Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 21)


The episode starts with ishani playing with her baby at night. She was at parekh house. She was waiting for ranveer but finally she slept since it was 1am. After sometimes ishani heard some noise in balcony she woke up and saw ranveer was knocking the window. Ishani open the window and starts scolding him for taking a risk. Ranveer says anything for ull. Ishani gives him water and assk why r u late? Ranveer replies I was busy selecting names for baby. I thought his name can be …….guys u say

Ishani says before playing with the baby go sash ur hands even he didn’t sleep may be he was waiting for his papa. Ranveer says I am that much important in your lives. Wah ranveer wah. Ishani says stop acting smart. Ranveer says I am born smart I don’t need to act like u. Ishani starts quarreling with him. The baby cries. Ishani makes him sleep and says somebody truly said time gone never comes. U came to play with him

instead of quarrelling wd me u should have spent time with him. Now u leave. Ranveer says okay okay don’t over react and he went to the balcony. Ishani says go from main door. He says why u are caring for me he jumped of the window. Ranveer shouts as if he is fallen. Ishani
quickly goes to him. The area was a lawn. Ishani saw ranveer unconscious. She tries to wake him up. She puts his head on her lap and sprinkles water. Ranveer says no no water is too cold. Ishaani says mean u were acting. Ranveer says revenge. Ishani leaves. Ranveer holds her hands and kisses her and says see u tomorrow morning. Ishani says its already morning come at afternoon. Ranveer says come here. Ishani asks what happened ranveer says do u miss me. Ishani says my days are not so bad that I will miss u ranveer. Ranveer says oh really! Ishani hugs and says of course I miss u. Even if its a matter of q week. Ranveer says even there Im feeling lonely coz know one is there u trouble me or give me lectures. Ishani says now u go and plz apply oinment to the wound on your hand. And from tomorrow come from the door no need for being hero bye.

Next morning ishani calls ranveer not once twice but many time he finally picked the call and ishani says come on ranveer wake up today u have meeting with Mr arora. Ranveer says u remember. Ishani says yes. Ranveer says how are u feeling did u have medicine? She replied yes. She akss him did u apply oinmemt to the wound. Ranveer says yes don’t worry. Ishani says stop lying. Ranveer says how do u know. Ishani says ur suc a lazy person and I know u hate applying medicines. Ranveer says wah! Ur a superwoman! Ishani says u realized so late.

Ishani was quite happy playing with her son. Later relatives come to meet her. Ranveer also comes there with the waghela family. Ishani gets delighted seeing them. Little baby starts crying ishani says excuse me and goes to her room. Ranveer to follows her. Ishani says you. Ranveer says why I can’t come. Ishani boldly says no coz u with again fight with me and my baby will start crying. Ranveer says so u have starting ignoring me now wait and watch mrs waghela. Ishani says go. Ranveer says I have equal rights on this baby. Ishaani cutely says but I have given birth I feed him I wake up at night when he is crying I change his dipers so I have extra right on him. Ranveer says okay and keeps a bag and says if if if u have some time for me then check this bag. He leaves and hides behind the door. Ishaani checks the bag there was a diamond necklace designed by ranveer for him. Ishani gets delighted seeing that.

Ranveer who is hiding to gets happy. Ishani says even I should gift something but after going there. She says baby ur papa is so caring but it was my fault actually I swayed him away. Ranveer comes in and says wow finally ishani confessed her fault and starts laughing. Ishani says thank you. Ranveer says why r u getting so sentimental and he starts playing with the baby. Ranveer sees ishani tired. He asks him to sleep and says whole day I’m here and the meeting is postponed u don’t worry. Ranveer makes ishani sleep and kisses her forehead. Ishani says be here only. And the relatives will start boring me. Ranveer smiles.

Precap: —ishveer fans I’m confused and blank and I don’t have any idea about the next sequence u say na and comment a nice boy’s na!e for their baby

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  1. Harisha39

    So awesome dhi lovely once more no words for me ?

  2. Harisha39

    And dhi do whatever your heart says because they show u the best way than what the others say including me???

  3. I think dear u should keep his name TIRTH or KUNAL or as u wish
    N ya epi was too good dear…

  4. Nandana

    Nice episode di update the next episode soon

  5. Nandana

    If u wish. U can give the name as RISHAN or RAVI or RIZWAAN etc .. if didnt like plz ignore it

    1. I guess Ravi is nice I like it

  6. Hey loved it soooooooooooooooo much keep it up keep rocking I commented on ur last epi u never replied me I not a good on keeping names soooooooooooooooo sry r angry with me


    Mmmmm I see…..thanks for taking my idea….as I’m not able to update mine ff…..but thinking about telling u ideas make me feel like I’m typing my ff…..its really soo cute epi……really lovely……and for sometime na let the trio be live a normal life….after some epi make twists dear…… I mean the epi should have lil romance and then disturbance

    1. I accept u dhruva

  8. Can u name him yoshik plzzz…its a request from ur fan

    1. Keep it if u think it ll suit

  9. Super epi dr
    Post next soon…
    Aadarsh for their kid
    But ur wish dr. Keep smiling

    1. Vini

      Darsh will be good na

      1. Ya

    2. S dr

  10. Ranveer+Ishani-Ravish

  11. Vini

    Not r especially Ravi……..

  12. Fantastic story dude….but what name u have kept for the baby???

  13. Very nice episode Vaidehi it was so cute episode u can keep any name for the boy as your wish ?

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