Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 27)


The episode starts with the lady saying I have a fake mms of Ranveer so better d what I say or else Ranveer’s reputation will spoil. So now hand these divorce papers to Ranveer and asks for ur alimony or else abeer won’t be living. And note u have to do this within 2 hours. These days I have seen that there are many disputes among ull. Ishani cries and agrees to do so. But our Ishani is doing for the sake for Ranveer and abeer but she was tensed about the life in her womb but she will never reveal it to Ranveer. The lady says after ur work is done I will send abeer to Ranveer and u will come along with me in my small godown. I trust u that u won’t elope for ur son. Ishani agrees and goes to Ranveer and gives him the divorce. Ranveer was frustrated with her and readily agrees to sign divorce papers with abeer’s custody with Ranveer. Ranveer immediately gives her alimony and asks her to get lost(since he was extremely hurt hearing all hurting rubbishy things from her) Ishani rushes to the veiled lady and asks her to release…l have already given him antidote is released and safely sent to Ranveer and I have also given him a tablet with makes the person forget everything whatever happened here. Ishani thanks God since her husband and son are safe. She removes her veil and the girl is none other than Trisha who was crazy lover of Ranveer but since Ishani was there he dumped her. She kidnaps Ishani in a small room with a light fan a bedsheets and small kitchen and restroom. Trisha says this will be ur life mad she locks the door and says I will be visiting you everyday and the door is sound proof so one Will hear ur screams. Fab ends
Ishani confronts Trisha and says relationships can’t be made on the grounds of lies and cheat. Trisha asks her to shut up and give some tips to impress Ranveer.if she provides tips then only she will give facilities to Amaya her daughter. She agrees. Trisha leaves. Ishani pampers her mad says after 2 days u are going to be one year old I wish Ranveer too knew about his daughter. And tomorrow is his wedding and she cries
Precap.abeer to recall all that has happened and reveals all the truth to Ranveer Ranveer shattered

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey Vini I am a big fan of ur ff is just that last week I was busy due to which couldn’t comment I read 5-6 parts together I hope all become fine soon I wonder what happened which seperated Ishveer

  2. Wow awesome vini dhi another outstanding epi loved it so much

  3. Hey vini loved it soooooooooooooooo much keep it up and keep rocking…….how r u

  4. Niz epi dr. Waiting for precap.
    Keep smiling

  5. Nandana

    Nice episods dear and feeling sad for ishaani and precap is interesting one . Plz update the next soon

  6. Superb

  7. It was fantastic Vaidehi I loved it ?

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