Tu Ashiqui – Chap 2

Om was travelling to
bariely ND ya for a secret mission of finding her ?…so onto the story…om was driving when he got a call, he attended it but lost control over the car and #BOOM, he hit someone ?
Om : O SHIT !!!, he said while coming out of the car..

He saw a girl in her twenties,picking up the vegetables that had been fallen all over cuz of him 
But luckily no-one got hurt at least,he thought

Om : Excuse me, aap theek toh Ho?

Gauri : kya theek ho!? Bout dhoop hai na aaj Jo ae Kala chashma laga kr ghari chala rahey ho..han!!! Sari sabjian gira deen..pooray sou (100) rupay ka nuksan kra diya!!, she said angrily while picking up the vegetables..

Om : deekhiya Mai apko paisay–
Gauri : Bas Bas koi jarurat Nahi…ab deekh kya rahey ho..uthao bachay kuchay tamatar..jaldi say, she said angrily ?

Om like an obedient person started to pick them up ?

Gauri : kuch tamatar toh gari K neechay chalay Gaye ?

Om : deekhiye Mai apko pooray paisay de deta houn, he said while picking up the vegetables
Gauri : Nahi!! Tum jaison ki akar isi tarah nikalni chahiye..?…Neechay jhuko..maine kaha neechay jhuko..aur saari sabjian utha kr do

Om bent and laid onto the ground picking up the vegetables below the car while Gauri smiled slightly seeing him like that

Om bent and laid onto the ground picking up the vegetables below the car while Gauri smiled slightly seeing him like that..

Om bent and laid onto the ground picking up the vegetables below the car while Gauri smiled slightly seeing him like that

Gauri : ye sab kharab ho chukay hai..rehnay do

And she left from there leavig angrykara behind.

As Gauri left om stands up having some vegetables in his hands, he throws them angrily making them squeeze

Om :  what does this girl think of herself!?  No one dared to speak like that to Me..omkara Singh Oberoi

And suddenly oms phone rings..he rolls his eyes seeing the caller ID 
Rudy ‘ he says annoyed

Om : han Rudy bol !! Kya kaam hai tujhe gn

Rudy : O boht Bari problem ho gai hai, he said in a worried tone

Om :  kya huwa Rudy..sab teek hain na…?

Rudy : wo actually O mera protien powder khatam ho gaya ? plz tu —

And that was it..om cut off the call realizing rudras stupidity

Om : kya hoga iss larke ka ??

Next Day :
Om went to orphanage due to the mission of finding Annikas sister..yes annika waszn’t feeling well from past 3 days she’s just chanting about her lil sis she lost..and shivaye who was not able to see annika in such a condition sent om to find her…Although he knew nothing about her, but was adamant to find her for the sake of his Brother and Bhabhi ?

Om was standing near the orphanage talking on phone

Om : deekhiya mujhe jald se jald saari reports chahiye..Every single Child who has been adopted from this orphanage..do u get that!!!  He said loudly and angrily

Gauri was passing by when she slipped due to water spilled all over the floor but before she could fall omkara hold her while she closed her eyes

Gauri pov :
As I opened my eyes I look up into the agitated brown eyes of the most breathtakingly gorgeous guy I ever had a pleasure to looking at..he was tall with broad shoulders and a scowl plastered on his face

Om made her stand, he was already on his anger mode and Gauri just added fuel to it as his files were spilled all over the floor

Om : Like seriously,  is ur brain not able to communicate to ur legs where u can and can’t walk? If you didn’t notice there was a person standing in front of u, he antagonizes ?

As he stands up and look towards Gauri who was trying hard to control her anger but then last nights incident flashed his mind

Om : Tum wahi ho na kal raat wali…oo Ab mai samja u want money right Issi liya mera peecha krte yahan tak aa gai…u just wait

And he took out bundle of money and threw it on her face and started to go 
Gauri Pov :
Now this guy is really pissing me off…i really want to put him in his place..who does he thinks he is..

Unable to contain myself, I slowly turned and walked back to him, looking straight into his brown eyes with my narrowed Hazel ones..

He bends down to match my full 5’5 height, and looks straight into my eyes, talking as if he was talking to a mentally disabled monkey..

Om : do you need me to draw u a map of how to get out of my face!? 

Gauri : No thank you, I said calmly.”But I can draw you a map, so when I tell you to go to hell..u’ll know exactly where to go ??
And listen u jerk…get out of my face cuz ur breath stinks from all the crap u spew out of ur mouth ??
And here is ur money, u jerk

She throws the bundle of money straight onto his face

I hear everyone standing with him probably his friend or something taking an audible inhale and stopped breathing as they absorb what I said to this jerk 
By the stunned look of this jerk and the people I assume no one dared to talk to him like that ?

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