Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 23)


The episode starts with baby crying at night. Ishani wakes up but ranveer was still sleeping. Ishani feeds him and ranveer wakes up and asks her to switch off the lights and actually he forgot about baby. Baby starts crying agian asmd ranveer wakes up and says sorry and makes him sleep but he was still crying. Ranveer asks is he not well? Ishani says I don’t know? Let’s go out on the terrace even the weather is cool may be he will feel well. Ranveer agrees and they go on terrace. They sit on the swing and starts swinging it. The baby stops crying. ranveer says wow how did u know he is getting suffocated. Ishani says I’m his mother that much I know. The baby falls deep asleep. Ranveer holds ishani’s hands and says u remember u used to dance here in rains. Ishani says ya and I forced u too and then u used to get cold. Ishani says I miss those moments. Ranveer says if baby wasn’t here up and if it was raining then u would have started and the whole house will be victim of earthquake. Ishani says oh u mean too say I’m fat. Ranveer says yes and runs away. Ishani says now u come stupid. She returns to her room and hits ranveer. Ranveer says don’t disturb the baby and go to sleep. Ishani ignored him

Next day ishani was getting ready and ranveer was busy attending the call. She shouts ranveer where is the necklace. Ranveer says I don’t know. He gets up and starts searching. Ishani says I remember I kept it in the locker and then I kept passe. ranveer says its difficult to search for it right now. U wear some other thing ishani says I have showed the necklace to anyone else except my mom. Ranveer leaves for now wear something else. Ishani says I’m sorry. Ranveer says did u steal it no then why ur apologizing. Ranveer says today is such an important day for our son lets not spoil the mood. Ishani says I’m feeling very guilty it was the first necklace designed by u and its very expensive. Ranveer says don’t worry now I have to leave before the ceremony starts I will be here. Ishani nods n says who can steal it.

Precap:–so the baby’s name is abeer

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  1. Harisha39

    wow awesome dhi!!!!

  2. Hey dr loved It soooooooooooooooo much keep it up keep rocking how r u

  3. Loved it keep writing 🙂 also cute name

  4. Nandana

    Nice episode

  5. Hi Vaidehi abeer is nice name and the episode was good ?

  6. Super episode sis……

  7. Vini

    Thank you ppl

  8. Vini plzzzzz post the next epi as I am eagerly waiting to read

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