Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 8)

The episode starts with Ranveer telling his parents about his trip. They get shocked. Kailash blasts out and starts insulting him. Ishani was unable to bear this mad finally she shouts Stop it.

Kailash says u don’t know how useless and time passer is Ranveer. Ishani says whatever he is more u I don’t care but in my sight he is very nice loving and caring husband. Ranveer gets delighted hearing this. Everyone leave.But the situation was very bad. Ranveer decided to leave the house. Ranveer says to Ishani that i has bought a 1 bhk from his friend and says come Ishani I won’t stay here even for a minute and he decides to leave. Finally kailash apologized to them and said this won’t happen again and kailash leaves. Amba says kailash and his mother(ranveer’s grandma) had a mental disorder of getting angry on anyone anytime and that’s why he acts like this sometimes. Ranveer stops for sake of amba. Ishani decides to prepare something which Ranveer likes in order to make his mood good. Ranveer there things since tonight no one will be there I will make tonight specials for both of us. There Ishani makes food and here Ranveer does something special.

At night Ishani says that today we will have candlelight dinner on terrace. Ranveer says okay. Then they go there and Ranveer sees the table beautifully decorated. Ranveer says the food seems to be very tasty, alright u feed me Ishani. But she denied. Ranveer forces her but still she didn’t. Ranveer acts says okay I’ve seen ur love for me. Ishani says so mean. Then Ranveer taste the food and its was exotic. Ranveer kisses Ishani’s hand and noticed that it was burned. Ranveer says that why u denied but at least u should have applied the ointment wait I get it for u. Ranveer brings the ointment and applies on her palm. Ishani shouts in pain. Ranveer too felt the pain and says next time u won’t cook there are maids in the house or we can order it is so disgusting to stand in the kitchen for hours and prepare it. Ishani says anything for u my dear. Ranveer hugs her and says don’t create the habit of ur love on me.is Ishani says sorry it’s impossible. Ranveer smiles mad feeds her food. Later Ishani went to attend the call and Ranveer continues with his preparation in their room.

After sometimes Ishani enters the room and Ranveer starts playing the guitar and sings mujhko barsat banado song. Ishani felt that all the happiness was of hers only and she hugs him. Later Ranveer had switched on some special lights which showed pics of theirs. Ishani was overwhelmed. She says it’s amazing Ranveer and she hugs him again and they dance. Ranveer says By the way u have never said to me those 3 golden words. Ishani says which. Ranveer fumes mad says those words which u say when u love someone I…love…Ishani says but we are just friends na
Ranveer was crestfallen. Ishani laughs and says sorry for this prank and she runs and says I love u Ranveer runs behind her and he finally catches her. And both of them fall on the couch.

Precap:- Ishveer consummate their marriage. Later Ranveer boards the flight. After sometimes family was shocked to know that the flight has crashed

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  1. Great story sis…..but don’t harm ISHVEER

  2. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    semma story but dont harm my ranvi

  3. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    neelam dii , have a super duper bday , my wishes will be with u all , u will lead a very happy life . may god bless u

    1. Thank u so much dear Amritha ?

  4. Nandana

    Nice episode dear but dont let anything happen to ranveer in crash plz plz plz plz 🙁

  5. Very nice and cute episode it was lovely ?

  6. hey loved t don’t make ranveerr die but till loved it doing a great job loved it sooo much waiting for the next epi

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