Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 3)


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The episode commence wd Ranveer landing in Shimla and says it’s such a cool and beautiful place he remember of childhood memory- one ranveer and Ishani were playing and they were quarreling for batting Ishani asks Him to give her chance first ranveer says I won’t then what Ull will do she says that everyone troubles me a lot I will run away. Ranveer asks where?? Ishani replies shimla. Ranveer asks who will then come to receive you. She replies my true lover. The flashback ends.

Ranveer says I hope ur present over here and see ur true lover has come here. Ishani was getting ready to leave for the orphanage where Anjali her friend says that today I have an important contract wd a business man who will promote our jam making industry. Ishani smiles and says Ranveer don’t worry you will get the contract. Then she come to her senses and says I’m sorry actually Ranveer too used to say…….. Anjali says to whom ur hiding ur emotions from. I understand you better than u do. Why don’t u go back to him. Ishani cries and says I was pushed and thrown out not only from their house but from their hearts and lived too. Anjali says but what about this baby. Ishani says ya but I’m there to take care and love my baby. After all this is our love’s symbol. She cries and goes away from there. Aasan nahi yaha plays…..

It was raining heavily and Ishani was walking along the streets. Suddenly a car with full speed came and horned a lot but Ishani was in depression and she didn’t hear it and the car bumped her and she fell down. The driver was very scared and he ran away from there. Ishani was in a terrible condition and her baby to struggling for life. Ishani constantly mummers ranveer Ranveer. Ranveer was driving along the same street and saw a lady in worse state. He stopped the car and got off the car in heavy rains and saw a lady drowned in pool of blood and then he lifted her in his arms. He heard murmurings of his name. He gently laid her in his car and rushed to hospital but then he saw that the lady was none other than Ishani. He got shocked and for few moments he lost his senses. After that he started shaking her and then he gave CPR to her. First he gave compressions but it didn’t work so he gave mouth breathing and she survived. Ranveer saw her little blown tummy and realized that she is pregnant and than he remembers that night. Finally he reaches the hospital and the doctors start the operation and before it he has to sign the form. The nurse asks who are u for the patient. He says I’m her husband and he signs the form. Ranveer prayed to God and he was ashamed of himself that he did so bad to her and his baby. Then Anjali comes to the hospital and introduced herself to Ranveer and told him everything. She says “don’t worry Ishani will be fine ur so lucky that u got such a true lover” Ranveer says yes I’m but I’m very guilty and ashamed I doubt whether Ishani will forgive me or not. Then the doctor comes out of the OT and says that I have a bad news and a good news. Ranveer asks him to speak clearly. The doctor says that Ishani has survived but the baby is no more. Ranveer and Anjali get shocked. Doctor says but the gynecologist too was in the ot and she checked her condition. Ranveer says what did she say. The doctor Said that u can expect a baby again Ishani can be mother once again after few hours she will be conscious.

Ranveer went to the ICU and sat beside Ishani and he caresses her forehead. He holds her hands and kisses her and says how will I say to u that our baby is no more. He cries. After few hours she regains consciousness and is shocked to see Ranveer. Ranveer nods his head and says yes it’s me. He tells the whole story about what exactly happened. Ishani holds his hand and placed it on her womb mad was shocked and ranveer gazed her and says yes baby is no more. Ishani cries bitterly and says this can’t happen. Ranveer hugs her and says truth is always bitter. Ishani hugs him and says it was our baby Ranveer. Ranveer asks why didn’t you returned home. She says I thought that u have moved on in life. Ranveer says I was little annoyed but u knew it that I love u so much mad I can’t stay away from u. He says I m sorry Ishani for all the sins I committed Ishani hugs him and says it wasn’t ur fault Ranveer. But see the fate today I got u and I lost my baby and she cries. Ranveer says I understand ur pain. And they share a tight hug. There Anjali Comes and says Ishani u can except a baby I mean u have the chance. The nurse comes and says that now let the patient rest

Precap:- Ishani and ranveer remarry where she gets abducted by chirag and chirag marries her

Credit to: Vaidehi

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    at last ISHVEER reunited…..marvelous epi sis

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