Tu Adat Si Ban Gayi (Epi 7)

Hi guys so finally nazia is back again!! I hope u remember me..sryyyyyy for the delay.. school has started from 1st jan and gradually pressure of studies is increasing? But guys this is Feb and edkv will complete 1 year this month so it’s time for celebration?? Howgreat this is na!!
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Shraman r having an eyelock. Then Priya called out 4 shravan..
Pri: Shravan,ur coffee is ready
Shraman realizing their positions move away. They feel awkward. Shravan leaves for dining rum.
Shravan goes and sits there. Sumo cums after drying her hair.
Pri: Sumo dear cum and sit.
Sumo sits on a chair beside shravan
Pri: U both talk. I’ll cum later. (She leaves)
At 1st they remain silent. Then after a while shravan asks: How r u now?
Su: Gud
Shr: R u talking rest?
Su: Yah..

They were feeling awkward talking to each other.
Shr: Ok then,I shall leave now
Shravan gets up and sumo also tries to get up but she feels pain while standing
Shr: What happened sumo?
He makes sumo sit again.
Su: It’s not that much serious. It’ll b ok.
Shr: Tell me clearly sumo.
Su: Actually.. I feel pain in the wouded place while doin any movement. But it is not serious,shravan.
Shr: Wht! Shut up,sumo! Not serious! U shud not do any movement then. U shud take rest instead. Everything happened becuz of me. U were not supposed to b shot but I was! U shudn’t hav saved me! Y did u??(he breaks down)
Sumo gets up and handles shravan.
Su: Shravan, u didn’t do anything. Plz dont blame urself. And how cud have I not saved u? I can do anything 4 u becuz I care 4 u,shravan!

Shravan becums totally silent.After sumtime,
Su: Shravan, I think u shud go to office now. U r getting late. And plzz stop thinking about it.
She starts to leave but then
Shr: Sumo,(she stops)
Sumo turns to him.
Shr: u asked me ryt that u shud get a 2nd chance or not? (He turns and then smiles) Of course, sumo. U deserve it. (Sumo is just so surprised)
He goes to her.
Shr: The girl who can risk her life for me can nvr break my trust again. I want to believe in u again, sumo. (He raises his hand forward) Will u b my frnd..again?[Banogi meri dost phirse]
Sumo nods yes and puts her hand on shravan’s. She can’t resist herself. She hugs shravan tighly.
Su: Tnk u sooo much, shravan.
Shravan smiles and hugs her back.

Precap: Shraman & Preekar decides to go on a trip

Guys um sooo sry for the short epi. I really wanted to post this frndship part as this was the most wanted part of all I guess. Plz try to understand my situation. So I shall try to post the nxt part soon and I hope I can. Once again um sry..

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  1. hey nazia don’t be sorry. its OK dear. you posted that is important. coming to the episode its very nice.
    they became friends again… just superb.
    post next part soon.
    loads of love….

  2. Diya

    Hey Naz the episode was awesome !!!

  3. WeirdSister

    How are you?
    Please post it damn soon!
    Girl.. I am starting to feel frustrated with the fact.. That there are no ffs on this site lately..so you posting it was a temporary relief..
    It was lovely..
    And I hope to see lots of shraman moments..in the next!
    Love you loads.
    Post soon..
    Take care..!

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey nazu awesome episode dost!!! Loved it finally Shraman became friends ?

  5. Nikita

    Awwhh!! This was adorable. I loved it.
    Please post yaar, there are very less posts now. LOVE YOUU

  6. Nazia

    tnk u tnk u soooo much guys and um fine ws an ya i was also dissapointed that there is no edkv ff well hope people will post theirs on edkv’s anni

  7. Christie123

    Hey Nazia sorry for late comment. The epi was just fantastic. Superb!!!

    1. Nazia

      that’s ok christie
      um glad that u hve read

  8. Prettypreeti

    Nazu seroiusly it was just fabb.its juzt awesome..lovely…
    Post soon.
    Btw how r u????
    Miss u…

    1. Nazia

      pp missed u too
      um gud yar
      an where were u these days
      and tnx fo commenting 🙂

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