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Thankyouuu Thankyouuu Thankyou sooo much to all the lovely? peeps who commented??? sorry sorry sorry for being late & for not replying to your comments!

Note : lucky is calling the girl his dream girl simply? after meeting her he is only thinking and dreaming about her so he called dream girl.Hope confusions are cleared !

So let’s begin:

Hearing the sound of car pari peeped through the windows to find her pyaara devar sanskar! Within no minutes pari screamed her lungs out in happiness and excitement “ sanskar has come” .
Sharmista signalled the girl.

Laksh POV
I was in pling mode untill bhabhi screached “sanskar has come” while peeping through the window behind!!…..I don’t know wheather to laugh? or cry?….sirf meri life mein kyun comedy aur tragedy ek saath aathi hei! Comedy yeh hei ki sanku monkey ladki dekhne chale aghaay and tragedy yeh ki ladki aur koyi nehi meri dream girl hei….hahhahh..muganboo khush hua hogha….and he had his cute puppy face???

Sanskar entered gm and walked towards his family in full swag …gadodias & maheshweris were happy to see him there.With his stern charming face and perfect muscular body he was heating up gm? ..suddenly he dashed with a girl and within seconds she was in his arms,both have a eyelock. It was like both belong their, on each others embrace.They were lost in each others eyes. All were happy seeing duo like this expect lucky who got confused after examining the girl on sanskar arms and shocked finding his dream girl standing behind her dadi with naughty smriked on her face looking at the scenario.
Lucky was scratching his head like a maniac hell confused murmuring “ yeh kaun hei?” looking at the girl on sanskar arms!

Lucky then called pari who was busy in taking pics of the couple and doing their photoshoot without their knowledge!
Lucky : pari babe!
Pari glared at him
Lucky : I mean pari bhabhi ??
Pari : kyaa hei laksh?
Lucky : Yeh ladki kaun ? He asked pointing to the girl on sanskar arms.

Pari : Teri hone wali bhabhi!!

Lucky : kyaa???? He said while cupping his mouth and widening his eyes in happiness ,it was like some one gave him his life back!!!…everyone was laughing seeing his reaction.
Pari : haan

Lucky : aur Voo ladki kaun hei? He said while pointing to his dream girl who was standing beside her dadi …his heart beat was rising…he stopped breathing…he could see his bhabhi opening her mouth to answer…its happening in a just micro seconds but for him it seems hour.. Everything is happening like a slow motion picture.. He is curious,eager and is dieing to know…finally pari replied.

Pari : Teri bhai ki hone waali saali???
Hearing this Lucky’s happiness crossed boundaries….he engulfed pari in a bone crushing hug and even kissed his monster father who is standing beside on his bald head…making everyone’s jaw drop!

Ap : isse kyaa hoghaya?
Adarsh : haan maa aaj inn dhonoom mein itna romance …ap and adarsh said looking at dp & laksh ….

Gadodias were happy seeing maheshwari family bond.
Laksh in mind ,iss ladki ko tho pattake rahungha …so my dream girl get ready to be Mrs. Laksh maheshwari…he thought with a wink and a little blush!?? …his thoughts were broken by dp who is glaring at him??

Shekhar : agar sab photographers ,ijazaat dhe thoo ,yeh dhoonom ko bullavu from their dream world??
Everyone giggled and cleared their throat together : Ehemm Ehemmm!!
But no use…dp and shekhar looked at each other and in unison
Dp : sanskar!!!
Shekhar : swara!

Swasan came out from their dream world and looked at their dads..and found everyone giggling at them,later the duo realized that swara was still in sanskar’s arms…they look at each other embarrassed …swara signalled sanskar to leave her but he didn’t understand ..she again signalled through her eyes but he didn’t understand, fed up with him swara said…
Swara : oyye manna Buddhi leave me??
Sanskar boiled in anger ,no girl dared to speak to him like that but this girl ..urghh thought sanskar..
Sanskar left her immediately and swara found herself on ground..sanskar walk up to the couch leaving a smrik to swara ,whose mouth open in a wide ‘O’ seeing his attitude…

Everyone looked at them with shocked face…shekhar ,dadi & sharmista realized this is the guy who could handle their shaitaan!

Laksh heard an angelic voice which brought the effect of cool breeze on his body “ shona tu teek hai naa” its his dream girl???

Swara : haan laado!
And looked at her sissy who was trying hard to control her laughter…swara showed her fake anger!

Swara : mera haddi toot ghayi aur tuje hasi aa rahe hei she said showing fake anger!
Areh kyaa nazrana tha…haaye haaye…jiju ne toh aathe hi tera waat laghaya…she said laughing !!… Main unkha haaye re jabra
Hoye re jabra fan hogha ya She said excitedly looking at sanskar!
Swara gave her a pout!

But one person was standing their with only one word echoing in his mind,heart and soul “ laado” ….laado such a cute name??…just like her he thought and looked at her who was smiling at swara …an unknown smile curved his lips seeing her smiling…he looked at her dreamily!

Ap : beta ,laghi toh nehi naa?
Nehi aunty ,mein teek hoon ,she said while giving death glares to sanskar simultaneously, but he was giving no heed to her which irked her!

Dp : sanskar ,yeah kya batameezi hei ? Dp yelled at sanskar who know turned to a lamb from a lion!
Sanskar : Voo..oooo…sanskar said lil stammering
Dp : kya Vo Vo ,maafi manghoo swara se he said strictly

Swara : its OK uncle ,he don’t want to say sorry it OK ,I will forgive him…she said full on drama mode and smriked at sanskar whose mouth is wide opened seeing the innocent devil in front of him!

Sanskar looked at lucky helplessly and lucky gave him a best of luck with a smrik
Sanskar gave him a you too brutas wala look to which lucky smiled sheepishly…..

Gadodia who very well know their shona smiled seeing her antics and kept mum as they wanna enjoy the scene…

Sanskar : sorry!
Swara : kuch bola apne?
Sanskar in a heavy voice yelled : Sorry!
Swara smiled widely,she had a kind of satisfaction in herself and sanskar for a minute forgot his ego and was lost in her angelic smile

Sorry for this epi if its boring as I planned it last moment ,I thought something sort of love triangle earlier now changed as majority wants Raglak & swasan… and prepacp also not decided?? …and will get Raglak scenes from next chappy !

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