Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 40) (final part)

The episode starts with Ranveer Ishaani and Danan following the car in which Amaya is abducted. Suddenly the kidnappers stop the car and get down. They also get down and Ranveer goes to them and brings Amaya back. Ishani hugs Amaya. The goons say u know why Iet u go with her because i will kill them together.

Ranveer says first I’m there confront me u losers. They involve in massive fight. Ishaani gets tensed since Ranveer was injured badly. The goons stab Ranveer Ishaani shouts Ranveer. Danan callls the police and police arrest them. Ranveer falls down. Ishani keeps his head on her lap and holds his hands and says do not sleep we will take to to some Ved. Danan says ur right a vaid ashram is near by. Let’s take him there.
They get him there. The vaid does the treatment and ask them to stay out of the room. They nod and leave from there. Ishani cries. Amaya that papa will get well soon. Ishani hugs her and says my Amy how did u reach here and in that accident…….Amaya says I did not fell in the cliff. That bad Chirag uncle came and kidnapped me from there.

In the meantime the entire family reaches there and get glad seeing Amaya and all spend quality time with her but we’re sad too due to Ranveer’s condition. The vaid calls the patient wife’s in. Ishani goes. Amaya holds her and was quite sad. Ishani says dada dadi uncle aunt abeer is there with u I won’t go anywhere just 5 minutes plz. Amaya nods.

The Vaid says that this is the paste of various medicinal herbs apply it on his wounds. Ishani nods. The vaid says u must be thinking why I told u. I’m an astrologer and meditator I can easily understand ur love is eternal so by ur hands his wounds will heal faster and he will get well more sooner u stay with him and tell rest of ur family to leave since silence is needed here. Ishani nods. Danan takes the family members to the hotel. Ishani stays there. She hold his hands and says ur so irritating and crie and says ses Amaya too has returned and even the whole family is here. We have reunited still ur throwing tantrums. When u will wake up I won’t spare u and cries again. The vaid says don’t worry he will get conscious within some moments. Ishaani calls amba and tells abt Ranveer’s condition.

Later Ranveer gets conscious. He says don’t cry. I can’t see u sad see I’m fine. Ishani says that I can see. Who told u to be James Bond and act smart in front of those idiots. Didnt I tell u to stop. Even Amaya was scared. Ranveer smiles. Ishani says I’m serious mister. Dotm u care for Amaya also. Ranveer says she is my daughter so she is brave. Ishani says shut up. I’m not joking okay. We all are very tensed for u n ur don’t care attitude is bothering me now. Ranveer says chill babes I’m happy to be here. He mummers in her ears it’s such a romantic place isn’t it. He hold her hands. Ishani jerks she hands away and says u are impossible. She was about to leave from there. Suddenly she stops and hugs him and Ranveer says whatever I’m I’m urs. The scene freezes.

The ff ends

Good bye guys hope we will meet in meri aashiqui 2:)
Anyway u were supporting enough that I could reach till here thank you

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  1. Maya-Shelly

    Oh no
    You finished your ff
    But don’t go from here
    Missing everyone already

  2. Pls continue

  3. Duva

    Oh y did u end it ff it so awesome loved it so much

  4. Hi Vaidehi your ff is awesome I know you have no ideas to continue it but we r waiting for your next ff?

  5. Nandana

    nice episode dear i really liked it but feeling sad to know that u ended it ……

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