Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 36)

Sorry guys for not updating since months???

After 3 months
Ishaani is seen running to Waghela mansion hurriedly
Abeer sees Ishani and gets glad and hug Ishani and says mumma where were you since 3 months.
Ranveer sees Ishani and rushes towards her and get teary and recalls what happened 3 months before
Flashback:- once rien day Ishani went to receive Amaya from school and while returning home car brakes fail. Ishani tells Amaya to open the door and jump off, Amaya says the door has some
problem its not opening. Ishani lift Amaya and was about to jump. But she fell on the road but
Amaya was in the car and car felt in the cliff. After investigation Amaya was declared dead. Ranveer felt all this happened because of Ishani’s carelessness and he yelled at Ishani for being selfish and saving her life leaving her daughter at footsteps of death. Ishani felt too guilty and on Ranveer’s demand she left the house. After a month it was revealed that it was a trap for Ranveer by his old enemy. Ranveer realized his mistake but it was late.

Ishani says Amaya is alive. She is some NGO of Himachal Pradesh. Ranveer says how? Ishani explains that even she works in an ngo franchise. She have seen Amaya in a group of children but I don’t know where exactly it is.later website was deleted . The name of ngo is starting with Buddha satan something. Ranveer says why to wait I will investigate entire world for my daughter. He book flights for HP. Ishani hugs abeer and says take care and they leave.
In flight they didn’t even utter a single word. Ranveer was feeling very guilty and didn’t have any courage to speak. Ishani was unaware about the accident being a murder trap of Ranveer’s enemy. Both were feeling intense love for each other but cant express it. Ishani was stealing sight from Ranveer.but they were praying that they find Amaya soon. I
Precap:- in the valleys of the Himalayas near a river bank, Ranveer sits on both his knees and holds Ishani ‘s hand and apologies. Both get teary and share intense emotional moment
Guys I hope till date ur in contact with ff of meri aashiqui
Wishing ull a happy new year

It’s been almost a year of end of meri aashiqui but I really wish meri aashiqui season 2 with same cast

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  1. Very nice episode. keep it up pls pls pls update regularly. we are very eager. v r still missing ishveer

  2. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    yes . we are . And i will till my last breathe ……

  3. Hi Vaidehi how are you happy new year to you also the episode was so nice I am eager to read next pls update the next soooo soon ?

  4. Maya-Shelly

    glad to see your update
    Loved it dr
    Why this tu is becoming inactive nowadays
    Wish all writers come back with their story
    Wish to see this MATSH page active again
    Keep updating and take care drln

  5. Duva

    Loved it so much Dr keep it up keep rocking waiting for the next epi how r u

  6. Nandana

    Nice episode i liked it and update the next soon as don’t be late and u r right it had became almost a year till i miss them very badly ……….

  7. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Nice update but i want to see that ranveer who loves ishani unconditionally and cares for her alot like in the serial, why he is always mistrusting her bcoz i m really missing our ranveer. Yeah its almost 1 year since our matsh went offair (cant even believe it) and its really heartbreaking to see ishveer’s story incomplete. My only wish is that matsh2 comes soon with same cast and i dont know why all have disappeared from this page, i still remember the old days when we were all commenting, its really very sad to see this.

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