Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 19)

Hi guys I don’t have many supporters but the ones I have are so loyal and sweet I love u guys and as said I’m Vaidehi but I was unable to register with this name so I used my nickname. And my exams are also going good and I’m in standard 10
Guys I want u ll to tell me what the sequence should me the next I mean I need ideas and harshida u too are a good writer and druva u too

So the episode starts with Ishani going to the sturdy at midnight and saw Ranveer sleeping on the couch. He was drunk. Ishani managed to take him to their bedroom. She makes him sleep and removes his shoes ties belt and overcoat. Ishani says ur so careless Ranveer. But I like this cute gesture of urs but not always. Ranveer in his sleep murmurs I won the game and Ishani says he might have been to casino. Ishani says whatever and switches of the lights and go to sleep. Ranveer hugs her tightly and she was feeling uncomfortable since she was pregnant. She jerks him and says two months more Ranveer then there will be our baby between us and goes to sleep

Next morning Ishani was trying to wake him up since 20 minutes but he didn’t wake up. Finally she spinkles water on him and he opens his eyes. He slowly slowly wakes up and says good morning Ishani. Ishani says if I don’t turn this morning bad then change my name. Ranveer says what’s the time. Ishani replies 9. Ranveer says let me sleep more after 5 minutes I’ll wake up. Ishani prevents him and asks him too have the lemonade. Ishani starts her lecture that who told you to go to casino and drink too much. It’s not good for ur health. Ishani sits beside him and starts massaging his head. Ranveer lies down on her lap and says thank you. Ishani asks why.

Ranveer again says thank you my fate. There was a time when we always used to seperate and I wished that I hold u forever and today u r mine n I’m yours. Ishani says I don’t want to remember that time and says today u don’t want to go to office. Ranveer says no I wish to spend time with u. Ishani says tomorrow it’s Sunday. Ranveer Says tomorrow I wish to sleep whole day. Ishani says ur stupid. Ranveer says since u came in my life. Ishani makes faces.

Precap:– a leap Ishveer’s child birth

Guys can u suggest me girl or boy with name it will be fun

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  1. Hi Vaidehi the baby can be a girl or boy as ur wish for girl the name can be Yashi and for boy it can be Yash or they can be twins it is ur choice and as usual the episode was fantastic ?

    1. Thanks for suggestion:))

  2. Priyamvada

    Nice episode di it was been fantastic and update the next soon dear . And who told u that u dont have many supporters as there r so many scilent readers too and i am not suggesting any because i dont what say . As i dont have experience

    1. Thanks for support desr

  3. Nandana

    Di plz forgive me as sent my comment tgrough my sisters acout named priyamvada as was been my and i accidently sent it through that account . Plz plz i am really sorry .

    1. Nandana

      It was been my comment

    2. No problem sis

  4. boyyyyyyyy please it would be so cute ur episode is so super oh my gosh so cuteee !!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. could u please tell me ur name on fb.com please if u dont its ok 🙂

    1. Sry I’m not there on fb

  6. Guys thank you so much but girl or boy


    Hey Vaidehi !!!!! I was knewing it was u but still had doubt as anyone can continue the track……and really superb episode….and do u really think me as a good writer ??? I don’t think as I’m not able to post my ff on time…..and u r in 10th na ??? Me too…..and I wanna baby boy……same as Ranveer……..in everything…..but his character should be different….. and yah if u wanna idea then how about there child’s birth as lil compilation as Ishani is not well…I mean some weak…after it Ishani gets faints all scared……and then she becomes normal after few days ??? Its mine point of view as we see in serial always Ishani protects Ranveer…..and Ranveer is in hospital……so it should be balanced…….I don’t think this will be okay as I didn’t elaborated it but if u wanna make track like this then I’ll surely tell u !!!!!!

    1. Vini

      Tysm dhruva where do u stay I mean in which city

      1. I agree with Dhruva her thought of making complications is good track for the ff if u want Vini ?

  8. Nandana


  9. Nandana


  10. Hey sry dr for late comment I am not so good to suggest name so forgive me in that I want the baby to be like ranveer so sry for not suggesting a name so forgive me and I am also in 10th standard so let us be friends and happy friendship day

  11. Vini

    Ya I agree friends

  12. Vini

    Ya I agree friends and then we will have cute naughty girl after a leap what’s say✌?️

    1. Ohh vini

  13. Nice vaidehi I loved your epi..
    Sorry for not responding these days as.i was having exams n was busy
    – Radhika

  14. bhagya(die hard fan of ishveer)

    hai vaidehi pls continue dear u r episode was superb al loyal fans of meri ashiqui wil definately support you dont stop writing the writen updates k

  15. Harisha39


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