Tu chahe jaha jaaye… TU LAUT KE AAYEGA.. prologue by Neptune..

hellllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooo guys.. this is neptune back with a ts or maybe an ss again.. i had this idea in my mind since a long time..

but i didn’t have enough time to post this story.. well am noy having time now also so just though to post the prologue and ask all of you whether you people are interested to read this story or not…

so without wasting any further time.. lets start with the prologue…

Doklam, indo-china border…

october, 2017…

the war is just going to be started… hustle bustle going on everywhere…

The sand flying with the high speed wind.. the sun is hiding behind the clouds..

Seems like a storm is going to come…
But is this storm going to come only in this place or in somebody’s life as well…

In a tent we can see an army officer making the plan of today’s war..

We can see so much of determination and love for the country in that person’s eyes…

Suddenly the person is called for the war…

Only pne though is running in that person’s mind…

‘aaj mein Mar bhi jaau to kya.. meri maa ka sir hamesha Garv se uncha hoga… is desh ke kan kan me.. har Jan ke man me sirf meri maa ke liye pyaar aur samaan hoga.. mera ye balidan bekaar nahi jaayega … kabhi bhi nahi… ‘

‘ if I today then also I have no complaints… my mother’s head will always be high with pride… in each n every person’s heart and mind there will be request and love for my mother.. my sacrifice will not go waste …. never…’

They was constantly a soft smile on that person’s face a great determination in eyes…

Mera Bharat mahaan….  my India is great and it is the best…

Huff… guys I know the prologue wasn’t that appealing but am sure that you people will love the story..

Please please try it once…
It shows the love of people for their country..

No offense against any other country…

Guys one important question… please don’t ignore….

Actually I want to spread awareness for this concept more n more n I know other couple fans will not read swasan story..

So please can you people suggest me some other couples name on whom I can write???

Meet you all in the next part.. till then bubye….
Love you all..

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  1. Nita D

    Hey dear, I would love to read it….u can make up any two characters if u don’t want to take a couple from any one show..

    1. Neptune

      Thanks a lot for your sweet comment… and I get the feeling of the story and connection only n only when I write on SWASAN…

      I just wanted to spread awareness and raise people’s love for their country… that’s why I asked about any other pair…

      Once again thank you so much for commenting…

      1. Nita D

        Okay then I have a idea.
        First u write the story with swasan and then in Microsoft word, there is a feature of REPLACE.
        You can replace swara with female character name and sanskar with male character name…

        I don’t have any problem with swasan, was just a suggestion

  2. Mars

    Nepuuuu your thought is?????
    And for the thoughts of that person???????????????
    It’s seems really different as its about one”s country???
    I will love to read it in swasan version??????
    And about other couple well I really don’t know as my thoughts always stop at swasan??? but you can try on ishqbaaz any couple u wish to.
    Continue soon
    Take care?????

    1. Neptune

      Hey marsu thank you soooooooooooo much for appreciation.. and if course the main will be SWASAN version only..

      Cause I don’t get connected to the story and get the real feel of the story unless n until it is on SWASAN…

      But because I want to spread awareness and awake love for country I want it to reach maximum people….

      So if you can please suggest some couple name.. as I don’t love any other couple then SWASAN

  3. Samaira_khan

    Helloooooooooo nepuu dear.. This is really interesting! Your idea is fantastic lobed it.. I’m really proud tht ur writing something related to the patriotism.. Hats off!! ??..
    For sure the boy is Sanskar.. I’m really eager to read what’s going to happen next.. I just hope it’s something not tht sad ending or like tht.. So I guess the main couple will be our Swasan! And abt other couple I have many favorites in my list so if u like u can add them.. As their fan population is also too high.. So many readers would read..
    1. Shivaay Anika from ishqbaaz(shivika)
    2.twinj tht is twinkle and kunj from the show tashan e ishq.. The fans here r also too much.. So it would be gud..
    And one more is kaanchi I’m sure u would know abt them as almost everytime when I open tu.. I find their fan fictions..
    It’s kaanchi from the show savitri devi.. Kabir and saanchi.. Actually veer and saanchi is also there… But kaanchi has more fans as compared to veer and saanchi..
    All the best for this as this is not only going to be swasan.. So nepu I want to tell one more thing also if ur main focus is on swasan then firstly mention cause the fans of other couples bashing would start!!
    Love u loads Eagerly waiting
    Proud to be an INDIAN!!
    Take care..

    1. Neptune

      Hey samu dear.. thanks a lot for your sweet comment… am so so glad that you liked the concept..

      And dear I guess you misinterpreted it.. actually the couple of the story is SWASAN only..

      Am saying that I will change the names and write it in other versions too as I want this concept to be spread more n more…

      Thank you so much for suggesting the names of the couples..

      Hmm shivika and twinj are good.. and yeah I know about kaanchi too..

      Thanks a lot for your concern and your great help dear..

      Love you loads.. and yeah always proud to be an INDIAN…

      1. Samaira_khan

        Helloooooooooo nepuu once again! Umm sorry I thought tht ur going to write swasan and other pairs together!! So sorry for tht..

  4. Hey neptune dr such a gud thought u hv lvd d cncept n ur feelings n yes u can write shivika or twinj version ofcource i will rd swasan version only but if wnt i m just suggesting d names hope u dnt mind keep smiling dr

    1. Neptune

      Aww thank you so much parul dear.. such a sweet comment it is..

      And yeah thanks for suggesting the pairs.. I would surely write on them.. and yeah even what am going to write will be on SWASAN only..

      I will just replace the names so that maximum people can awaken their love for the country…. love you loads dear.. ???????

  5. AnuAnn

    Nepuu.. it is actually an excellent concept…will love to read it with maa swasan.. u know naa I’m not able to read on any other couple

  6. awesome concept

  7. interesting concept..continue it plz..

  8. Continue……

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