Tu Adat Si Ban Gayi (Epi 6)


Hey every1!! At 1st.. Merry Christmas(late)!!! So how did u celebrate this christmas guys?? Hope u enjoyed.. Well um back wid the nxt part of my ff.. Be4 starting the nxt part let me provide the links of previous epi..s

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
So let’s start…

Shravan reaches hospital wid sumo. He takes her inside and then the doctor and the nurse take her to the operation theatre. Shravan wass all tensed.. A nurse took a form and gave shravan to fill it. He filled it. The nurse yook it and wènt awày. He closed his eyes and recalled the moments happened few time ago. When he recalled the moment when sumo was shot he, then and then, opened his eyes.. Tears start rolling through his cheeks.
Sh: I need to inform uncle and aunty..
He calls his and her parents and informs them.. After sum time they reach the hospital. Preekar also cum.

Priya: Shra.. Shravan.. What happened to suman?
Shravan told them everything. Hearing all these, Priya started crying and Raj was shocked. Ramnath and Nirmala console them. Pushkar went to shravan.
Pu: Bhai..(saying so he kept his hand in shravan’s shoulder)
Shravan hugged him. Pushu then makes shravan sit.
Sh: Everything happened becuz of me. I was about to get shot by that bullet but sumo… Will she b alryt?
Pu: Bhai.. Control urself.. She is sumo, our fighter. Nothing will happen 2 her.
Doctor cums out.

Raj: Doctor, how’s my daughter?
Doc: We can’t say anything ryt now. The nxt 24 hours is very crucial 4 the patient.
Every1 becums upsèt..
Raj: Can we see her?
Doc: Yah, sure. She’s in the ICU.
Raj and Priya goes to see her.
Raj sits near sumo: Nothing will happen to u, dear. U have to wake up.. Or else, who will taste my new dishes?
Pri: Suman, get up, dear. Plz get up. I can’t see u like this.
Nurse cums: Excuse me, can u both plz go outside? U can’t stay here.
They went outside. After sum time shravan stands outside ICU.. Seeing sumo he was feeling soo helpless.. He then went from there as he cudn’t see sumo in that condition.. Shravan, Priya, Raj and Preeti stayed in hospital. Others went home.
It became morning. Shravan woke up early. He stood outside ICU. Through the glass he was seeing sumo. After a while he noticed sumo’s hands were moving and sumo opened her eyes. He quickly called doctor. Doctor came and checked sumo. Priya, Raj and Preeti went inside. Shravan wanted to go but thought that sumo shud spent time wid her family at that moment. He was looking sumi from outside through glass. The doctor checked sumô..
Doc: The patient is out of danger now. U can take her home after filling the discharge formalities.
Su: M.. Ma..
Pri: Yes..
Su: Shra.. Shravan.. How’s he?
Raj: Shravan is absolutely ok.
Sumo is relieved. And starts searching 4 shravan. She notices him standing outside. She smiles seeing him. Shravan smiles back. He bids her gudbye through gesture. She smiled. He leaves..
Raj: I’ll go and complete the formalities.
After sum hours sumo cum home wid her family. She sees sameer mama and manju mami there.
Mama: Um sry, dear. I was stuck in the meeting and cudn’t meet u.
Su: It’s ok, mama ji.
Mami: Cum suman.. U need rest.
They take her to her room and sumo sees that her room is lightly decorated(like in the show). She becums happy. She is made lie on bed.
Preeti: Di, u take rest. We’ll leave.
Every1 leaves. Sumo’s phone starts to ring.. It’s shravan’s call. Sumo quickly picks it up.
Su: Hlw..

Sh: Su.. Sumo.. R u ok?
Su: Yes..
Sh: How’re u feeling now?
Su: Gud..
Sh: A.. Did u take ur food?
Su: No, I just reached my home now.. Will take later..
Sh: Don’t forget to take the medîcînes..
Sumo smiles: ok..
Sh: Ok.. A.. Then u take rest.. I’ll keep the phone..
Su: Ok.. Bye
Sh: Bye..
They keep the call. After 10 years they talked in this way.. Widout arguing..
Su: Today.. By talking to him, it didn’t seem that he’s angry on me anymore.(she smiles) I hope u have forgiven me..

The nxt day cums.. Shravan is ready to go 2 office. But be4 that he wants to go to sumo’s house.. So he leaves early.
Sumo is in the washroom.. She’s taking a bath. Shravan reaches there. Priya sees him.
Sh: Gud morning, aunty.
Pri: Gud morning, dear.
Sh: Aunty, sumo..
Pri: She’s’in her room..
Sh: Ohk.. I’ll go and see her.
Pri: Sure, dear. Wud u like to have sum coffee?
Sh: Ok, aunty.
Shravan goes to her room. There’s no one in the room.
Sh: Sumo.. Sumo.. (He goes inside and stand near her washroom)
A sound cums from the washroom.
Sh: Oh.. May b she’s in the washroom..(he is about to go but sumo opens the door)
He stops listening to sound of opening the door. He turns. Sumo was drying her hair through towel. She didn’t notice shravan and collided wid him. Shravan held her. Shravan’s one hand is on sumo’s arm and the other is on her waist. Sumo’s hands r on his chest. They share an eye- lock.. (Edkv title track plays)

Precap: ShraMan becum frnds..

And the episode ends here.. How was it? Plz share ur opinions and don’t forget to mention ur fav part plzzz.. Ur comments motivate me to write more.. Love u all guys <3

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  1. Diya

    Amazing my Nazu !!! Oh…Shravan was so concerned about Sumo…. !! Precap??…waiting for next part !! Post soon !!

    1. Tnk u sonu.. Love u too

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    Cute one dear !!!!

    Take care 🙂

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  3. Hey nazu it was just fabulous! Too good.

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  4. hey Gud evening.
    the episode is too good.
    its nice & cute.
    post next one soon.

    1. Nazia

      Tnk u reema 🙂

  5. Hi Nazia ,
    Good morning. .☺☺☺☺
    It’s awesome Nazia….?????
    Really loved the ShraMan scenes ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Post nxt part sooooon?????☺☺☺☺☺

    1. Nazia

      Gud morning meera.. Tnk u <3

  6. Loved it. Pls post next part asap.

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  7. Rukhsar

    It was really nice and the last part was the fav

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  8. Ariana

    Omg girl commenting late again I’m sorry but u just left me with a ‘o’ now. Such a \n epi. Nazzzzzuuuuuuuuu u rock! take huggies!!! Can’t imagine now ShraMan got fixed. Woho!!! Waiting for ur nxt update so post soooooooooooooooon

    1. Nazia

      Accepted the huggies aru 🙂 :* Tnk u so much

  9. Happy new year nazu ….sry for late comment….but seriously ur writing is fab yaar…..and it was really really so good

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  10. Nikita

    Naz.. you killed itt..
    Im glad ShraMan became friends…
    So mannnyyy shraman moments…awwwwww.. I loved it…!
    Post soon..
    Love, Nishita

    1. Nazia

      I m glad that u liked it nishita.. Hoping to show more shraman moments 🙂

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