Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 29)

The episode starts with Ishani getting ready as a bride and Ranveer sitting in the mandap playing with Amaya. Abeer says when Amaya came u forgot me papa. Ranveer says no my son I’m meeting her for the first time so Im spending time with her. There Ishani comes. Ranveer gives Amaya to Amba. They commence the wedding. The exchange the garlands and remember their old days. They take wedding vows and Ranveer applies sindoor and wears her mangalsutra. After some pooja the wedding gets over. Everyone congratulate them. They click may pics.
Later at night Ranveer enters their room. Ishani asks abeer and Amaya. Ranveer replies abeer went off to sleep and Amaya is with her granny. Ishani says she was very unlucky. Even she had to bear a lot since birth and cries. Ranveer cups her face mad says it’s all because of me. If I would would have trusted you then all this wouldn’t happen. Ishani hugs hi and says no Ranveer it wasn’t ur fault but now we are reunited again. Let’s make this moment special. Ranveer says will you dance with me. Ishani nods. They dance on tere sang yaara song. They get teary and share eyelock. Ranveer kisses her and carries her in his arms and lay her on the bed and they sleep intimately.
Next morning Ishani woke up and saw Ranveer hugging her tightly and he was asleep. Ishani slowly gets down without disturbing him. She goes to abeer’s room. She didn’t find him. She went to Amba and saw that even there kids were not there. Everyone get tensed. Ishani wakes up Ranveer and says that kids are missing. They again start searching them in the whole house. Ishani saw them in the the back yard and Amaya was crying and abeer tries to stop her from crying. Then Amaya starts pulling his hair and abeer and Amaya both fell down. Everyone comes there. Ishani picks Amaya and consoles her and Ranveer scolds abeer for bringing Amaya without thier permission. Ishani says abeer u shouldn’t have brought her here without informing us. Abeer bursts out and says ull are bad from now I have to take permission to play with my sister and she she too is very cruel he pulled my hair and
thats why I fell mad he goes from there and cries. Ranveer says thank god they are safe Btw Ishani are u going to Parekh house to meet ur family. Ishani says they are coming here and first we have to do an important work
Abeer was sitting and crying in his room. Ishani comes there with donuts. She takes the donuts made y her to abeer and hides. Abeer feels the smell and follows it. Ishani hid behind the curtain. Abeer says I found my donuts n grabs from Ishani. He tries it out and says shiiii and makes faces.ishani says they aren’t good and gets tensed. Abeer says mumma chill these are the best donuts and laughs. Ishani tickles him and makes his mood. Abeer sleep in her lap. Ishani pampers him. Abeer says mumma papa is very khadus. He didn’t even come to see me. Ishani says has even I was thinking that. A man says from behind very bad he is correct? Ishani says yes actually not that much but he doesn’t love me how much I do. The man says he is unromantic na. Ishani says exactly yes and later he realized someone was there. It was Ranveer. He gifts abeer new toys and says these are because u donated ur old ones that’s why. And he leaves. Ishani says abeer was less that even he started
Ishani goes to Ranveer and makes cute faces n says sorry. Ranveer says now i have to prove myself romantic. Ishani blushes and says no need and leaves. Ranveer holds her hands and pulls herself towards him. He holds her waist from back. Ishani gets conscious. Ranveer says so what can I do to make u happy. Ishani says don’t stay at office whole day spend some time with us too and..Ranveer says okay and? Ishani says be happy and he leaves. Ranveer smiles.
Guys I’m ending my ff since I don’t have any idea what to write and its very confusing and
Harisha I’m loving ur ff keep it up! Dhuvarakha, Maya, Prince,Sparkels Rookey,Neelam, Nandanai love ull guys for u have always supported me thank you n I will miss this ff😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


  1. Harisha39


    |Registered Member


  2. duvaraksha

    Hey loved it soooooooooooooooo much and plz don’t end ur ff dr I loved it soooooooooooooooo much keep rocking even for me don’t stop it if u want time then take ur own time and and plzzzzz don’t end my kind request plz 😭😭😭😘😘😘😍😍😍

  3. Neelam

    Hi Vaidehi the episode was sweet it was tooo good I enjoyed it very much just keep it up 😊

  4. luv ishveer 2 the core of my heart

    Hi vini it is really awesome and so lovely ff pls dont end it. Take ur own time and think new track but if u really not getting any idea then trust me i will miss ur ff alooot. U r really such a great writer nd thank u 4r giving us a lovely cute episodes even of ur time of exams i know how difficult it would have been 4r u but 4r us nd ishveer u did it and i really appreciate this thank u nd will miss ur ff alot if u dont mind pls start another

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