Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 10)

The episode starts with Ranveer leaving from the room. Ishani holds his hands and hugs him and says I will miss u a lot and she gets teary. Ranveer says be happy and say bye or else I won’t be able to go. Ishani gives him a number of instructions like taking medicines on time don’t change the lunch mad dinner time and stay away from girls. Ranveer says u don’t trust me. Ishani says no. Ranveer says okay then after returning to india u will find ur sautan and they laugh. Then he finally leaves and Ishani was sad. Amba consoles her. Ishani says to amba that ma I’m very scared I don’t know why as if something is going to happen. Amba says be positive nothing will happen I know u are not feeling well since ur hubby is not here. they lit the diyas in their house temple and then they Continue with household chores. Ishani feels Ranveer is behind him mad she turns but she said no one was there now she finds Ranveer everywhere . She goes and have rest. 2 hours later…

Milan was watching tv and on news he saw that the flight in which Ranveer boarded is crashed on the runway. He informs the family member about it. Ishani was shattered and her bp was low. They immediately leave for airport and do the enquire. Later they were relieved to hear that Ranveer didn’t board the plane. Ishani thinks so where might be Ranveer.

They search him in the office but he wasn’t there. They call his friends but there was no sign of him.

Ishani panics and She faints. Ritika(Ishani’s sister in law) calls the doctor. Doctor give her medicines and asks her to take ref. Ishani remembers Ranveer’s colleague and calls him but even he was going to board the flight but he after the crash he was injured. Ishani goes to the hospital to meet him and he was shocked to see her with police he thinks how come she know that I’m the culprit behind Ranveer’s missing.

Precap:- the goons stab Ranveer

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  1. Again marvelous epi update……ur story is fantastic……but pls don’t separate our ISHVEER pls

  2. Superb episode dear it was just fantastic waiting for the next ?

  3. True feelings of #Love <33 love it di

  4. Nandana

    Nice episode dear but who is that collegeu and what he needs .

  5. oh dr loved it keep it up keep rocking waiting for the next epi …. how r u

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