Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 22)


The episode starts with harshad coming from his business trip to meet his daughter and grandson. Ishani gets delighted seeing him and hugs him. Harshad gets emotional and says I can’t believe that u grew so big that now u have become a mother. Ranveer says no papa she grew only by age not by wisdom. Ishani throws pillow on him. Ranveer says see papa she is teaching violence to my son. Ishani says since morning he is cracking his stupid jokes and irritating me u just go from here.falguni says he is trying to cheer up hr mood ranveer says that’s what and plays with baby. Baa enters and says tomorrow is the naming ceremony of the baby. They get happy. Ishani says I will keep his name. Ranveer says no we will take suggestions from everyone. Ishani nods. Falguni asks ranveer too stay here only tonight and leaves.

Ishani says don’t sleep here go to the next room or wherever you wish or else u will again start irritating me. Ranveer says be straight forward and say that the baby cries so much at night and I will get disturbed. Ishani smiles and says how did you know. Ranveer says I know ur selfless nature and that what I love the most but I want to sleep here only and today I will wake up and night to change his dipers and I will swing the cradle u sleep. Ranveer sits on the bed and starts swinging the cradle and within 5 minutes he falls asleep?? ishani says I knew it u will fall asleep but saw that he has tied the robe to a small machine which continuously moves forward and behind. Ishani thinks u too na ranveer. She makes him sleep properly and kisses him and hugs him and also. Ranveer opens his eyes and says means inorder to receive my wife’s love I need to be asleep. Ishani says yes coz u look much cuter when he sleep.

Ranveer says thank you some much for the compliment but u realized to late. Ishani says sorry my fault and changes the side msd goes to sleep. Ranveer hugs her from behind and ishani smiles.ranveer says today u have no excuse and kisses her neck.ishani says yes no excuse and she too hug him and goes to sleep.

Precap:—naming ceremony of their son and I have decided some names I just need vote
1 kiyaan
2 abeer
3 darsh

Guys thank you so much for ur support love ul

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  1. Abeer is a nice name.. epi was too good dear

  2. Niz epi dr and dharsh is niz and gud
    Keep smiling
    Take care

  3. I loved the epi soooooooooooooooo much no words to express I would say abeer I would say it is a nice name and how r ….. how is ur exams ????

  4. Harisha39

    SUPERB DHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nandana

    Nice episode and my vote is for dharsh


    Hey dear…I loved it and thanks for taking my opinion….. and I loved the name abeer its too cute…

  7. Hi Vaidehi it was so cute episode I suggest u abeer to be his name ?

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