Tu Ek kwaab saa short-3

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Hai peeps??Liya here! Thankyou every one for your love and support???.This is a light hearted story written just to make all you beautiful girls smile …so keep smiling and enjoy reading!

Sanskar who was lost in swara’s smile came back to sense hearing dadi’s words which give him a mini heart attack!
Dadi : durgra prasad jii,thoo rishta pakka samjhu!
Ap and dp smiled looking at each other.
Dp : we are happy to have a bahu like swara
Shekhar : and we are lucky to have a son’law like sanskar
Both dp and shekhar hugged each other..and was chit chatting!

Sanlak are sitting on the couch shocked.swaragini looked at each other swara’s face turned pale,rags was sad seeing her like that .ragini is happy with her sister’s alliance but swara is not..

Sanskar : lucky tera bhai ko bachalee,varna mujhe uss bandaariya se shaadhi karna padegha!
Laksh :baandariya kaun?
Sanskar :voo ladki
Laksh :kaun ?swara bhabhi !!
Sanskar glared at him
Laksh :mera matlab hei swara baby and winked at him
Sanskar looked at in disbelief and said “maazakh chod kuch idea soch!”
Lucky : Bhai lagta hei meri brain mein network problem hei,no Idea ….he said while scratching his head!
Sanskar hit lucky’s head :lucky network problem nehi ,manufacturing problem hei
Lucky pouted cutely and sanskar could do nothing else than smiling looking at his baby brother….their convo was broken when they heard a voice

Ragu : baba! She said determined
Every body looked at her especially swara and Lucky’s eyes were glued on her.
Shekhar : haa beta ,kya baat hei
Ragu :”Voo baba actually baat kya hei ki”she then thought about the after effects if she tried to stop the alliance,she imagined dadi hitting her with frying pan,she gulped in fear and said in one breath… “shona ko aap se kuch kehna”….pheww..she sighed in relief!
Now everyone turned to swara and swara was glaring at ragini …sanlak was to curious to know what she gonna speak,

swara POV:
kahan phasa diya mujhe ,tu chipkali??mein kyaa bolungha?? Why she is signalling me to tell? I think she wants me to tell that I am not interested in this marriage! Hmmm,yehi sahi Mokha hei,maheshwari’s bhi yahaan hei,baath paki haune se pehle kehna hi teek hei swara, varna tumhe uss manna budhhi se shaadhi karna padegha!

Swara : baba mujhe shaadhi nehi karni hei!
Sanskar was jumping in happiness ,sanlak and swaragini were expecting an explosion from their parents but they were calm and composed as if nothing happened !They waited for sometime
Sanskar got irritated by their behaviour stood up and said
Sanskar : aap Sab chup kyun hei? Vo mujhse shaadhi karna nehi chahthe hei so yeah shaadhi nehi hoghi let’s leave!

Dp and shekhar looked at each other and said in unison: yeh shaadhi hoghi!
Swaragini and sanlak look at them in shock!
Swaragini and sanlakunision : kyaa?
Shekhar : swara as a father I think I have fullfilled all my responsibilities till now ,I have given you more than enough time and right to choose a life partner for yourself but you didn’t show up! Now its my turn beta an you have to listen because you have no other choice……you have also a younger sister ,don’t forget that!

Swara : but baba..
Shekhar : no buts and vuts
Dp : yes ,you both don’t have any solid reason to deny this marriages….
Ap : you two don’t want to took up responsibility and leave up your independent life..and that’s why you are running away from marriages
Sharmishta : but now no more running,planning and plotting cause it won’t work!
Dp smiled : yes and this time its us who have done planning and plotting
And all the elders smiled!
Sanlak and swaragini’s mouth were wide open .
Lucky : like son like father!
Sanskar : kyaa?
Lucky : arehh bhai ,papa tho zeede mujh pe ghayaa hei,he said with a smrik!!planning and plotting an all ,mujhe laga jaisa unkha head ke uppar kuch nehi hei ,andhar bhi kuch nehi hogha…
Sanskar looked at shocked!
Lucky : bhaiyaa …joke thaa
Sanskar : Thanks for telling???
Lucky smiled at him” welcome bhaiyaa”

swaragini went to their room after hearing their parents talks,its about 12:00 pm so shekhar requested maheshwari’s to have lunch with them and they compiled!
swaragini room:
swara was roaming to and fro like a pendulum in the room and ragini was busy taking selfies!
Swara :abh mein kya karu?
laadoo: shaadhi karo
Swara glared at her
Swara :raguuuu!!!
Ragini pulled her cheek and said: chill pill shona, itna higper mat hua kar, atleast apna umar ka tho rihaaz kar meri buddi behen
Swara :Badi behen hoon teri buddi nehi!
Ragini :badi hoon isliye buddi bula rahi hun and giggeled at her…………buddi ….buddi…. budddi ….and showed her tongue
Swara :Chipkalii!!!
Dadi:areh phirse shuru hoghay dhonoom,shona tu jaa ke sanskar aur uska bhai ko bhula lunch keliye,vo dhonnom garden mei hei!
Swara: mein kyu? Chipkali se kahonna! ,aap hamesha saara kaam mujhse karvate hau…….she said complaiing
Dadi :kyunki vo choti hei aur tu buddi
Both ragu and dadi burst out laughing and give hifi to each other
Swara :dadi aap bhi
Ragini hugged dadi and give a peck on her check: meri rockstar dadi.
Dadi :mera guddiyaa…
Swara :meri dida ko aane dho phir dekthi hoon dhonnom ko…….she said fuming.
Dadi and ragu showed their tongue to her
Dadi :shona jaldi bulake aa apni hone wali pati ko
Hearing this swara’s face turnred pale and ragini assured dadi she will manage,dadi left.
Ragini :areh dadi frying pan lekhe aane se pehle jaake bula unhe!
Swara :tu bhi aana mere saath
Ragini :kyun? Sharamaghay kya? She said raising her eyebrows
Swara hitted her head
Ragini :bandaariya!! and pouted
swara dragged her out of the house to the garden

In Garden :

Sanskar was keeping on telling he don’t wanna marry ,I hate that baandariyaa…and he is keep on blabbering the same thing,but our lucky boy was lost in some other world doesn’t hear anything and sanskar who was standing with his back facing lucky doesn’t notice it too….lucky was enjoying the aroma of the garden,the quirky wind which gives him goose bumps and the blossoming flowers which reminds him of his dream girl…its for the first time he is enjoying the beauty of nature…every thing is new for him…he find a change in him…and mainly he can’t stop smiling while thinking about her….every time he close his eyes he could see her angelic face,its like she got inscribed in his heart ,soul and mind! He never felt this for anyone…!….suddenly his heart beat starts rising…he is getting restless….

Ragini POV

Shona was literally dragging me to garden to call that MM brothers , when I stepped in to the garden my eyes caught two muscular figure with their back facing us, I quickly identified him from the two! I heard pari dii calling him lucky ,may be its his nick name …its cute though!ohh goshhh why I am soo excited to meet this guy!! I can’t believe it I am gonna speak to him in seconds…..will he recognize me? He seems surprised when he saw me!!offo why I am giving importance to a this lucky soo much!!

POV end

Laksh feeling restless turned back and his eyes struck to her itself …his smile became broder seeing her…..ragini also felt his gaze on him ,now he fully turned back and faced them ,sanskar was facing his back so he didn’t notice them ….swara was in tension of marriage and is feeling little awkward to face sanskar ,she was in her on thoughts she doesn’t notice ragini….ragini was smiling ?,she don’t know why !Ragini is also staring at lucky!
Ragini in her mind : hmmm munda hot hei!!
Lucky in his mind : ohh freak!! Is she checking me out????!! He looked at her suspiciously?!
Ragini in her mind : ohh shit!! Usse pata toh nehi chal ghayi and her cheeks turns red in embarrassment????
Laksh in his mind : OMG!!! Sharma ghay , toh pakka check out kar raha tha????? and he give her smrik!
Ragini was shocked by his gesture but controlled herself and thought in mind : sirf hot hi nehi naughty bhi hei!?…she got little shy for the first ever in her life and looks away from him!
Laksh was smiling inside seeing her state and thought : oh god she is driving me crazy!
Swara and ragini walks towards sanlak, ragini is trying to avoid eye contact with lucky .. But once again their eyes meet and the time stops here for them…??? the song plays in bg ;

O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitara
O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Main tera ho jaun
Jo tu karde ishara
Kahi kisi bhi gali mein jaaun main
Teri khushbu se takraun main
Har raat jo aata hai mujhe
Woh khwab tu……( swaragini now were standing in front of sanlak ,with Raglak facing each other and having a cute eyelock)

Sanskar was still standing facing his back on swaragini,he didn’t know that they are standing behind them
Sanskar : areh lucky ,mujhe is baandariya se shaadhi nehi karni ! Vo ladki hei ya chudail?? dikhne mein tho maasoom hei par kaam tho bhoothni ka hei??baandriya kayiki??…saying this he turned to laksh who is dumbstruck
Sanskar with isse kya hogha ya look turned and to his disbelief he found his worst night mare standing in front of him fuming in anger and to her left side he found a girl smriking at him indicating your dead boy …he turned to his baby bro who looks at him helplessly

Maaf kardo for a over lengthy part?? and for no precap as I didn’t plan yet! mein ek maasoom sa nani si jaan hoon jo kerala mein rah rahi hoon ,so sorry for grammer mistakes in hindi?
Swaragini fans??hope you like Raglak part??sorry 4 no swasan ??today !

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