Tu Ek kwaab saa shot-1

I could only see her eyes, which itself made my heart skip a beat. She was in my arms and I was lost in her chocolate brown eyes .She came to sense early and pulled herself out from me which brought me back to reality, now I could see about a hundred pair of eyes glaring at us, as we were almost at the middle of the market and are surrounded by people . Now she gently said Thank you to me….I was on cloud nine and smiled at her like a idiot…urghhh I hate myself for that! Why it always happen with me ,why I behave like an idiot. She was going …I don’t know what to do! I wanna stop her ,but how? On top of that many people were looking at us. I wish I could see her face atleast ,I know she will be a fairy, I started praying to God that her duppatta move out from her face, but nothing like that happened she moved away from my sight and I looked at her disappearing from my sight .I felt really bad as if someone close to my heart is moving away from me…what the heck?why do I want to stop her? She is a stranger whom I helped from falling.I met her just 5 minutes ago! Why do I feel I have a connection with her . I was standing there like that and scratching my head and thinking,what has happened to me .

suddenly i heard my dad yelling at me at the top of his voice from behind ” LAKSH” .I turned back shivering hehee nothing like that but I was a bit scared ?. I hope mom saves me from this monster…as expected my angel came and saved me and got all the scolding meant for me. I could see adarsh bhai looking at me with yeh nehi sudharekha wala look and bhabhi laughing at my state…what could I do other than showing puppy face?.After giving a long lecture to mom ,dad approached me,I thought I ‘m dead but luckily he pulled me to car and asked adharsh bhai to get the sweets saying Iss nalayak se kuch nehi hogha…I kept my head down …maa defended me by saying “Voo baccha hei ” but papa shot back ” yaa 23 year old wala baccha” and shook his head in disbelief.I kept mum with pout face and maa cariessed my hair lovingly??….I opened my eyes as I came out from my thoughts, remembering the incidents that took place a 10 minute ago….

Adarsh : papa ,we will reach there in 15 minutes. Will he come?
Papa with a stern face looked at me I again closed my eyes as if I heard nothing!
Dp : laksh!!….laksh!!!
laksh : jii papa.
Dp : when will he reach?

laksh : Voo….

Laksh POV

Kahaan phas ghayi tu lucky ,areh jin ke liye ladki dekhne chale hei, Voo hi nehi hei….papa ko kya bolungha? aghar papa ko patha chalenga ki bhai nehi ayegha mera kya hogha?

Dp : Tu phirse so ghaye kya?
Laksh gave him a irritated look
Laksh : nehi !
Adarsh : papa agar sanskar nehi aagayi toh?
Dp : agar Voo nehi aaye toh iss nalayak ko uss ladki se shaadhi karna padegha..
laksh’s mouth was wide open …
laksh : par mein baccha hoon…he said with a worried face ..even though he don’t like to be called baccha
Pari and adarsh were controlling their laughter and was enjoying the scene.
.Dp signaled Ap
Ap : haan jii aap sahi kah rahe hei
laksh : maa aap bhi he said with a pout face
Laksh in mind : tera kya hogha lucky…mera dream girl ??usse teek se dekha bhi nehi meine …meri love story shuru hone se pehle khatam hoghayi nehi!!

laksh : adarsh bhai stop the car !
Pari : kya hua lucky?
Laksh showed his little finger
Pati smiled at him .
Adarsh : Tu bhi naa
laksh : bhai urgent hei, maa mein control nehi kar paungha,bhai se bolona ghaadi stop karne keliye and started his drama…

Ap : areh adarsh ghaadi rokhoo

Dp :come fast he said in a cold voice.
Laksh : Voo,mujhe time laghegha !
Dp looked at him in disbelief??
Laksh gave him a idiotic look and came out of the car and dialed sanskars number.
After laksh left dp,ap pari & adarsh started laughing …
Sanskar : haan lucky
Laksh : bhaiyu ….and he started crying.
Sanskar : areh abh kya hua ?
Laksh : bhaiyu mein suicide karne jaa raha hoon.

Sanskar : areh lucky,baccha kya hua…he got tensed
Laksh : mera chodo bhaiyu,mein bohot jald suicide karungha uss ke badh ,meri saari girl friends ka kya hogha ,unhe kaun sambalenga? …he said dramatically
Sanskar : ooye dramebaaz ,zeede zeede bol kya baat hei.
Laksh : mera shaadhi hone wala hei,apko invite karne keliye phone kiya hei!..

Sanskar : kyaa bakwaas hei!!!areh yaar lucky ,don’t kill my patience??? bolo na kya baath hei,veise tum logh koyi ladki ko dekhne jaa raha tha na? tum ne kaam kiya na? Iss proposal bhi flop kiya naa?bol na lucky.

laksh : bhaiyu?????….he again started crying making sanskar more irritated.

Sanskar : ooye good for nothing creature , sirf rauthe hi rahoghe ya kuch bologhe ? mujhe office mein bohot saare kaam hei…

Laksh : apko kaam ki padi hei ,mein yahaan monster aur shaadhi ki beech phas ghaay hoon!
Sanskar : papa aur shaadhi?
Laksh : areh bhai agar aap uss ladki ko dekhne nehi aaghaay , papa mere shaadhi uss se karvadoghe….and he started crying????…
Sanskar was shocked…

Sanskar : okk lucky
Laksh : toh aap aavoghe bhaiyaa
Sanskar : mera mathlab hei ,Happy married life bro???!
Laksh ‘s mouth was wide open
Sanskar : tu shaadhi kar ke aaja? meri aashirvaadh Sadha tumhare saath hei??
Laksh : tu mera bhai ya mera mauth?
Sanskar : laksh!! he shouted
Laksh : sorry bhaiyaa?? Voo toh meine dialogue mar rahaa tha…aap naaraz hoghay kya?
Sanskar remained mum.
Laksh : areh meri Jaan ,meri dilruba maaf kardho ,iss bechare romeo ko?
Sanskar smiled a bit.

Sanskar : hmmm
Suddenly laksh heard hone of the car and he get tensed.
Laksh : bhai ,aap plzz aajao…plzzz plzz plzz plzz bhai, mein aapki pyaara sa chotu sa bhai hoon naa ,mere liye aajavo???.
Sanskar : teek hei lucky ,mein aavungha,tu tension mat le ,aur haan kuch idea soch ,iss proposal flop karne ka!
Laksh : okk , mein aapko us ladki ki ghar ka address message kardunghi.
Sanskar : okk ,bye baccha
Laksh: ???bhaiyaaa
Sanskar : phone rakh bandar??

In the car:
Pari : I think hamara plan work out hogha
Adarsh : 100% successful hogha
Dp : pehli baar laksh ke kaaran kuch accha hogha
Ap : areh vo hamesha accha kaam hi kartha hoon.
Dp : aapne ne bighada hei usse
Adarsh : maa !! Papa!! Phirse shuru math hojaa?… lo lucky aaghayi

They reached Gadodia mansion :
Shekhar gadodia and his wife sharmista gadodia and his mother parvati gadodia welcomed them.
Maheswaris were seated around the medium sized table in a soft & comfortable couch .dp ,ap,adarsh ,pari were chit chatting with them and our lucky was getting bored and was thinking about idea to flop the marriage.They all were waiting for sanskar’s arrival ,dp was getting tension as time passes ,he is giving death glares to lucky.

Parvati signaled sharmista to bring snacks .after sometime a girl is shown coming towards the table with a tray of snacks…laksh who was lost in thought was disturbed by the sound of payal…and he looked up and found an angel in front of him she was keeping the tray on the table….she also looked at him and was surprised….and when his eyes met her eyes…time stopped for him,his heart skipped a beat again…he was happy ,excited and was having a shiver over his body. The eyes of the girl whom he met in the market was continuously flashing on his mind .He realized that the eyes of the girl now in front of him and the girl he met at the market are same. Then he examined her cloth,she was wearing a yellow salvar …and he remembered the dress of his dream girl …she was also wearing the same dress,only thing is she had covered her face with hee duppatta…that means this girl is my dream girl laksh yelled to himself in his mind.suddenly reality strike him that his dream girl may be his“ bhabhi to be” ….ootherii ???

Laksh’s POV :
Nehii i???? …yeh kyaa kayamat hei???…bhai will also come now?? what will I do? My dream girl will become my bhabhi chii chii…lucky kuch bhi karke tumhe yeah proposal flop karna hogha…areh papa ne toh mujhe track clear kar ke diya tha…mujhe kya patha tha vo ladki meri dream girl hoghi??…..sochho …sochoo …sochhoo…lucky…hope bhai has some dhink- chink flop idea.

Meanwhile the girl is standing near to her mom and is continuously looking at laksh
sanskar is shown coming out of the car in front the gadodia mansion.He is walking towards the mansion .

PRECAP : sanskar entering gm and dashing with girl and within seconds she was in his arms,both have a eyelock, every one happy seeing them so close ..expect lucky who is shocked and confused!

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