Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 18)

The episode starts with Ishani seeking blessings during the baby shower. Amba and Falguni gifts her sarees. Ranveer signs Ishani to come at a corner. Ranveer says I’m just getting bored with these boring functions. Come lets go out for a long drive. Ishani says this is nor for u or me but for baby and they have took a lot of trouble for this. It is not right. Ranveer saddens his face and says okay and leaves. Ishani stops him and says stop blackmailing me. Ranveer asks when did I. Ishani pulls his cheeks and says then why ur making faces. Ranveer says freedom of expression and leaves. Ishani stops him again and asks so at what time we are going? Ranveer gets happy and says after the function ends. Ishani leaves. Ritika panics and shouts where is my baby? She cries. Ishani consoles mad and says don’t panic. They search for ahana everywhere. There Milan enters with her. Ritika scolds him for taking away the baby without informing and says its monsoon season. She may get attacked by germs and mosquitos. Milan asks her to chill and hands over the baby.

Ranveer brings Milan to the corner and says don’t worry bro this happens with everyone. Even Ishani started neglecting me. Milan says I’m feeling like a devdas now. Ritika and Ishani overhears them and laughs. There Ishani collapses. Everyone rush towards her. She faints. Ranveer calls the doctor. Doctor comes and checks her up and says it happens at this stage. Take care of her diet and that’s it and he leaves. Later Ishani Wakes up. Ranveer asks her how’s she feeling. She says I’m fine. Ranveer makes her sit and feeds her food. She eats mad starts coughing and yells what the hell is this! Ranveer says it’s just salad. Ishani says just take this away I don’t want to eat this its so nauseating. Ranveer says no u have to. Ishani runs to the washroom and pretends that she is vomiting. Ranveer goes there and laughs and says stop acting Ishani. Ishani says yakkkk u spoiled my tounge taste I you just do my care for me, Ranveer gets angry and says just now u fainted coz u don’t have ur food on time and nor u eat healthy. So whether u cry grumble I don’t care from now u have u eat fruits boiled veggies salads juices and yogurt! Ishani says I won’t do whatever you want. Ranveer says fine I’m leaving but see u have proved that u can’t do this simple thing for baby. Ishani thinks may be he’s right and goes and presses her nose nstarts having salad. Ranveer removes her video. Ishani says what ru doing stop it. Haven’t seen me eating mad n nor I’m going to die. Ranveer says when when baby will come sure even he/she will throw tantrums then I will show it to him/her. Ishani says come lets go out for long drive. Ranveer denies and says ur not well we will go later u rest right now. Ishani gives cold looks and says okay.

Precap:- guys why don’t ull suggest.this time u say what can be the next sequence plz suggest it down I will write that in the next episode pakka

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    So lovely loved it just awesome ya.

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  3. Hey dr loved it keep it up keep rocking how is ur exams and how r u OK say me how do u want the precap

  4. Yes I’m Vaidehi but i was unable to register wd this name so I wrote my nickname

  5. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    hai vaidehi , do u remember me dear / why r u not com. in naren’s ff dear ?

    1. Hiiii rocky

  6. Hi Vaidehi nice nick name Vini ? the was so sweet and cute it is good going u don’t need any suggestions of others it is good by ur own ? just keep it up ?

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