Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 28)


The episode starts with Trisha going to Ishani’s room mad says gives her her wedding card and says u know tomorrow is my wedding with ur ex husband. Interesting na! And she laughs evilly. Amaya cries. Ishani pampers her. Trisha says aww baby ur feeling bad about ur parents. If I knew that ur mumma is pregnant at that time I would have done her abortion. Ishani slaps her hard mad says don’t u dare see my daughter from next time onwards. Trisha says why I’m spoiling my mood with ull and she leaves.

At waghela mansion preparations were going on for the marriage. Ranveer was standing at the balcony thinking about Ishani mad their romantic moments amd gets teary. He says I still chat believe it Ishani that u have done this. How can u be so inhuman that u can leave ur son too foe money. Amba comes there and says u are thinking about Ishani right plz forget her and move on she is so evil and cruel and life has given a second chance for u and abeer to move on. Ranveer says if ur done can I go to sleep.? Amba says u still love Ishani and u can’t change this fact. ranvever leaves. Amba prays may everything happens in a right way.

Next morning abeer runs to Ranveer’s room and says dad dad plz don’t bring this bad Trisha auntie at home don’t marry her. Ranveer says what happened champ? Abeer makes him sit mad tells the whole incident how Trisha kidnapped him and then blackmailed Ishani. He says Trisha infected some sort of bacteria in him and asked mumma to bring ur sign on some papers and also ur property within hours or else the bacteria will start its work and I will die and if mumma did the work them she will give me antidote. He says that the auntie said she will leak ur video which was fake and muffed and will destroy ur business and later she gave me a medicine through which I will forget everything but now I have recalled everything. Abeer hugs Ranveer and says this auntie has snatched my mumma. Ranveer was shattered. Amba and kailash too overheard him and even they were shocked

They immediately rushed to Trisha’s house with police. He exposed trisha amd the police arrested her. Trisha laughs and says I have released a poisonous gas in Ishani’s room and now she won’t be anymore and even ur child. Ranveer looks to abeer and was confused. He says means u have kidnapped Ishani these 2 years. Trisha nods and laughs. Amba slaps him. Abeer throws ink on her face, ranveer rushed to that room mad found it empty. Trisha sighs where are they. Trisha ‘s maid comes and says I have released them. Ranveer thinks she might be at their place and they and police arrests her

When Ranveer entered waghela maid on he saw Ishani and Amaya in her hands. Abeer quickly runs hugs her and Ishani too hugs him mad cries. Ranveer also hugs her and asks who is the baby. Ishani says she is our daughter. Ranveer was delighted and takes Amaya and hugs her. Amaya cries. Ranveer says no worries baby I’m ur father. Ishani says her name is Amaya. Ranveer says wow such a cute name. He holds Ishani’s hands and apologized her for misunderstanding her. Ishani hugs him and says no one will talk about this topic now and hugs Ranveer and Amaya. Abeer says this is not fair mumma. Ishani kisses abeer and says ur my life abeer. Amba asks them to remarry again. Abeer says yes it will be exciting I wil see ur marriage

Precap:– ISHVEER’s marriage

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  1. Nandana

    nice episode dear i really liked it and was been eagerly waiting u to send the episode and update the next dear ????

  2. Sparkels

    Hey Vini…..that is what I wanted…..there happy life……and hope they live like this only…..I’m really happy that Ishani forgive Ranveer 🙂 🙂


    So emotional yet soo happy reunion…… Marvelous epi dude

  4. Hey vini loved it soooooooooooooooo much keep it up keep rocking how r u ??????

  5. Harisha39


  6. Hi Vaidehi th episode was so emotional and amazing I enjoyed it very much pls update the next so soon ?

  7. Vini

    Thank you guys and I m fine how are you all

    1. Harisha39


    2. I am fine dr waiting for next epi

  8. Maya-Shelly

    Very niz update dr
    Gud going

  9. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    ho …. its so good and cool but pls dont dare to stop this ff after this sequence . k , its my order , not a request . lol……

  10. luv ishveer 2 the core of my heart

    Very nice epi and very very happy for ishveer was waiting 4r this only. How old r u. r u vaidehi and does someone over here know why palak, cutepie, meera, julina r not updating their ff

    1. Don’t but julina dhi is busy with her studies and palak is busy

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