Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 6)


The episode starts wd Ishani entering the beautifully decorated room by Ranveer. Ranveer bolts the door and comes near her. Ishani asks what is this. Ranveer asks u didn’t like it. She replies no it’s nice but… Ranveer says actually I wanna to say something to you before I go for the tour. She says say. I…. Actually I feel….I mean…. She asks him to be clear. He says I love you Ishani. I love you a lot and hugs her. She says I respect your love but
I don’t love you. Ranveer says I understand. She says now I need some time and she leaves. Ranveer cries. Ishani sees him and thinks I’m sorry Ranveer if
I have confessed my love than u would have cancelled ur tour which was ur USA tour and ur career would be ruined. She cries. . Ishani in the room waits for him. She fears whether Ranveer does anything wrong with him. She searches for him in the whole house but she didn’t find him. She found him on terrace and he climb the wall and she thinks he is committing suicide. She immediately runs to him and pulls him in and he falls on her. They share an eyelock.

Ishani says are u mad? for such a small thing u will commit suicide? I was going to confess my love for u but after ur tour so that u don’t cancel it. I love you Ranveer I love you did u get it. They get up and ranveer hugs her and Ishani too hugs him. Ranveer says btw I was not committing suicide. I was just chilling. Ishani says what ur such a mad dumb fellow if something happens to you than. Ranveer says for this ur there na. She hugs him and says I can’t live without you but I want to make ur career. Ranveer says I promise this will be my last tour then I will set up my own business and he too hugs her and kisses her forehead.

Precap:– Ranveer tells Ishani that the tour is extended for 8 months. She gets shocked but later she agrees

Credit to: Vaidehi

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  1. Nice episode Vaidehi I liked it eagerly waiting for the next pls update the next soon ?


    Sis send both RV & ISHANI in this tour

  3. Awesome vaidu waiting for next epi

  4. That so nice loved it keep it up

  5. Nice vaidehi ..

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    Nice episode dear I really like it update the next episode soon

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