Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 9)

The episode starts with Ranveer coming closer and closer to Ishani and then her phone rings?. It was her best friend’s call so she attended it. Ranveer was teased. ??After 15 minutes she comes to him and Ranveer was about to kiss again ??where the maid knocks the door and asks for some money for his son’s school fees. Ishani gives her. Then Ranveer bolts the door and again
was about to kiss her where the door bell rings and Ishani goes to open it Ranveer says the maid will open Ishani says she must be busy with the work .and she laughs??. After sometimes Ishani returns in her room. This time Ranveer was annoyed and started making his ppt. Ishani comes to him and says so where were we and then Ranveer smiles. Ranveer holds her waist and bring her closer and kisses her and the arrange married couple share their first liplock. They were completely lost in each other and felt so loved and special and then they separate the kiss. Ranveer turns Ishani and asks her to close her eyes. He removes her necklace and she feels tickled. Then Ranveer makes her wear a pendant which he had designed. Ishani saw that it was a beautiful heart shaped pendant and after opening it she says reflection of hers and Ranveer ‘s image. She was Mesmerized and she hugs him and says I didn’t know my hubby thinks so deeply Adam Ranveer says means I’m unromantic. Ishani acts and says yes. Ranveer says now u have just seen my love but now u will see my romance and he holds her in his arms and gently place on the bed. Ishani was nervous and says I was just joking Ranveer says now u have to see my romance. And suddenly both start laughing.ranveer to lie down . She hugs her and says I love u Ranveer although u aren’t my first love mad I abused u so much sorry for that. Ranveer says I starting loving u at the first sight and I promise I will give u all the happiness of the world and he comes closer and closer and finally they consummate their marriage.
next morning Ishani wakes up and sees Ranveer packIng his bags. Ishani gets teary and thinks how will I live without Ranveer! Ranveer Comes there and says u must be thinking that u chat live without me for 2 hours also constantly in office u keep me calling then how u will live without me for 8 months. Ishani says boldly says no. Ranveer says oh really and continues packing his bags. Ishani hugs him from behind and says yes and cries. Ranveer consoles and says not to cry so much or else he won’t be able to go. Ishani hits him and says why did u choose this type of career. Ranveer says to increase the love between us. Ishani smile. Ranveer says finally u made my morning by smiling and hugs her.
Precap:- the flight is which Ranveer has boarded is crashed and it is on fire on runway. Ishani is shattered to see on news that everyone in the flight is in bad condition

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  1. marvelous story dude…..love it…..but don’t separate ISHVEER

  2. Julina

    Hey I loved it epi very much…. ranveer naughtiness is gud. … but flight crashed???.. hope he is gud. …. pls post the next soon Dr…

  3. Niz Epi dr.. Hope nothing happens to ranveer…
    Keep smiling…

  4. Hy dr. Very niz epi
    Hope nothing happens to ranveer
    Keep smiling

  5. Nandana

    Plz make ranveer safe from that clash

  6. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    yes soooo super . nothing will happen to my ranvi , i know

  7. Very nice episode dear ? waiting for the next

  8. hey dr nice epi keep it up keep rocking

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