Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 33)

The episode starts with Ranveer and Ishani are sleeping hugging each other. Suddenly Ishani wakes up. Ranveer too get disturbed and he too wakes up. Ishani runs towards Amaya’s room. Ranveer shouts what happened. He too follows her. Ishani opens ther door and sees Amaya playing games on her iPad. Ishani holds her and hugs her tight. She kisses her pampers her. Amaya says what happened mumma.m Ishani recalls her mare how Amaya fell from cliff. Ishani says nothing princess it’s late night go sleep now. She tells Ranveer about the same. Ranveer says it’s just a dream. Chill. Ishani says Amy today mumma will sleep with her. Amaya says okay mumma. She makes her sleep. Ranveer too head towards his room recalling what Ishani said.

Next morning Amaya wakes up and sees Ishani still sleeping. Amaya hugs her and says mumma wake up. She wakes up and sees its was too late. She got freshes and wakes up Ranveer. Ranveer says come on its Sunday. Ishani says sorry and she switches off the fan and ac. Ranveer says what are u doing. Ishani says sorry and leaves. Ranveer wonders what happened to her.
She goes to the temple near by. She prays to God and prays for her family’s safety. Ishani donates food and clothes to the beggars on the street. An beggar says May God bless u and ur goodness and says a very talented fortune teller has come to the temple he suggest very true.

Ishani thinks I must go to him. The fortune teller asks about her birth details. She says not for me infact about my daughter Amaya . He asks for her birth details. She gives it to him. He does his calculations and gets shocked which frightens Ishani. He shouts God help God help the poor soul. Ishani asks what happened. The fortune teller says beware beware. According to the name the destruction will happen in near future according to name life will be in danger at that time Ishani cries the man says God save God save. Ishani says what can I do! He says ur motherhood ur motherhood he again says save goodness on earth and leaves saying may nothing happens to Good souls. A lady says that he is and his daughter died in an accident and that’s why he is like this and scares everyone. Ishani thinks about nightmare which she saw.

Precap:- Ishani was walking on the road n was in dilemma. A car bumps into her n she falls

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  1. Duva

    Loved it keep it up keep rocking

  2. Nice… Wait for the next…..

  3. Superb Vaidehi it was just fantastic I eagerly wanted to know that what what is going to happen ?

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