Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 38)

The episode starts with Ishani getting some water from the adjoining river. The breeze starts blowing heavily and it was night. Ishani was about to fill the water where she falls in the river and was drowning. She shouts Ranveer. Ranveer immediately comes there and dives into the cold freezing water. He sees that she fainted.
He immmediately takes her into the room and lies her near the bornfire. He change her clothes and wipe the body. Till then he sits besides her and waits till she gets
conscious. Then Ishani wakes up and Ranveer hugs her and for a change doesn’t scold her. Ishani too hugs him and says Ranveer u didn’t change go or else u will catch cold I will make soup till then. Ranveer sneezes. Ishani gets tensed. Then Ranveer comes there and they have dinner. Ishani checks Ranveer forehead and neck and says u have fever? Ranveer says don’t worry I will
get fine. Ishani makes him sleep and gives him some medicines which she already got from Mumbai in case of some problem. The whole night she keeps wet cloth on this forehead and stomach. Later she sleeps on him. Next morning he wakes up and sees Ishani sleeping on him and her flicks falling on her faces. He presses her hair behind the ears and smile seeing her
innocent face and kisses her forehead. Ishani wakes up by movements and gets up had says how are you feeling. Ranveer says since u took care of me the whole night m fine. Ishani says we have to get ready quickly Danan mayst be coming I hope today we will find our daughter. Ranveer says have hope we will find her.

After an hour danan comes there and says let’s leave. I have got the list of all possible NGOs and orphanages . They leave. In car Danan ask them how can Amaya stay in an orphanage when she has her parents. Ranveer says that’s what I’m thinking. Ishani says I think she is been kidnap because then only she is brought to this remote area. Ranveer says first let’s focus in searching
her. Ishani says I’ve searched in 7 NGOs but no sign of Amaya and gets teary. Ranveer says holds her hands and says but not all correct. Danan says we are doing this secretly without anyone knowing so she will be safe not to worry mam.
Precap next two episodes:–ishveer to find out where Amaya is. Later the goons take her away and danan to follow them. Ranveer fights with the goons and save Amaya

Hello friends I actually wanted to know what type of sequences ull wish
I through my ff always asks the readers abt what they like
Infact I also need some suggestions because I don’t have any idea what to bring up in next sequence so plz plz plz comment below and suggest me
Keep smiling

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  1. Duva

    I don’t know anything but I love ur story it so awesome

  2. Maya-Shelly

    Niz epi dr
    Keep moving as you wish

  3. Very nice episode dear just keep it up ?

  4. Very nice episode dear just keep it up ?

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