Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 39)

Guys in one or two days I’m ending this ff forever

The episode starts with the car breaking down at the middle of the road. Danan says type is punchered. Ranveer says wait I’ll help you. Danan says no need sir I will manage. Danan gets down and starts fixing it. Ranveer saw Ishani very tensed. He holds her hands and says don’t worry Ishani we will search for her and now even I feel she is near her. Ranveer kisses she hands and says I really can’t see u worried. Ishani hugs her and smile and says happy now! Danan fixes the tere and continues the journey. Far from their way they sees some huts and statue of lord Buddha. Ishani says see this is the Buddha santan ashram. They rush over there. Ishani and Ranveer both were quite restless. Finally they reach there?

Ishaani and Ranveer gets down the car and Ishaani sees kids playing in the river and a small girl in typical Buddhist avatar chanting under a tree. She was none other than Amaya. Ishani runs towards her and says see Amu ur mumma came opens your eyes. Amaya opens her sees Ishani and Ranveer. Ranveer still can’t believe that he is in front of his daughter. Amaya rushes towards Ishaani and hugs her. Ranveer too hugs them. Amaya says mumma I want to go home people over here are very bad. Mumma that bad Chirag uncle kidnap me . Ranveer fumes in anger. Ishani gets shocked. Ranveer shouts bl****y Chirag I know ur here.

If u have guts just come here. Chirag laughing evilly comes there. Ranveer starts beating him brutally. Ishaani calls the police. Ranveer too was injured. Ishani finally separates them and shouts are u insane Ranveer ur in front of 6 year old and see how scared is she! Ishaani comes to Chirag and slaps him hard and says such a fallen person ur. In the meantime Amaya gets disappeared. Danan shouts let’s go she is kidnapped again. Police too arrives n arrest Chirag . They help them in searching for her

Precap:- fight between goons and ishveer

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