Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 31)

The episode starts with the family having dinner together. Rohan and Amya were sitting on the table. Ishani asks them to sit on the chair but they denied. Ritika says these aren’t table manners. Milan says it’s okay! Let them enjoy these things in their childhood. The maid serves the food. Amaya says mumma today u will feed papa and ritika mom u will feed Milan papa. Abeer says nice idea. Ranveer opens his mouth and says come on. Ishani laughs. They both share a secret eyelock.

Later Ishani was going to bed suddenly she ran to the washroom. She vommited. Ranveer wonders. Later she came out of the washroom. Ranveer asks are u fine. Ishani says oh Ranveer I forgot to inform u and u will be annoyed for not informing. Ranveer asks say fast. Ishani holds his hands and says I’m pregnant Ranveer with twins. Ranveer was extremely shocked imagining 4 kids. His expression made Ishani burst out of laughter. Ranveer says means ur joking. Ishani says yessss Ranveer hugs her and says u scared me. Ishani says what’s the big deal. Ranveer says then u and I can’t spend time together and I would have given less attention to my abeer and Amaya.

A mystery man in a garage burns Ranveer photo and says I will destroy u Ranveer. His man comes and says for this I have to snatch his lifeline. The man asks Ishani? He replies no if no Ishani no Ranveer. I’m talking about his daughter her name is ama…Ana…no it’s Amaya. The mans says nice idea. Amaya means night rains. His destruction will commence in night rain and he laughs.

There Ranveer comes to Amaya’s room. She was a sleeping beauty. Ranveer sits besides her. He caresses her hair and kisses her forehead and clicks her pic. Ishani keeps her hands on his shoulder and asks what happened suddenly. Ranveer says I’m feeling something strange for Amaya. Ishani says no to worry. She is absolutely fine.

Precap:– ishveer’s romantic rain dance on jab tak song

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode di and the precap too is nice and is ishaani is really pregnant or just a joke ? .

  2. Superb episode Vaidehi just keep it up ?

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