Tu Ashiqui – Charcter sketch +chapter 1

  1. Characters:
    Omkara singh oberoi:
    Omkara Singh oberoi ,even his name is more than enough to bring smile on billion of faces..
    His charm well let’s not discuss about it because his one look is enough for a lady to faint ??
    He is a man who owns millions in a week but ya ATTITUDE problem (sometimes)
    Artist Kara, as well as gr8 business man

2.Gauri kumari Sarma ?:
Sweet, beautiful, bubbly, Epitome of cuteness.
Helping others is like her hobby. But she is very spunky ??

She is just like shown in the serial and ya From bareily
(she is annikas lost sister but doesn’t know)

Other characters r same as in serial i.e Annika ,shivaye, Rudy
Story starts from omkara travelling to Bariely for business purpose but what  happens when he comes across Dabang Chirrraiya GAURI KUMARI SARMA!?


Chapter 1:

A Beautiful sunny Morning,

A huge black BMV, starting towards the Monstrously large Oberoi Mansion standing with enormous gardens.In their Driveways stand only the last the latest and most Expensive vehicles..

Now, Meet Omkara Singh Oberoi coming out of the Black BMW,the most Egoistic, good looking and a very famous successful business man, he lives the high life that someone can only dream of….along with him was his brother Shivaye Singh Oberoi.

Shivaye : om u have to leave for bariely right now..along with meeting u know u have to find HER!!
Om : but sirf aik picture se kesay !?
Shivaye : I know u can do this.. Afterall we r The Oberois ?✌he said doing his signature step

Om smiles hugs him and leave for bariely…

On the other Side
Meet our Dabbang Gauri kumari Sarma, being a Salman Fan wearing black glasses..eating golgappas in her signature style at a small stall in Bariely…

What will happen when the world’s of Gauri and Omkara collide ,it can either be a DISASTER  or a MIRACLE.

FOLLOW Gauris adventure of falling in love, Getting heart broken and learning a lesson that explains that there is more to life than she has ever imagined

I hope u guys would like this story.do tell ur thoughts in comment section 🙂

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