Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 32)

The episode starts with ranveer checking the office accounts. Ishani gets happy seeing some reports. Ranveer wonders. Ishani comes and sits besides her and smiles. Ranveer says are u fine. Ishani thinks by hearing this news u won’t be fine. She holds his hands mad places it on her stomach. Ranveer says if ur stomach is aching why are u getting so happy. Ishani smirks and says keeps ur stupid jokes with u. Ishani shows the sings of vomittng. Ranveer says who told u to eat chaat. Ishani says come on dumbo. She says I’m pregnant with twins. Files fall from his hands. Ranveer says what? Ishani frowns and says why r u not happy. Ranveer thinks of course not. He says it’s something to be happy. How will we manage four kids. Abeer and Amaya are less awhat ! How will we manage. Ishani says I will manage two and other two u manage. Ranveer says it’s like divorce. Where we are getting custody. Ishani burst out of laughter. Ranveer shocks. He checks it reports and it was abeer and Amaya’s body check up which was normal. Ranveer shouts Ishani u scared me now I won’t spare u. He tickles her waist she says stop it. He runs behind her. Both fall in the bed. Ranveer fell on Ishani. They share eyelock. He holds her hands and nuzzles her neck.

There a mystery man in a dark room says to his man did u get the information of Ranveer Waghela, I want to destroy him. I want to give him death each day but won’t let him die. He ruined me and my family. The man says he is a rich business man who leads a rich life. His family is a respected family of Gujarati community and his diamond busine..the man says duffer I know his professional life I want to know about himself his personal life his strength weaknesses. He relies okay sir he loves his life a lot madly and their love story seems very unique and different and n give up his life for her. His son abeer who,m he considers his legacy but abeer’s bonding is more with his wife Ishani and finally his daughter Amaya. She is lifeline of Ranveer she is very cheerful and crazy girl and Ranveer couldn’t live without seeing here. The man gave u this information. He replies I bribed the servant of his house. The man says perfect now my target is Amaya. He says Amaya mean night rain and I will make sure that the upcoming night rain brings destruction in his life and I will ruin him he laughs evilly

Precap:- Ishani suddenly wakes up Ranveer asks her what happened without saying anything she rushes to Amaya’s room and says she saw horrible nightmare and says I’m very scared

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  1. Duva

    Loved it keep it up keep rocking

  2. Very nice Vaidehi I loved it eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

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