Tu Adat Si Ban Gayi (Episode 2)


Hey guys Nazia’s here.. I m happy that u r loving my ff.. So be4 starting the nxt part let me at 1st provide the links of previous epi..s

It is 7:10 in the evening. Sumo and Preeti reached Malhotra Mansion. Sumo is wearing a beautiful blue gown and Preeti is wearing a stylish red dress. The party is organized in the garden. Pushkar welcums them and is mesmerized by Preeti’s beauty. Preeti feels a bit shy. (Preekar love each other and sumo knows about it) Sumo noticed it.
Sumo: Ahm.. Ahm..
PreeKar cum into senses..
Su: I guess here sum people need privacy..
Pu: Sumo, it’s nothing like that. A..
Su: Pushkar, ur face have turned red like a tomato..
Pu: sumo, what yar? Here um helping u and u r teasin me!!
Su: Ok ok.. Sry.. But where is shravan? Isn’t he yet ready?
Pu: Look.. sum1 is getting desperate..
Su: Shut up, Pushkar!!
Then shravan wearin a blue coat on a white T-shirt reaches there. Sumo can’t control herself.
Su: He has becum soo hot..
Pu: Ahm… Ahm..
Sumo came into senses and felt shy.
Shravan cums there and notices Sumo. He’s lost in her beauty. He even forgot that he was angry wid sumo. Sumo looked at him and they share an eye- lock. (the begining music of edkv title track plays)

Noticing shraman preekar together coughed: Ahm.. Ahm..
Shraman break their eye- lock.
Pushkar takes shravan in the middle of the garden. He grabbed every1’s attention and introduced shravan to all.
Pu: So guys for whom this party is arranged is standing here… Shravan Malhotra. (Every1 claps) What r we waiting for guys? Let’s hit the music.. Pushkar takes shravan to preeman.
Pu: Bhaiya and sumo.. cum na.. dance
Sh: Pushkar.. I m not in a mud.
Pu: Bhaiya I don’t wanna listen to anything. U have 2 dance wid sumo, that’s it..
Shravan looking at sumo: Ok..(sumo looked at him surprisingly. He agreed cuz he didn’t want any1 to know about whatever happened between them)
Pushkar took shraman in the middle. And Raabta is played. Pushkar starts dancing wid Preeti. Shraman danced the way they did in the reunion. After the song ended Shravan moved away and went in another direction. Sumo felt bad at the way he left. While shravan was goin he collided wid a waiter and drinks fall on his T- shirt.
Waiter: Um sry, Sir
Sh: It’s ok. U go..

Shravan goes 2 change and sumo notices it. She didn’t see that his dress was spoilt by the waiter.
Su: He is so angry that he is goin to his house leaving the party. It’s enough. I will have to talk to him 2day itself.
She also goes after him. Seeing him entering into his rum she also goes there. When she entered she saw shravan tooking of his shirt.
Sumo shouted: Shravan!(and turned away)
Shravan noticing her: Sumo!(quickly wears a shirt)
Su: U called me sumo..(she turned at shravan)
Shravan was about 2 go.
Sumo: Shravan..(shravan stopped)I know u r still angry at me for that incident. But I m seriously sry for that. Shravan, can’t u give me a 2nd chance?
Shravan turns: A sry can’t fix everything, sumo.( he leaves. sumoo felt very bad)
Sumo thinking about his words goes in the garden. She stops a waiter.
Su: 1 drink plz. (it was alchohol but sumo was so lost in shravan’s words and was so sad that she didn’t even notice it)
She drank all the drinks of the tray. And now she is high. She searches for shravan and sees him in a corner talking 2 sum1 over phone. She goes there snatches his phone and cuts the call.
Su: U have time to talk to every1 but not wid ur childhood bestie!
Shravan seeing sum drunk: Sumo, y did u drink so much??
Shravan thinks that if any1 sees sumo in this condition then it’ll b a prob. So he takes her in his rum. He tries to make sumo sit in the bed but sumo lost her balance and fell on bed. As shravan was holding her he also lost his balance and fell on her. (Title track plays).. Shraman r sharing an eyelock. After sumtime shravan notices their condition and gets up. After this, sumo forgot her anger and sadness. She goes near 2 shravan.
Su: shravan..(shravan looks at her. Their faces r at a close distance.) I want to tell u sumthing.. Shravan, I..lo..(she starts feeling dizzy and becums unconscious. She was about 2 fall on bed but shravan holds her and looks at her.)

Precap: Shravan tells sumthing to sumo that makes her shocked..

Guyz um done. So plz tell me if I was able to meet wid ur expectations.. If u feel that I need 2 improve anything then plz feel free.. And ya plz don’t forget 2 tell which part u liked the most..

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  1. Angel20

    It was really awesome! Loved it very much!

  2. Just superb!

  3. Nikita

    Lovvedd it!!
    Posst soon…really cute episode! Dance <3
    It was adorable… So post soon, precap makes me excited

  4. nice nazu
    sorry i wasnt able to comment on the last epi but this one was simply amazing
    waiting for the next epi eagerly

  5. Diya

    Awesome !!!! No word to express my feelings !! Uff…shirtless Shravan and Naughty Sumo !! Post soon dear !!

  6. Nazia

    Tnk u sooo much guys for ur love and superb comments.. I really didn’t expect all these as it’s 1st time.. I hope that u all will like the nxt parts as well..

  7. hey nice yaar.
    sorry for commenting late. acchuly I am bit Bussy
    but the episode was too good.
    & ya post next one soon..
    with love.

  8. Nazia

    It’s ok reema.. I m glad that u liked it.. 🙂

  9. Ariana

    Didn’t I inform u earlier that it’ll b beyond awesomeness? See I was 100% right. All fire girl!!! Sry didn’t comment on ur prev one. Was gonna comment but saw part 2 is also up so thought of commenting together
    Anyways it was superb
    Fanstastic! XD!!! Sumo is too useless to.confess her love.
    I’m eagerly waiting for next part. I wonder is that a Ihy or I moved on from Shravan. I better hold on
    Post asap!
    Love u
    Muuuaaaahhhhh ???

  10. Nazia

    Tnk u aru for a long comment!! I loved reading it!! And is it IHY/I’ve moved on/sumthing else…?U will get to know soon!! 😉

  11. RANdomfANCreationz

    Superb yaar frankly speaking now I m addicted to ur ff love it so much u nailed it yaar love u

    1. Nazia

      tnk u soo much jo.. addicted!! love u too!! <3

  12. Superbbbbbbbbb.one word which describes ur ff if I want 2.just fabbbb sweety loved it.
    I m now more interesting in reading more.
    Post soo. Nazi
    Love u

    1. Nazia

      Tnks a lot!! Love u too!!

  13. Alina

    Hmm.. I’m speechless,Nazu you r amazing your story is perfect I loved this

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