Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 24)


The episode starts with Ranveer playing with abeer in the morning. Ishani asks plz go ur getting late for the office! It’s already one week when u have not been there! Ranveer says no problem. Ishani says baby u have meeting right? Ranveer says oh shoot I forgot to make the presentation and he starts panicking. Ishani says chill I have made it u just go through it once and u can play with abeer at evening to first complete the work. Ranveer hugs Ishani and says I love u for this and leaves. Ishani calls him and put on the tie. Ranveer stares at her. Ishani pushes him and says now leave. Ranveer leaves.

Later Ishani was organizing the cupboard and saw some love letters in Ranveer’s drawer. Ishani fumed in anger and said let him come and he will have it from me. He is father of a child but haven’t stopped all this and the love letter date was recent. Ranveer in the office was curious about something. Extra martial affair and Ranveer Ishani was suspicious.

Later Ranveer comes home in evening. Ishani was very angry at him and says whose is that girl aren’t u ashamed of doing all this. Ranveer says no. Ishani starts packing her bag and says I’m going to parekh house with abeer. Ranveer says sorry baby I was just Joking. Actually it was a prank but I’m sad that u don’t trust me at all. Ishani says was it necessary. Ranveer says yes and leaves Ishani hugs him from behind and laughs and says only ur appointed to do pranks. Ranveer says mean u too mad they laugh and hug each other. Abeer starts crying. Ishani says my baby is envying and lifts him. Ranveer clicks a selfie and screen freezes

Guys I don’t wish to continue this ff
Coz of very less support and I’m busy still I write this ff and I just requested to suggest me a nice story and I m ready to mention that person’s name in my ff too anyway take care and enjoy life may Ull have a nice life ahead

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode and dont stop this and i suggest u to continue this with as u told about ishani’s ex.bf in one episode and now just bring him now and make ranveer to angry on him . And etc or u can bring any old college mate of ishani ( a male ) and make ranveer jealousy because of their activities and all . I am saying all these u to continue this ff and plz plz plz dear

  2. Nandana

    And no need of mentioning name dear .

  3. Vini loved it soooooooooooooooo much keep it up keep rocking anfpd vini plzzzzz don’t stop this ff I love this soooooooooooooooo much plzzz my kind request plz loved todays ff loved it soooooooooooooooo much dr and plz don’t stop ur ff and if ur busy means post it when u have time how was ur exams how r u …. ???

  4. Hey dear Vaidehi the was so nice pls don’t end it we like ur ff and u know their r so much silent readers so pls continue it?

    1. The episode* was so nice

  5. lovely ishveer

    Very cute and funny epi luv it and plz don’t stop writing keep up ur Gud work

  6. Harisha39


  7. Super epi dr.. Pls continue

  8. Mica

    i read it vini, awesome but short,,

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