Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 12)


The episode starts with ishani laughing and saying I’m pregnant with 1 child only. Ranveer sighs with reliefs and hugs her. Amba overheard the conversation and becomes delighted. They inform everyone. Ritika says congratulations ishani now our children will be together in same school same standard. Amba says even marriage in same mandap. Milan says mom first let them come in this world and they laugh. Amba says come lets go for pooja.

They went to the Temple. Ranveer parked the car. Ishani was waiting for him suddenly a car was about to bump ishani but ranveer saves her. She was semiconscious. Ranveer made her sit and gave her water. Ishani says now I’m fine lets go. Then the family does the pooja. Everyone was quite happy and peaceful. There a mystery girl was plotting against ranveer and says now wait and watch ishveer what I do. Her name was Shanaya. She was ……….. I will reveal it soon

Then they return home. Kailash suggest ranveer to join family business. Ranveer says but I have already planned to commence my own business. Kailash says u can merge the company. Ranveer obeys. Ishaani smiles.

Next day ranveer was fast asleep and ishani was trying to wake him up! Finally she was frustrated and threw water on his face. Ranveer wakes up and says r u out of ur find? Ishani says yes because I stay with u infact I was trying to wake u up since 5 minutes. Ranveer says means u have to throw water. Ishaani says why do u argue so much and now I have to take care of our baby too. Ranveer leaves saying u spoiled my day. Ishani gets sad.

Ishani prepares his favourite things for breakfast and mala informs him that he had already left for office. Ishaani gets dishearten. Amba its okay u know nas he is so moody. Ishani says ya but this is not the way he troubles me so much I wish this baby doesn’t go on ranveer by behavior or else handing him or her will take off my life. Amba laughs and says its too exciting to upbring naughty and stubborn kids they fill life with happiness. Just like ranveer. She says now go and rest u work so much in this state too which is not good for u. So she went to sleep

Ishani was sleeping and ranveer came mad sat beside her and she woke up ranveer doesn’t allow her to get up. He kisses her forehead and says sorry for what I did in morning. Ishani tells him and I m very scared and holds his hands and says I don’t know why but definitely not so good. Ranveer says chill baby there no ghost in this house except for u ishani was about to hit him but ranveer was not there she was dreaming

Ishani takes ranveer photo and kisses it and says never leave me and goes to sleep

Precap:—Shanaya to create problems for ishveer and a major fight between ishani and ranveer. 8 months leap where ishani stays at parekh house and flat stomach(i mean no baby)Ranveer is seen as a drunkar.

Credit to: Unknown

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    nice episode shocking precap :O i think either ishani gave birth to baby before like pre mature delivery or she had miscarriage :O and ranveer drunkard :O n yes i m reading all ffs after almost a week was so busy

  2. Guys the precap is not this

  3. lovely ishveer

    Epi was fantastic dear can’t wait for next one plz post it today itself

  4. lovely ishveer

    What is the precap

  5. Nice episode eagerly waiting for the next episode pls update the next soon ?

  6. Harisha39

    loved it superb all the best for your upcoming episodes

  7. Superb

  8. Nandana

    Nice episode waiting for the next episode and what is the precap then ?

  9. Nice episode Dr y this sad precap loved it keep it up how r u

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