Tu Adat Si Ban Gayi(Epi- 3)


Um back wid my nxt part.. Here r the links of previous epi..s
Episode 1
Episode 2

Shravan is holding sumo. He makes her lie on bed and calls preeti and tells her everything.
Scene changes 2 Mehta Palace.
Shraman and preeti reach at Mehta Palace.
Shravan: Preeti, at first u go & check if there’s any1 in the hall.
Preeti goes 2 check.. Shravan sees sum. He can’t but admire her. She is looking very cute in that sleeping condition. Aftter sumtime Preeti cums.
Preeti: Shravan, no one is at the hall. And I guess mamma- papa have already slept.
Shravan then takes sumo out of the car and lifts her up in his arms. He takes sumo to her rum and makes her lie on bed. While leaving he noticed that sumo was holding his hand. Shravan took her hand and placed it on bed.
Preeti: Tnk u soo much shravan.
Shravan: U’re welcum. Give her lemon juice when she wakes up.
Preeti nodded. Shravan leaves. He reaches home. Pushkar was in the hall.
Pu: Bhai, how is sumo?
Sh: Chote she was drunk. So she is unconscious now. But she will b alright by tomorrow.
Pu: Ok.. Gud nyt bhai..
Sh: Gud nyt.
Shravan heads 2 his rum. He tries 2 sleep but is unable 2. He recalls everything whatever happened when sumo was drunk. He then thinks what sumo was about 2 tell be4 being unconscious.. Thinking about all these he sleeps..

It became morning. Sumo wakes up. She is having a severe headache due 2 hangover. Preeti cums wid lemon juice.
Preeti: Gud morning,di.
Sumo: What gud morning! My head is paining like hell.
Preeti: This was bound to happen. Who told u 2 drink so much? And from when did u start drinking?
Sumo: I really donno how did I drink? (She is trying 2 recall. Then she remembers that after talking wid shravan she mistakenly had a lot of drinks.) Oh! Now I get it.
Preeti: What?
Sumo: Nothing.. Give me the juice.( preeti gives it and sumo drinks)
Preeti: Really suman di.. U r very lucky 2 get a frnd like shravan.
Sumo is confused: Y?
Preeti: Yesterday u were wid shravan in that condition. Tnkfully he was there to help. Or else, it wud have been impossible on my part to handle u alone.
Sumo: What! I was wid shravan??
Preeti: yes, But y r u so shocked?
Sumo is thinking: I hope I didn’t say anything 2 shravan about my feelings!!!
Preeti: What happened di?
Sumo: Nothing.. I have 2 get ready 4 work.
Preeti: Ok bye. (preeti leaves)
Sumo is very worried.. She quickly got ready. She even forgot that she has a headache. She reaches office and enters shravan’s cabin.
Sumo: Shravan!
Shravan got surprised hearing sumo’s shout: What happened? R u ok?
Sumo(in mind): How shall I ask him?
Shravan: Sumo..
Sumo: Shravan.. (cum on sumo) Shravan, did I say anything 2 u when I was drunk/ or did I do anything wrong? ( she told it in one breath)
Shravan gets an idea seeing her worried: Sumo, Don’t u remember anything?
Sumo: No..
Sh: Sumo, what shall I tell u? Whatever u said and did last nyt.. U know I was thinking about all these the whole nyt.
Su: Shravan, plz tell me..what did I say and do? Um feeling very scared.
Sh: Sumo.. I can’t say that. I hope u understand.(sumo was totally shocked)
Su(in mind): That means I confessed my feelings and wid shravan I…
Sumo was sooo tensed that she was about 2 cry. Shravan seeing her condition cudn’t control his laugh.
Sumo was damn confused: Shravan, y r u laughing???
Sh: Sumo, do u really think that whatever I told was true?
Su: What do u mean?
Sh: I mean that I was joking!!(he continued laughing)
Su: What!!!! Shravan!!
She takes a file from his table and starts hiting him. While doin so she loses her balance and falls on shravan.(title track)

Sumo then manages 2 stand. She suddenly then realized sumthing.
Su: Shravan, u joked wid me..That means u forgave me and u r not angry wid me anymore?
Shravan realizing that he was being frndly wid sumo becums angry and didn’t reply. She again becums confused seeing sudden change in his behavior.
Su: Shravan.. U forgave me na?
Sh: No.. Now leave. I have many works 2 do..
She then goes 2 her cabin.
Su: Is he suffering from split personality disorder? Y is it soo difficult 2 understand him?? Khadus!

Precap: Sumo gets jealous seeing a girl going close to shravan

So this is all.. I hope u liked it.. Guys I wanna know which things u liked in my today’s epi..
I m very much happy to get ur love and compliments.. 🙂

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  1. Nikita

    Hahaaaa..!! Amazzingg episode.. Shravan is seriously suffering from split personality disorder! Posst soon!

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    Just love it ….

  3. Post soon

  4. hey the episode is superb.
    I just love whole thing. its too cute.
    please post next part soon.
    lots of love.

  5. Sorry for late comments. Actually I am at Thailand for vacation so I didn’t get time to comment.. this was just fantastic! Superb!! Loved the precap….. Pls post ASAP.

  6. Nazia

    Tnk u sooo much all… I m tooo much happy by seeing ur comments!! And I’ll try my best to ensure that u all love my ff till the end.. 🙂

  7. Hey nazu ….very cute story yar….really living it….post next part soon tc

  8. Diya

    Nazia it’s just aammmmaaaazzziiinnnggg !!!

  9. Nazia

    Tnk u arti di and sonu <3

  10. Good work naxu fab.loved it
    Keep.it up

    1. Nazia

      Tmx preeti

  11. Nazia…
    I liked ur ff very much.
    Pls..do continue…

    1. Nazia

      Tnk u so much di <3

  12. Alina

    I liked Each n every part of today’s episode , n last part was soo funny shravan having mental disorder, wondering this I burst into laughter, I can’t control myself. Good going, keep it up ❤❤

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