

    heyy aapi
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    your sweetie

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      Hey Sweeti ❤
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    Wow fati… Plz write some more scenes to show their budding friendship?

    1. Fati

      Shivika4eva thank u so much dear?. I don’t know your name? Umm… budding friendship? Or budding love? Haan?? and I am sorry for not commenting on your ff. It’s just beautiful. Sorry haan?

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    Yakeen toh ab bhi nahi horaha hai ki anika doctor hai . But finally some kind of clue has come for sso. Loved it

    1. Fati

      Ashhhhh karlo yaqeen wo doctor hi hai?? Yup he got some clue. Thank you?

  9. Abbi

    Fati darling! You nailed it again. Loved it. ❤
    Poor billu jee has fallen in love with her, madly. ❤
    Now I get it why you chose Annika as a doctor, ’cause you’re becoming one, sahi bol rahi hoon? *winky winky*,??
    Anyways, good going girl. ?
    Love you! ❤

    1. Fati

      My AL is here (AL refers to aapi love! Sahi hai??) Thank u so much Love❤
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    It is awesome dear

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  11. Awesome….Loved it….
    Shivaay is madly in love with Anika….
    OmruPriya teasing Shivaay was cute….
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    Amazing writer, loved everything.
    Shivaay’s caring nature and…??
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    1. Fati

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