Tu Adat Si Ban Gayi (Epi 5)

Hello guys…!! I hope u remèmber me.. Sry for the late update!! Actually um at my hometown.. So was travelling and spending time wid my relatives and family.. In all these I didn’t get much time to write.. Well now I shall start my ff widout talking anymore.. So let’s start..

A dark place is shown. A man throws Verma on the ground and places gun on his head.
Man: What did u say? That u will win the case.. Then y is the case goin in that girl’s favour!!???
Verma: I m sry, boss. Suman is a very talented lawyer. That’s y..
Man: That means u r gonna lose the case!!?? Then what shud I do by keeping u alive?
Verma pleads: Plz dont kill me.. Let me go..
Man: Actually.. No, u r ryt. There is no advantage in killing u. (He calls 1 of his goon and orders to throw him outside) And verma, don’t even dare to open ur mouth against me. Or else, u know what I can do..
Verma: Ok.. Ok,boss. I’ll never reveal ur truth to any1..!!
The goons throws him outside.
Man: What is that girl’s name who is fighting the case against me?
1 of the goon: Suman Mehta..
Man: Suman Mehta.. I want that girl here by this evening..!!
Goons: Ok, boss. They leave for the task.

It is almost evening. Sumo is ready to leave. On the way to home, she has to pass by an isolated place. While passing it her car’s tire gets puncher.. She cums outside to check it. While checking sum1 placed a handkerchief full of chloroform on her mouth. And she becme unconscious… When Sumo woke up she saw that she is in a van surrounded by 2 goons..
Sumo: Who r u? And where r u taking me? Leave me..!!
1 goon: Shut up! If u scream like this again, I’ll kill u.
They cum to a place. The goons r taking her.. While walking the goons became a bit careless about sumo.. Sumo, taking the advantage, escapes and hides behind a big tree. She quickly calls shravan. At first shravan doesn’t pick up. But we he sees 3 missed calls he gets tensed and thus picks up the 4th time. Sumo tells him everything briefly.
Shravan: Sumo, don’t worry. I’ll save u.. Um comin.
Sumo: Shravan, the goons may cum at any moment. I’ll keep the call. But plz cum soon..
She cuts it. Then and then the goons caught her and takes her to their boss. The place is quite dark. The boss is standing facing opposite to sumo. Sumo is unable to see him.
Su: Who r u? And what do u want from me? (the man turns) Aditya Ahuja(the client of Verma)!!
Adi cums to her: I hope u have clearly understood why I kidnapped u, ryt?
Su: So that u can kill me and I won’t b able to fight the case and then..
u’ll win the case..
Adi: Verma was ryt.. U r really very intelligent.. And.. beautiful too..(saying so he tries to touch sumo’s face)
Su: How dare u! (She removes his hand)What do u think that u’ll win!! If u think so.. then u r absolutely wrong.. I’ll never let it happen..
Adi: Let’s see.. (He smiles)

In the meanwhile shravan wid the help of police tracks sumo’s location through GPS..
Inspector: Mr. Malhotra, we all can’t go together. We have to
spread in every direction so that the whole place cums in our control..
Shr: Ok..
Ins(to his police force): All of u remember our plan?
P. Force: Yes, sir!
Insp: Take ur positions..
They take their positions.. Shravan hides wid the inspector. The inspector gestures 1 officer to operate their plan.. The officer makes a sound there. The goons and adi become alert by the sound.
Su(in mind): I think shravan has arrived..
2 goons go to that place from where the sound came.. When they went there, the officers from every direction attacked all the goons.. Adi tries to run wid sumo but shravu cums there.. He starts fighting wid adi. Both becum wounded. But at last shravu punched adi so hard that he fell on the ground and was unable to move. Sumo was standing behind all scared.
Su: Shravan!
Shravan turned and went to sumo.. ShraMan shared a tight hug.. The 1st hug of shraman..(1st music of edkv title track plays) Their eyes were filled wid tears..
But unfortunately this hug was not for long. Adi was still conscious. He saw a gun near him. He took it.
Adi(in mind): This guy shravan spoilt my whole game! I won’t let him survive..!!
Saying so he points the gun towards shravan.. Sumo opens her eyes at that very moment. Seeing this, she quickly pushed shravan away and was shot instead of shravan.. Shravan fell on the other side. He sees sumo being shot. he quickly holds her and slowly puts on ground.. He is in shock..!
Shr: Sumo!
The police arrest adi and took him and his goons.. The inspector helps shravan take sumo to the car…

Precap: Sumo regains her consciousness..

So this is it for 2day guys.. Plzzz tell me which part u liked..! Today I got sum time so wrote.. Hope that I get time again soon to post the nxt part.. But still I think I won’t get time till 26-28..
Take care guys and bye..!!

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  1. Nikita

    Maasstt..I loved it..
    It was amazing how when in fear, the first person that came to her mind was Shravan…. I loved it..
    Sumo got shot..aw…
    Waiting for the next episode..
    ShraMan hug moment was adorable..

    1. Nazia

      Tnk u..! Yup sumo will always consider shravan as her 1st savior.. As he’s her love after all..
      Well.. is ur name nikita or nishita?

      1. Nikita


  2. Rukhsar

    It was really nice dear…..but feeling bad for sumo hope she is not much hurt and hope shr accepts his feelings????? Bye the way does shr have feelings for sumo or not ??????

    1. Nazia

      Tnk u rukhsar.. She’s shot so obvio she is hurt.. And shravan has or doesn’t have any feeling for sumo.. U’ll get to know soon.. Just read my ff 😉

  3. Ariana

    Nazu!!!! As I promised I’m back so r u.
    Oho!!! Girl it was amazing. So many actions n the hug <3 <3 <3
    That Adi….man it sucks y does he always screw up ShraMan's life? Ah anyways hero is always there at rescue
    loooovvvvveeeeeddddd it
    now waiting for 2 days?
    uh man! too long but I'll wait
    take care
    love ya

    1. Nazia

      Hey aru!! Tnk u soo much!! And I was thinking about a villian’s name.. So thought that y don’t I keep the villian’s name aditya… So kept it.. And aditya is always a prob.. But when shravu is here then fikre ki kya baat? And sry but u have to wait.. Love u aru <3

  4. Diya

    Sry for late comment dear !! Episode was awesomeeeeee !! Shraman hug <333 !! Post soon !

    1. Nazia

      It’s ok sonu.. Tnk u!!

  5. Ooommyyyggoodd…
    Hi Nazi, my little cutiepie……
    AFFBMB….n S
    M really impressed with yr writing skill..keep it up…n u can take time as much as u need for a good story…
    Waiting ….haha..
    Bye nazuuuuu…

    1. Nazia

      Hmm.. AFFBMB..!! Love u dear <3 And kittu, one request.. One shayari relating to christmas.. Plzzz!!

  6. WeirdSister

    Lovvveeeeddd it Nazia!
    M amazed..!
    D story is turning interesting…!
    Love u loads…
    Post soon….
    Nd merry Christmas!

    1. Nazia

      Tnk u WS.. <3 Love u

  7. Fareena Norman

    When I started reading the kidnapping part I knew sumo is gonna take bullet on herself

  8. Nazia

    Hmm.. Well u didn’t tell how did u like it..

    1. Fareena Norman

      I am sorry but Loved it so much can’t wait no words to describe plzzzzzzzzz post asap . Just loved it ??????

      1. Nazia

        That’s ok fareen.. I was actually confused if u liked it or not.. Um glad that u liked <3

  9. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey nazia !!!! Oh dear !!!!! It was awwwesome one dear … I lovvvvvvvedddddd ittt till infinityy ….. oh that fight that hug nd at the last that bullet shot .. these all were just mind blowingggg .. loved it to the core dear .. Post soooooooon ..
    Take care 🙂

    1. Nazia

      Tnk u fatIma!!! U take care as well <3

  10. Alina

    Nazu as always episode is amazing, excellent ,mind-blowing, in love with your story sweetie n no problem hug was short I know we will definitely get a big hug n some cute moments in your story..n once again thanks for link..love u gud nyt n Merry Christmas ???

    1. Nazia

      Tnk u alu di <3 And about shraman moments.. U'll have to continue reading my ff and keep patience.. 😉 But I assure u.. Actually all tht all will b happy by those moments!!

  11. Superb!

    1. Nazia

      Tnk u christie

  12. Nazia


  13. Hey nazia ….amazing work yar….and for the first tym police came on tym? just kidding yar…..really nice story ….and so nicely written….keep it up ….and so sorry for late comment…
    Post next part soon luv u sweety

    1. Nazia

      Haha.. Ryt rt di.. Actually everywhere police r made useless.. So I thought to make them useful here.. Tnk u di.. Love u too <3

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