Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 37)

The episode starts with ishveer landing at kangra airport. There also no one spoke anything. Ranveer has hired a driver cum assistant in order to search Amaya. The drivers name was danan.
Danan says that the NGOs in this state are very small and hut like means it’s very difficult to find. Ishani says in my ngo a foreign tourist came. She does some donation in every orphanage wherever she goes. She showed me a pic in which there were many kids. I’ve seen a girl how looked like Amaya then I was very sure coz Amaya had birthmark on upper arm. Ranveer says then can we contact that lady? Ishani says no before I could ask her something her husband called her out for a minute so I allowed her. But due to some emergency she had to go somewhere and she never returned. But as it was iPhone location showed that it was kangra valley.

Danan says we have to drive every ghat now in order to search for her it. Ranveer says sue. Danan keep thier bags into the car and goes to a ridge. He says it’s getting darker so we can’t drive more. Here there are no hotels but huts. I have booked it for ull. Danan takes them to a hut. He says this is ur room cum hut. Ranveer says for me. Danan says are u joking sir. I’m ur husband wife so I booked only one n now reservations are full. Ranveer says okay u go tomorrow come early by hook or by crook I will search for my daughter. Danan leaves.

Ishani thinks that Ranveer hates her n so he doesn’t talk to her Ranveer thinks I have to speak to her before things get tangled. Ishani walks to near the river bank. Ranveer follows her. Ishani feels awkward seeing Ranveer and was about to leave where Ranveer holds her hands and bring her closer to him. Ranveer and her shared an eyelock. Ishani comes to her senses and says whatever happened…. Ranveer cuts her and put his finger on her mouth and says that day I only spoke n broke out relation. Today I only will say n make this relation. Ranveer sits on both his knees and hold Ishani’s hands and says I’m sorry infact this apology won’t heal your pain. due to my mistake and anger I broke our love and trust to that level that I can’t share a sight with your eyes and cries. Ishani breaks again and burst into tears. She makes Ranveer stand up and caress his cheeks and says it was my fault Ranveer that today….Ranveer says it wasn’t your fault. It was an attempt to murder by an eneuamd I fool blamed you. I’m sorry I’m sorry. Ishani says it’s was our fate’s fault amd hugs him. Ranveer too hugs her hard and kisses her neck and they both cry. They brake the hug and Ishani says now everything will become fine as it was before after we get Amaya back. Ranveer nods and kisses her forehead and she kisses him too. It was getting cold. They get inside the room(hut) Ranveer says be here Ill collect some sticks and some dry grass. Ishani says take care. Later Ranveer returns and lit the born fire .later they share some cost moments

Precap:- Ishani to fall in the river Ranveer saves her from drowning. Later Ranveer catches cold Ishani to take care of him

Guys why don’t ull also update we still can keep matsh on air through these ffs plz try to do so a humble request if ur a loyal ff of ishveer
Keep smiling and I won’t be able to update it daily but this Saturday I would surely try

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  1. Very nice Vaidehi I loved the episode it was good I enjoyed it very much eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

  2. Nandana

    Nice episode dear I really liked it and update the next soon and about writing ff’s I will post my next episode as soon as possible.

  3. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    super . super

  4. Too good.pls post regularly.

  5. Maya-Shelly

    Niz update vini
    Loved. Finally they both confessed and united. Hope they found amaya soon..
    Waiting for next dr
    And yes, I will try to update my ff as soon as possible.
    Keep updating
    Yeah, if we’re true ishveerians we have to make this page alive..
    Keep smiling and take care dr

  6. Duva

    Loved it waiting for the next epi post it soon

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