Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 26)


The episode starts with ranvee and Trisha marriage gets fixed. Trisha says can I meet abeer my going to be son. Ranveer says of course he is in his room over there. Trisha says once I impress this boy then he will my entry in his house is done. And she smirks. She knocks the door and abeer opens it. She gives him gifts and says hello cute boy. Abeer rudely says i don’t need ur gifts and plz go and let me study. Ranveer scolds abeer for being rude. Trisha tries to butter ranveer and say no problem rv he is a kid and must be frustrated I think we can make his mood by preparing something delicious which he likes. Ranveer and abeer think ishani also used to say same thing when abeer was angry. Ranveer says okay and asks the cook to prepare pizza for him. Trisha says come ranveer mom is calling us. Ranveer goes with her. Amba says is the marriage is after 4 days. Since it’s a very lucky day for two lovers. Trisha says no problem Aunty. Ranveer says even I agree.

Abeer was watching all this and says see mumma now this stupid lady is going to take ur places and prays to God plz send mumma
Ishani and her 1 year daughter Amaya who were kidnapped by mystery person. Ishaani was elated hearing her daughter saying mumma for the first time. Ishani cries and amaya again says mumma. Ishani kisses her and thinks I wish we were there with ranveer and abeer. But the situation that occurred 2 years ago exactly on this day changed our lives.

Fb:- the door bell of the waghela house rung. Ishani was quite nervous to open the door but she opens and took her reports andwas glad to know that she is pregnant with second child. Ishani says when ranveer will come he will get elated to know this since it was his wish to have a second child. then her phone rings and she received the calls and was shocked to know something. She immediately rushd somewhere. She went to a mystery girl’s godown and was scared to see abeer who was abducted by her. The lady has injected poisonous virus in him. Ishani prevented her but she was in control of the goons.

The lady says from now ur my slave. Ishani couldn’t see her face coz she was in veil. Ishaani says plz give him the injection to kill all the virus which u injected into his body. The lady says this virus will start its job after 2 hours. Abeer was crying in pain. Ishaani ran to himnad hugged him and said don’t worry abeer mumma has come nothing will happen to u. The lady says sign this divorce papers. Ishani says are u out of ur mind I will die but I won’t sign. She says u u don’t want the antivirus…. Ishani remembered all the romantic moment and signed the divorce papers. She says now give me the anti virus and she tries to run with abeer but the goons catch them again.

Precap:-fb continues where ishani says that she doesn’t want him and throws divorce on his face ranveer cries and ishani asks for his wealth

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