Tu Hi Mera Khuda…Tu Hi Meri Duaa- Shakti One Shot


Hey all. I am Fatarajo here, and I have written ffs for other shows before. As my exams ended, and I am completely free today, so I decided to write this one shot on one of my favourite pair in current times, Haya. And I also like to watch Shakti Ek Astitva Ke Ehsaas. I hope you all will like it.

Here it is.

Lights, camera, and action! Flashes, flashes everywhere. Flashes of colourful lights which will make anyone go wow. Adding on to that, the cheers of a crowd. All were cheering in joy. All was waiting for the sight of the reason why they all have been clustered together,
“Harman! Harman!” The crowds were going gaga over it.

Yes, the superstar was Harman. Harman Singh was a rockstar. Rockstar Harman. the heartbeat of the crowd for this point of time. There is a saying save the best for the last. Finally, Harman Singh made the entry all have been waiting. Well, it was not a simple and typical entry, how could he? After all, he was Harman the rockstar.
“Tera Ishq Hain Meri Ibadat..” Harman began.

Those words were enough to make the crowd crazy. With his guitar Harman sang the song beautifully with his rockstar charm and continued, “Didaar hai Dil Ki Rahaat.” And he sanged Tu Hi Mera Khuda all the way. The way he sang the song so nicely and also with the tune from his guitar conveys why he was called the Rockstar Harman.

He sang his heart out, because he was search of someone. His dream girl.Harman Singh’s dream girl. And he felt that she was here, maybe in the crowds, maybe beside him. But where was she? Wherever she was, Harman hoped that she is listening to him.
After finishing his song, it seemed that he didn’t get his answer. But he couldn’t show his disappointment as the crowds were too sweet and encouraging which made him smile and not change it at all.
The song ended but Harman still didn’t get his answer, until. Until something caught his eyes. That was it. A beautiful girl caught Harman’s eye. Guess where was she? Among the crowds? No. At the backstage? No. She was behind the tree.

Yes, behind the tree. She was hiding and her eyes conveyed only two things – innocence and childishness. But as Harman noticed her properly she was nervous. Fear was there as if some ghost will haunt and kill her. But why was it so? Why was she hiding behind the tree? Harman wanted to go to her to know why was she doing so. But he couldn’t as a big crowd was there. If he moved from there, due to overdose of their love he may get killed due to too many people being there just wanting to convey and express how much proud they were of Rockstar Harman.
Finally, all this got over as he was taken from there to the makeup room. He managed to trick others and to have an eye on that innocent girl. She was not hiding behind the tree? So did she leave?

She did. Wait a minute. She haven’t left, she is leaving. Harman sees the girl walking there, Harman followed her silently and he smartly disguised himself with sunglasses, cap and scarf.
Harman managed to trick the girl, so that she didn’t doubt that anyone was following her. The girl still seemed to be scared. Was she scared of darkness? I don’t think so. Harman followed her, and he finally reached. And the girl went inside her house silently. Now Harman knew where she lives. Harman gives a thumbs up to himself with his killer smile. But he looked from behind. He wanted to have a view of his beautiful dream girl. From inside, he already named her Gulabo. She herself was Harman’s rose to Harman. She was so lovely.

Harman was desperate for just one view of his Gulabo. His rose.
And finally he got a view of his Gulabo. Gulabo looked at the sky but still that fearness was there. Harman wanted to know why was his Gulabo so nervous and his Gulabo had no thrones and he was sure about it. Anyways, it was quite late. Now Harman could go and sleep peacefully and wishes to talk to Gulabo soon. But before he left he saw something which shocked him to the core. Like never you will see a rockstar being so shocked. It is because Rockstar Harman got the answer why his Gulabo was suffering. He could see the tears flowing from his Gulabo’s eyes, but that hurt him in his heart a lot.

As if her pain was his. As if Gulabo was the rose petals and he was the throne. Gulabo in actual was a victim of domestic violence. A drunk guy which seemed quite old, started hitting Gulabo with his belt. Gulabo was scared. And Harman couldn’t tolerate it anymore. He wanted to call the police. But he knew this will also bring danger to his Gulabo. And then the drunk guy started saying, “Soumya, listen to me!” The guy said. Now Harman knew his Gulabo was named Soumya. Such a nice name. But why, why was Gulabo aka Soumya silent. “No, dad! Please!” Soumya begged to her dad. Now Harman got it that guy was Soumya’s dad and how can a daughter arrest her father? But Harman didn’t understand why would a father beat his daughter so recklessly and mercilessly? So many things started to haunt Harman’s brain, Harman wanted to call the police but he couldn’t after seeing Soumya’s love and care for her dad.

Harman returns back home and decides to talk with Soumya the next day why was she tolerating so much violence? How was she able to tolerate so much? Harman had a sleepless night. How could he? After all his dream girl was suffering so much. So much, that it’s just limitless. No one would have suffered so much.

Next day morning, Harman comes there and in disguise only.
It was next day morning. Rockstar Harman in another disguise came to meet his Gulabo, Soumya. He looked at the window to see where was Soumya. He couldn’t see her for long, he hoped that everything was fine. And then, Harman’s heart started to worry and he was more desperate to have that one look of his Gulabo. And later, he started fidgeting and he was worried and hoped Soumya wasn’t in trouble. He couldn’t trust Soumya’s security after what he saw yesterday how her drunk dad beat her. Harman felt like a loser, even though he was famous he still couldn’t do anything for his Gulabo. And then finally he saw a girl riding a cycle, and she passes by. This was his Gulabo.

Harman ran as fast as he could to catch up Soumya and Rockstar Harman became Racer Harman. And then he reached to Soumya, and holds her hand. This makes Soumya stunned and as she looks at Harman she flunks her long open hair which covers Harman’s face. Harman slowly removes the hair strands on his face and he gets the sight of Soumya. And he lovingly looked at her. Finally Rockstar Harman could see his Gulabo’s face clearly right infront of him. He just stared at her. How beautiful she is. No wonder how he got attracted to her at first sight even though he saw her from a great distance. Soumya who was clueless and surprised why someone is holding her hand and she also stares at him. Tera Ishq Hain Ibadat,…. Tu Hain Meri Khuda, Tu Hain Meri Dua plays. This was going on in Harman’s heart.They share a sweet eyelock. Soumya to break the eyelock along with silent begins “Who are you?” Soumya questions. Harman opens his sunglass and says Rockstar Harman proudly. Soumya is surprised and clueless. “Why are you holding my hand?” Soumya reacted and this is not how one usually reacts seeing a Rockstar and Harman who was already lost in Soumya’s beauty didn’t pay attention to it and didn’t care. Soumya says agains and Harman leaves it. Soumya stares at him weirdly at why is he doing so, Soumya leaves and then Harman says, “Wait Soumya!” Harman confidentially said , to stop Soumya.

Soumya who is now fully surprised stops. “How did he knew my name?” Soumya asked herself.

Harman said that “I overheard your conversation with your dad, yesterday!” Harman said. Soumya is shocked and to avoid this topic she is about to leave, Harman stops her.
“I am a Rockstar, and I can do anything.” Now this time Harman had to use his Rockstar status to stop Soumya but that didn’t work. Soumya is about to leave her dad comes to her and scolds her and taunts her.
“So, you are enjoying her with some random guy. I see only this you do good for nothing.” Soumya’s dad taunts her.
As her dad was about to slap her, Harman holds his hand. And his dad looks and is surprised to find Rockstar Harman.
“Rockstar Harman?” Soumya’s dad who was happy to see Harman says. Suddenly he was out of his drunk, senseless character.
This two words, Rockstar Harman was enough to create a crowd to see the drama that was going on. Great way to attract people.
“Oh yeah I am, but how about you? You are a criminal, you drunk guy!” Harman scolds and taunts Soumya’s dad for mistreating Soumya.
Not a reaction anyone would have wanted that too from a Rockstar, stunned Soumya’s dad and he was clueless.
“How dare you beat your daughter?” Harman expressed his anger.
Soumya’s dad was shocked as he knew he was exposed now, all can be clearly said from his face. He tries his best to avoid the topic by denying, but Harman who saw the entire scene of Soumya’s dad hitting her with the belt was bent on exposing him and make sure he gets punished for his deeds.
This also angered the crowd, and they started scolding Soumya’s dad.
“Stop It!” Just then Soumya, who finally spoke defended her dad and protected him like a shield. Soumya warned everyone not to bash her dad despite the fact she was a victim of her dad who does violence on her.
This stunned Harman. He could clearly see the greatness and kindness of Soumya and how much clean her heart was, and also the love a daughter had for her father was seen by him too which Soumya’s dad ,himself denied to see. But this was the limit. How can one stay silent despite suffering so much? Harman knew he had to do something. Harman assured Soumya that everyone is with her and she should speak and he himself witnessed Soumya’s dad hitting her with the belt.
Suddenly the crowd got so called angry, and they take rocks to hit Soumya’s dad, and Soumya again came to rescue, and she finally said something.

“Please don’t hit my dad. And he accepted me despite me being a”
Now what was it which made it fine for a father to hit his daughter with the belt?
And then Soumya said something which stunned all and they all stared at Soumya as if she did some crime. And it even made Harman stunned, infact more than others.
“I am an eunuch!” Soumya wept and revealed it.
How can she be a eunuch? How is it possible? She looks totally like a girl, behaves like a girl, talks like a girl. What kind of joke is this?
Harman couldn’t believe his Gulabo, his dream girl, isn’t even a girl? Like she is so beautiful and she just have all the qualities like a girl does how is it like this?
The crowd also didn’t believe until Soumya started to explain how she was born and how she was given the term eunuch. Soumya remembered how her mom was there to support her all the time, and even made sure she studied at home while she teach her, until she deceased in an accident and was left alone with her drunk dad who was never ready to accept her. Harman just stared at her. On one hand, he couldn’t believe how his feelings was cheated by looks and also pitied Soumya who suffered and lost a lot in life. Suddenly he was just blank.

And as expected that didn’t go well with the crowd and they started to bash Soumya instead of her dad just because she wasn’t like them? And what was Soumya’s fault in that? She didn’t do that, it was not in her hands. The crowd started to target Soumya instead, and they hit her with rocks and this time even Soumya had a shield. Guess who was it? Rockstar Harman. Rockstar Harman did feel bad and didn’t like the fact she was an eunuch but it wasn’t her fault why she should suffer for that?
And then,
“If anyone hit her, I Rockstar Harman will bring her to the jail.” Harman had to warn the crowd and use his status to save Soumya.
Soumya lovingly stared at Harman as no one ever took a stand for her besides her mom who brought her to the world. She was not at all related to Harman, he is protecting her even after knowing everything and her dad? Her dad was just taking advantage of the fight and he escaped.
Harman understood and besides pitying for Soumya that it wasn’t her fault she was a eunuch. Intially, he couldn’t accept the fact she was like that but later he knew he couldn’t change it. He couldn’t change his Gulabo into his dream girl.
The crowd couldn’t argue much with the great Rockstar and they went away as they didn’t want to waste their time. Wonder why they wasted their time just now? And then, Harman who could clearly seen Soumya was very much afraid after the revelation.
Harman proved to be a real rockstar this time. He knew Soumya had no shoulder to cry on and no one to support her, so Harman decided to help her. Harman wrapped his jacket around Soumya who was shivering in nervousness, and Soumya looked on. She was so thankful to him. She wanted to do something for him.

“Thank you.” Soumya silently said and expressed it.
Harman was overwhelmed and impressed with her innocence and he just stared at her. She may not be able to be Harman’s dream girl, but she can at least be his Gulabo.
“Friends?” Harman forwarded his hand to Soumya as he knew that this is the best he could do.
Soumya never had any friends besides her mom who is no more now. Soumya was so happy she got a friend after so many years. Soumya happily accepted his friendship. She didn’t show it, from inside she was jumping in happiness. Never did anyone asked her like this so nicely even after knowing her entire truth.

Gradually time passed by. Rockstar Harman and Soumya became best of friends. Harman called Soumya his Gulabo and Soumya loved it. Harman made Soumya’s life much better. He made sure Soumya completed her education and becomes an independent person in her life. And whenever her harsh dad use to misbehave with her, Harman was always there for her. Harman was a true friend.
And Soumya enjoyed her friendship with Harman.

The bond she had with her mom was what a mother-daughter have and there is friendship, but the friendship bond she had with Harman was something very special to her, never she saw someone giving importance to an ‘eunuch’ like her.

And then after many days, months and even years of hardwork and challenges faced by Soumya, Soumya managed to get a degree and graduate and also completed her studies. She gave the full credit to Harman and with her graduation, the perspective some people had towards eunuchs also started changing. All students and younger people started respecting Soumya, even after knowing her truth. Soumya who used to be ashamed of her identity was proud of her identity. And this even encouraged some eunuchs to also study and does something in their life too. Harman was happy that finally his hardwork paid off. And he felt more credited seeing the broad smile on Soumya’s face. Soumya was not a docile girl anymore she was more of a confident and independent girl now. Soumya’s dad was very proud of Soumya for the first time and realized his mistake. He apologized to Soumya crying and Soumya as a sweet daughter forgave him and made him promise to quit drinking. He did quit and they both father-daughter shared a friendly bond now.

Rockstar Harman truly proved to be a rockstar by changing people’s perspective towards eunuchs by encouraging Soumya to carry on in her life. But for Harman the feelings he had towards Soumya was more of friendship, and he knew what it was. But he know that if he did this, this may break Soumya down by making her and himself confused.

Marriage proposals came for Harman, and he? He rejected them one by one. His heart was only for Soumya despite knowing that she was not a girl. He even wanted to tell her but never dared to do so. Harman’s parents started becoming worried for Harman as he didn’t want to marry. Then Soumya realized her best friend wasn’t willing to marry. Soumya didn’t had much idea about the concept marriage, but she wanted her best friend to move on. She tried and persuaded Harman. But Harman didn’t agree. And then Soumya made him understand that how much happy his parents will be if he got married and all that. But the Rockstar was hesistant. Harman just had one thing whenever he thought of Soumya- Tera Ishq Hain Mera Ibadat.

Then one fine day, Soumya got to know why Harman, her best friend didn’t want to marry her. It’s because he loved her. Soumya was stunned and super shocked. She never had this feeling love for Harman at all. It was friendship she felt for him. But Soumya knew she had to explain all this. Soumya told Harman she knew everything, and this made Harman shocked. Soumya told Harman to get married with someone else, as it was impossible for him and her to get married.
Harman understood Soumya wasn’t ready and never loved him. She did all this only as friend, care concern and all that. Harman felt embarrassed and shy and asked Soumya if she will break her friendship with him for that reason. Soumya lovingly explained to Harman that she will never ever break her friendship with him as that was what changed her and made her enjoy her life in this world regardless of what she is or who she is, and also gave her everything- Friendship, identity and even her father.

Harman was happy that at least Soumya didn’t feel bad as he said he loved her. But Harman still couldn’t accept and move on, he still wanted to marry her, and he admitted that it will be hard for him. Soumya to encourage him sweetly hugged him and said that we can be best friends forever and if we marry that may not happen. Harman sadly agreed, and hugged her crying.
After a few years, Harman was married with a girl named Madhu. He loved Madhu, but he still loved Soumya more. Later, in a function show Soumya is shown receving award for all her achievements and she even became a role model and icon for all eunuchs, not only eunuchs but also for the LGBT community. Soumya acknowledged her achievements to her mom and Harman especially who supported her despite knowing her identity and encouraged to move on. Soumya wholeheartedly dedicated this to Harman, and Harman who was watching this from TV could only smile as he was far away. He was very proud of Soumya aka Gulabo. He thought of one thing, Tu Hi Mera Khuda. And even his wife was proud of her Rockstar. Harman even told his wife that he still loved Soumya, but she didn’t mind as she knew the friendship of Harman and Soumya very well.

Later, Soumya poses with her award and smiles as people takes her picture and autographs. Soumya in her mind thought that today I am a rockstar only because of another rockstar, the Great Rockstar Harman. Tu Hai Meri Dua. Soumya became the biggest fan of Harman and vice versa.
Soumya never forgot what Harman did for her and Harman also never forgot and he truly felt like a Rockstar after helping Soumya, he may not have got his first love Gulabo his dream girl, but at least he made someone happy and also achieved something.

Even though she didn’t marry, she was very happy in life and moved on. Yes, she loved someone and that was life. The bond she had with Harman was more than special, and in today’s world it is very rare to see friendship like Harman and Soumya’s friendship.

The end

I hope you all like it. And I feel friendship lasts longer and is a more special bond than love. I know eunuch topic is a sensitive one and I thought a lot while writing this whether I should do so or no and then I decided to write this.
And I hope you all liked it and sorry if you didn’t like it.
Please feel free to express your opinions by dropping your valuable comments  Criticism is open here.

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