Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 4)

The episode starts with Ishani in extreme pain mentally and physically and was depressed too about her miscarriage of their first child. Ranveer comes there and consoles her and says that whatever happened can’t be changed what can only be done is accept the fact and move on. Even I m extremely shocked And I even didn’t know that my child existed. He hugs and asks whether she will come wd him and start a new life. Ishani accepts it and hugs him and cries.

After few day Ishani gets recovered and is discharged from the hospital. They were about to return Mumbai by flight so they have to travel to Delhi airport first. Ishani bid farewell to Anjali and Rohan. They drive to Delhi. Ishani was excited a bit sad
and different feelings were in her heart. Ranveer says what happened u are not able to believe it and he smiles. Ishani says no. She holds his hands and says I’m very upset because I know ur mom in fact the whole family won’t accept me. Suddenly the car stops. Ishani asks what happened. Ranveer says let me check. He says there is some technical problem I check for a mechanic u stay here only don’t move from here. She holds his hands and asks to come soon. He says don’t worry. She says this area is forested area and the road is too narrow and I don’t think so there will be a mechanic in this locality and now the sun is setting too and I will come with u. Ranveer agrees and they search for mechanic everywhere one person says that there is a colony beyond that forest. Ishani asks whether the forest is safe. The man says yes infact there were people living in forest but due to industrialization they shifted to the town. Ranveer thanks him and says come Ishani lets go. Now it was getting dark and they couldn’t find the way. Ishani got tired and she couldn’t walk any more. Ranveer taunts him and says how weak u girls are extremely low stamina. Ishani says shut up I know today u woke up at 11 in morning and I m working and packing the bags since morning and u lazy boys just enjoy and chill. She walks away from there.

Ranveer says wait baby I was just joking and run towards her. It starts raining heavily and Ishani had a sprain in the leg. Ranveer carries her in his arms and takes her to a small hut. He gets her down and massages her leg and asks now ur fine? She nods and says tonight we have to spend the night here only. Ranveer smiles. Ishani asks for what reason ur smiling. Ranveer comes closer and closer to her and says see the weather is so romantic and here only u me. Ishani get farther away and says sorry baby I’m in no mood in doing all this and says I’m very hungry. They enter the hut and found that it is a camp tent and say bed a small kitchen and rest room in it. Ishani says wow and rushes do the kitchen and searches for food. She found some noodles packet and she started making it. Finally it was prepared. Ranveer says Ohho so finally u learned cooking. Ishani nods. They sit on the floor and have it. Ishani says I’m getting bored. And she runs out and gets wet and dances. Ranveer gaze at her lovingly and realizes that she catches cold very quickly and gets her inside and takes off his jacket and covers her wd it. He lits the born fire and scolds Ishani and says U know na how quicker u Catch cold. U never take care of urself. Ishani hugs him lovingly and says that when ur there why to worry. Ranveer smiles. They warm their self and Ishani gets up and and gazes the sky and says this place is far better than Mumbai. Ranveer Comes and holds her waist and brings her closer to him and says ya very much romantic and pleasant. He kisses her around the neck Ishani says see lion and Ranveer shouts. Ishani laughs and runs and Ranveer holds her hands and says I hope the whole life u be happy like this.

Precap:- Ishveer gets romantic. Next day the parekh family and the waghela family accepts Ishani and suggests them to remarry

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  1. Harisha

    Superb loved it plz post the next episode soon


    A very tremendous episode…… Fantastic story dude

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  5. Nandana

    and i really liked ur ff and plz update ishveers ashiqui and tradgic love story dhi plz i am waiting

  6. Nandana

    and i really liked ur ff and plz update ishveers ashiqui and tradgic love story dhi plz i am waiting plz and the next episode of this also update soon

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  8. Very nice episode Vaidehi I liked it eagerly waiting for the next episode plz update the next soon?

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    Wow I love your ff to the core one of my favorite MATSH ffs do update next part soon dear love u I just read part 3 also u write really well

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