Tu Adat Si Ban Gayi (Episode 1)


Guys Nazia is back wid the nxt part of her ff.. I m really happy to know that u guys liked it.. I’ll try my best that u all will love it till the end.. Be4 I start this part lemme provide the link of previous 1for every1’s convenience

So let’s start..
Sumo is at office. She is waiting for shravan to cum. Ramnath reaches office wid Pushkar. They r at the entrance. He gains every1’s attention. Sumo also cums there.
Ramnath: I want to make an imp announcement. From today a new member is gonna join us. He is a London return and a very responsible lawyer. He is none other than my son.. Shravan Mahotra. (every1 claps)
Sumo’s heart is beating fast. Shravan enters wid his usual charm and his killer smile. Sumo sees him. She is unable to react. Shravan greets every1 and then all continue doin their works .Then he notices sumo. He recalls that incident where he was insulted infront of the whole school becuz of sumo’s concern for her image. Sumo goes towards him.

Sumo: Hi..(shravan at that moment walked away)
Sumo knew the reason.
Sumo(in her mind): No prob.. So what if he’s angry now? I m Sumo and I will at any cost ensure that he forgives me..
Ramnath: Shravan, cum. I’ll show u r cabin. (pushkar and sumo also go wid them)
They reach his cabin. Sumo is very very happy. Becuz…. (u’ll get to know)
Ramnath: This is ur cabin, shravan.
Pushkar: yes bhaiya and the cabin infront of urs is sumo’s. (that’s the reason). So if u face any prob then u may ask her.
ShraMan look at each other. Shravan gives a fake smile at pushu becuz he doesn’t want any1 to know what happened between him and sumo.
Ram: Suman, when u r free take Mr. kashyap’s file from my cabin.
Su: Ok, sir.

Ram: Pushkar, cum wid me .
Pushu: Yes, sir. (he hugs shravan and wishes him luck and then leaves wid ramnath)
Sumo also goes to her cabin. Shravan starts working.
Sumo: I m not able to understand anything what to do. How shall I convince him? (she then tries to concentrate in work but her mind is actually sumwhere else)
After sum hours, pushu enters her cabin
Pushu: Sumo, did u talk to him? (he knows everything whatever happened between shraman 10 years ago)
Sumo nodded no.
Pushkar: Don’t worry. Everything’s gonna b fine.
Sumo:How??And what was the need to tell ‘if u face any prob then ask sumo’? U know everything na.. then y?

Pushkar: Sumo, I said just like that.. Ok leave it. I have an idea.
Sumo: What?
Pushu: I was thinking to arrange a party in Malhotra mansion this evening in the pretext of shravan bhaiya’s return to India. And there U wil have quite gud chances to talk to him.
Sumo thinks: It’s not a bad idea.
Pushkar: I will go and inform shravan bro.
Sumo:But arranging the party in such a short time ..?
Pushkr: I’ll take care of it. U just concentrate in ur work.
Sumo: Ok.. Tnx
Pushkar goes 2 shravan’s cabin.
Pushu: Bhai… (sees him working) From the very 1st day u started working so much.
Shravan smiles.
Pushkar: Actually I m here to inform u that I m gonna arrange a party at 7 pm in this evening to celebrate ur arrival in India.
Shravu: Chote, what’s the need of all these?
Pushu: Bhai, um not here to take permission from u or to ask u. I just came to tell to b ready at 7.

Shravan smiles: ok..Well who r cumin in the party?(saying so he opens a file)
Pushu: Our school frnds.. Radhika, Nisha, Kabir, Arjun, Manya, Preeti and Sumo..
Shravan was turning a pg but listening ‘sumo’ he stopped. Pushkar noticed it.
Pushkar: Ok, bhai.. I shall leave now. I need to do the arrangements.
Shravan: ok.. (pushkar leaves)
Shravan kept the file aside and looked at sumo. (title track plays)
He recalls all their childhood moments. He smiles recalling those but remembering sumo’s betrayal he becums angry and concentrates in his work again. Widin a while sumo also looks at shravan and smiles.
Su:I can’t believe the person whom I used to see in my laptop is now infront of me. (she admires him)He has becum soo handsum.
Suddenly she remembers that she had to go to ramnath’s cabin for a file and hits her head as she forgot and then quickly goes to take that.

Precap: Sumo gets drunk in the party and shraman moments..

Guys here it is.. I hpe u will like this part as well. Plz dont miss the nxt part.. And yeah plz suggest me if I need to improve anything.

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