Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 11)

The episode starts with ishani coming to the hospital with police and and they ask him for his whereabouts but all in vain. Ishani was extremely tired and was hoping to get him back soon but still no sign of ranveer. His parents too were crestfallen as their son was missing. The police assumed that ranveer too was dead and they didn’t pay heed to this case. There were many people to console ishani but no one to support her in finding him since all assumed that he is no more. Three days past ishani was living with memories of ranveer and was in depression but hats off to her spirit hard work and her strength but fate has written more tragedies in ishveer’s life we will see if soon

Ishaani found some clues finally reached the godown in which he was kidnapped. The guy who kidnapped him was none other than Chirag . at that time ranveer was delighted seeing her but Chirag was more because his mission was successful. Chirag says so finally my ishani has come. Ishani slaps him hard and Chirag fell down. Ishani hits him hard with rod and runs to ranveer whose mouth was covered with cloth hands and legs were tied to the chair. Ishani hugged him and says finally I found you ishani untied the cloth of the mouth and kissed him. Chirag drags her from behind and says ur fine only mine and misbehaves with her. His goons tie her to the pillar later Chirag asks the goons to leave and says I want to spend some private moments. Ranveer fumes in anger but can’t do anything as he was tied. Chirag goes to her and kisses her hands. He says with these hands u hit me right now I will show you what I do we my hands. Ishani cries. Ranveer says u dare touched her I will kill u wd my hands. Chirag says to ishani ignore him and why ur feeling shy u used to love me na baby and he laughs. Ishani says ur right I used to but now I don’t I only love ranveer and not u infact ur not under that category to be loved? Chirag says whatever and he was about to open the zip of her top where ranveer holds his hands drag him towards the candle and burns it ranveer brutally beats Chirag not because he kidnapped him but he misbehaved with his ishani? Ishani calls the police and the police arrests Chirag ishani says there were few goons also the police officer says we already caught them and they leave.

Ishani sighed in relief and hugs ranveer very tightly as if some one is going to snatch him from her and cries cries and cries a lot removing all her pain from her heart. Ranveer wipes the tears and says has ishani but ishani still continues ranveer hugs her and says I know it would be very difficult for u but see how I’m with you and kisses her forehead and says lets go home.
They return home and the family was delighted seeing ranveer back and here ritika was pregnant. There was double celebrations in the house. Amba says today I have arranged mahapooja for peace and prosperity of our family come on be ready we have to go to the temple.

In isheer’s room,
Ishani was again struggling to wear saree where ranveer comes to her ishani says this time u finally teach me to wear the saree. Ranveer says no I won’t or else I will loose this romantic change and a safety pin pricks info his finger and ishani says be careful. Ranveer says yes I have to be careful because a lioness is my wife and I don’t know if she hits me then I will be a paste. Ishaani says u want trial if not then get lost. Ranveer says acha sorry. Ishani says now u get ready mister. Ranveer nods. Ishani says even I have an awesome news that will change our lives. Ranveer asks what. She keeps his hands on her womb and ranveer thinks and shouts what and he says so ur stoamch is aching. Ishaani says nooo! And goes away ranveer hugs her from behind and holds her waist and says I know we soon are going to be 3 right? Ishani says no intact 4 and says ur going to be a papa of 2 children.

Precap:- there was a great time in the family. Later a car was going to bump ishani a mystery man saves her

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