Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 25)


Although ages pass by
True love remained the same
Then, now and forever
And then becomes internal
Just like this happened with ishveer their happiness wasn’t long lasting but the love is still there buried somewhere in their heart

After 5 years,
A boy was busy writing something in his diary saying today everybody’s mother came in the annual day programme but not my mother. Where are you mumma. The boy was none other than abeer who is now grown up and school goer. A strict man enters the room stepping towards him and saw him writing the diary. The man grabs it and throws it. He was none other than ranveer. Abeer cries. Ranveer stares at him in anger. Abeer says sorry…ranveer hugs him and says it’s not ur fault too n I’m sorry. Come lets play video games. I bought it from Hong Kong. Abeer says dad ur so lucky that u get a chance to go to new places. Ranveer says that no abeer I go over there for work not to have fun n wherever I go there isn’t any fun without u champ. Come let’s play. Abeer says ur still angry with the. I promise from now I will not hurt our servant’s children. Infact I have many of my remote control cars and robots to them as gifts. In the meantime amba comes and says wow my boy is so wise and sensitive n he started donating at this age.abeer says i m not that great I just wanted mean toys so I donated. Amba sends abeer out and says to ranveer come on ranveer get ready as the girl’s family has come for the marriage date. Ranveer says okay and I’ll be there and amba says don’t be late and just forget about ishani and amba leaves. Ranveer opens his drawer and sees ishani’s pic and says why did u do this? If u had done ull that then today we would have been a happy family and abeer wouldn’t have to bear all this but no ur such a mean lady in the world I feel wherever you are today u should be in terrible pain emotionally and physically and u should die each and every moment u will wish to die but u will not and tears her pic n throws it in the bin
In a House ishani was kidnapped in a room at some other place and she was missing her family crying and her eyes were swollen and has not eaten anything since days. Ishani says no I have to be strong not for me but for my daughter ranveer’s daughter and abeer’s sister.

There abeer too misses ishani and sees her pic in an album. Ranveer comes there and says she is evil she is very bad she left u she left me she left everyone just for some wealth which has no value. She put ur life at stake just for money. U still want to miss her. Abeer says no dad she is a nice person. Ranveer says every child will think good about their mothers but actually she isn’t good at all. Abeer cries and goes from there. Ranveer says abeer wait. Ranveer says today my marriage is going to be fixed with Trisha(new character) abeer says why? Ranveer says she will be ur new mother. Ranveer leaves. Abeer says mumma I know u left us because of some problem
Precap:— ranveer and Trisha marriage gets fixed that is after 4 days ishani hugs her daughter and cries terribly and was in extreme pain

Thanks nandana for ur suggestion it gave me many ideas
Hey ishveerians I know I’ll won’t be liking this track but no love story is complete without obstacles and specially separation and life is not bed of roses and I will soon unite them mad when this sequence will end I will end my ff too.
Take care and thanks again for ur support and are there any silent readers?????

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode dear and ur welcome . And feeling sad for ishveer and update the next soon dear .

  2. Hey dr loved it soooooooooooooooo much keep it up keep rocking waiting for ur next epi

  3. Harisha39

    Wow awesome dhi and don’t end your ff?

  4. Oh god..the epi was emotional…ishveer got seperated…bt still,U ‘ve done a great job dr…keep goinggg


    Hey Vini sorry……as nowadays I’m concentrating on my studies…..so so sorry for not commenting ……and yes I really like this track as this obstacles make their love and trust more strong !!!!!

  6. Niz epi dr.. But sad for ishveer and abeer too. Hope they will reunite soon
    Keep smiling
    Take care
    Update soon

  7. Very nice Vaidehi I am happy that you continued it I was very nice?

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