Tu Hi Mera Shivika FF Part 11

And I apologize for being this much late. I had decided to update the part on thursday but unfortunately our light went off and it came the next day and then yesterday I had my classes from 3 to 9 so I was damn exhausted. I hope you all will pardon me ?
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“Shivaay? How come you?” Om asked confusely
“Can’t I come to meet my dadi” He said forwarding towards her.
“Anika please, give me the opportunity to lay in my dadi’s lap”he requested or he taunted
“Haww… So mean” Anika muttered and rolled her eyes as she sat with OmRuPrinku giving place to Shivaay

“How are u dadi?” Shivaay asked cupping his cheeks
“Not like you. I am happy and cheerful” Dadi mocked his own gandson
“So am I.. happy and cheerful” Shivaay said
“Wo tou mae dekh hi rahi hoon” Dadi said smiling and looked towards Shivaay
“Dadi.. I’ll leave now” Anika said and side hugged her
Anika left from there and the brothers, sister went on talking with dadi

Days kept on rolling like that. Shivaay was becoming the one he use to be. The one spending time with family, the one saying shut up on Rudi’s senseless jokes, the one not understanding O’s shayari, the one sitting with dadi and talking with her, helping her mom, flourishing business, talking with his sisters Priyanka, Ishana and Saumya, Chitchatting with Dev too,  everything looked like the old times. He was definately changed. And the sole reason of his changing was her and only her. In these days his and Anika’s bond grew more stronger.

Today Shivaay came home early beacuse he had finished his work so he thought to spend time with youngsters because the elders were out on some work. When he came home he got to know that Rudi is taking Saumya to her home as her Aai was missing her and after that they will go for dinner. Dev and Priyanka were already out.

“O tu bhi jaraha hai?” Shivaay questioned his brother who was standing infront of the mirror giving some final touches to his long hairs
“Haan…” O replied looking at him and smiled
“Kahan” Shivaay asked sadly
“Date par…” O replied with a smirk stressing on date

Om went out from the room and Shivaay followed him. In the lounge O saw his lady cladded in a white anarkali looking extremely beautiful
“Chalein Ishu?” He came towards her and offered his hand and Ishana gave her in his and they both went out
Shivaay was turning back to go in his room when he stopped at once listening to the voice coming from the back

“Where is everyone?” Anika asked coming inside
“On their respective outings” He replied turning back facing her
“So u are home alone?” She asked teasing him
“I was but now you are here, I am no more home alone” Shivaay replied emphasizing on home alone
“SSO got brain!” She was mocking him,“Nice” She went towards him and they both marched to his room

She was sitting at the edge of the swimming pool dipping her legs in the pool. Shivaay came with two coffe cups and sat beside her. He also dipped his legs in the water.

“Coffee” he gave her the mug and she took it happily
“Good” She drink and told him
“So???” He tried to start a conversation
“So?” She repeated his words

“How much holidays left?”
“Just two”
“What are u going to do in these two days then?”
“Nothing much”
“You didn’t decide it yet?”
“Anikaa.. Can I ask you something?”
“Go ahead”
“What is love to you?”
“I don’t know. I have never loved anyone”

“But still???”
“The best feeling or maybe the worst one. People say pyar mae bhook piyaas urr jati hai. I don’t believe in this thing. Maybe Love is something else. What do you say Shivaay?”
“A unique flower… but with many thorns. Whenever u hold the flower, the thorns will pierce in your hand”
“Indeed Love is a unique flower but with less thorns”

“No less Anika.. The more you hold it tightly, the more it will injure you from inside”
“Kisi se pyar karna aur uss ko nibhana bohat mushkil hai Shivaay. If love marriages happen na, sometimes it results in happy ending and sometimes sad and cruel endings..”
“But you still believe in Love?”
“I do.”
“Cause I know I love someone.. Someone I don’t know but I love him dearly. Shayad wo mere samny hai aur mae uss ko jaanti bhi hoon magar pata nahi”
“So you believe to have a happy ending with him?”
“Pata nahi… I have never ever thought about that. Jo cheez abhi shuru hi nahi hui uss ky akhir ky baaray mae soch kar mae kia karoongi?”
“Love is complicated Anika”

“Maybe for them who have been betrayed”
“Is it for me?”
“Maybe…Maybe not”
“U don’t believe in love anymore Shivaay?”
“I don’t know. I want to love but I felt like even if she betrays me too then??”
“Pyar mae aik baar azmaya jata hai baar baar nahi”
“U had tasted the taste of betray once, you won’t get one again”
“How can u say that?”

“I knew it Shivaay.. so lets leave this topic else dard ky siwa kuch nahi milegaa”
“Typical Philosopy wali Anika”
“So funny..”
“Can u tell me where do you and O find these philosophies??”
“In our brains which SSO don’t have..”

Anika said teasing him and ran from there.

“Anikaaa” Shivaay ran after her and in a minute they both were running in the mansion
Anika was standing on the couch and as soon as Shivaay came she jumped from the back and ran into the kitchen and he ran after her. In a second Anika was back in the lounge going to climb the stairs and Shivaay was behind her when they both listened the voice of Prinku and Dev

“My bhaiya is also a child?” Prinku asked surprisingly as she saw both of them running
“How u both come home early?”Shivaay asked coming towards them ignoring her question
“Shouldn’t we come bhaiyaa? Your game got disturbed” Prinku was on a mission to tease his brother
“Priyankaaaa” Shivaay said eyeing her.
He saw Dev holding many shopping bags in his hand

“What u did with dev?” Shivaay asked her seeing his condition
“Yes bhaiyaa, see she made me carry all her shopping bags” Dev aslo pleaded and faked some tears
“Hawww Dev u said to me in shopping mall u can carry all of my weight” Prinku complained
“Guys, Guys! Stop it, u both are fighting like…”Anika started saying but her phone rang

“What??? Okay I’ll be there…” Anika said and cut the call. Taking her bag from the couch she ran outside
“I have to go…” She just said that and ran rushly.
No one knew what had happened.

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