Tu Adat Si Ban Gayi (Epi: 4)

Sumo is working. After sumtime Mr. Kashyap(the person whose case’s file sumo went 2 recieve from ramnath) enters her cabin.
Mr.K: Gud morning, Ms. Mehta.
Sumo looks up. She nvr saw him be4 so she didn’t recognise him.
Su: Yes…?
Mr.K: Ms. Mehta um Mihir Kashyap.
Su: Oh, Mr. Kashyap.. Plz cum and sit. (he sits)
Mr.K: Ramnath and I r gud frnds. He told me that u will b fighting my case.
Su: Mr.K I studied ur case. U need not to take any tension. The opposition party is a fraud. And I have collected many info about him.(they start discussing the case)
Mr.K: Hmm.. Quite impressive.. Now I have no tension about my case. I have full confidence that u will win it.
Su: Tnk u, sir.
Mr.K: But still Ms.Mehta I wud suggest u 2 b careful becuz the opposition party is very dangerous. He can do anything to win the case.
Su: Mr.K u don’t worry. He cannot do anything. The case is fully in our side.
Mr.K: Ok.. As u say..And tomorrow is the 1st hearing of the case. So be ready.
Su: Ya..
Mr. K: I’ll take ur leave then.
Su: Ok.. (he leaves)
In the evening sumo is ready to leave. She was goin but stops seeing a girl talking 2 shravan.
Arya(girl’s name): Shravan, well y did u cum 2 India leaving London?
Sh: For my family..
Ar: Well, it’s gud that u came. We got the chance 2 work wid such a hot and handsum London return guy.(Saying so she places her hand on shravan’s arm. Shravan is feeling awkward. Sumo is getting jealous seeing this)

Ar: Shall I ask u sumthing personal?
Sh: Yes
Ar: Do u have any girlfriend?
Sh: (he laughs) No.. It’s better to b single the whole life..
Ar: (she gets confused by his ans) Well, leave it.. A.. Y don’t we go out for a dinner tonyt? (saying so she moved close 2 shravan)
Seeing this sumo lost her control. She walked towards her. She acted that she was talking over phone and didn’t notice her. And she pushed arya intentionally. Arya falls on the ground)
Ar: Ah..!
Su: Oh..!! Um sooo sry, Arya.. I didn’t notice at all. I was talking over phone so.. Cum give me ur hand.. I’ll help u in getting up.
She makes Arya stand up
Su: Well, Arya.. What r u doin here wid shravan? U shud go home now cuz the office is about 2 close.
Ar: Ya.. Actually..
Su: It’s ok. Go & take ur bag.
Arya leaves..

Sumo was angrily watching Arya go. She uttered ‘chipku’. All these things didn’t go unnoticed by shravan.
Sumo realized that she said it infront of shravan.
Su: A.. I mean whenever she sees any handsum boy she tries to impress him. So that’s y..
Sh: Handsum..?
Su: A.. Shravan..
Sh: Hmm..? (Sumo is silent) What?
Sumo looking at the ground takes a deep breath and says: Don,t let her cum close to u(Saying so she quickly leaves widout making any eye- contact wid shravan)
Shravan smiles..
The nxt day arrives.. Sumo is ready to go to court. She cums to hall. Priya cums there wid sugar & curd. She feeds sumo and wishes her luck. Raj also cums.
Raj: Suman, how can u leave widout trying my new recipe? U know na whenever I try a new thing u r the 1st to try
Sumo smiles: Of course, papa.. tell me what is ur new invention?(he shows her) It looks so tasty.. What is this?
Raj: My newly made dessert.
Sumo tastes it:Yum.. Papa, u r the best. (she hugs him)
Raj: Give ur best..
Preeti cums: Di.. U forgot me.. (she hugs sumo).. All the best, di..
Su: Tnk u.. But um not going to fight a case for the 1st time.. So relax
Priya: Whether it is ur 1st case or the 100th .. We will always do the same..
Sumo smiles and hugs her..
Su:Ok bye..(She leaves)
Sumo goes in court. Sumo’s opposite lawer is Verma.. The case starts.. The judge declared the nxt hearing after 2 days.. The case is in Sumo’s favour almost. Mr.K praises her.Sumo then leaves 4 office.

The scene shifts 2 office. Shravan is working. But continuously he’s looking at sumo’s cabin. He is missing her presence. Widin few minutes sumo cums. Shravan seeing it becums very happy. He wanted to ask her where she was as he didn’t know that she had a case. But stops thinking: Shravan, What r u doin? Have u forgotten everything she did wid u? What is she to u? No one!! (Looking at her) Forget her..
When he said that he suffered from a great pain..

Precap: Some1 kidnaps sumo..

Today’s episode ends here.. I hope that um being able to meet wid ur expectations.. Still if not then plz tell me where I lacked.. And yah.. Don’t forgot to mention which scenes u liked today..

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  1. Hey nazu it was fabulous!

  2. Omg kidnappend ,i cant wait fr nxt update plzzzzzzzz plzz dear post it asap

  3. Awesome Nazu !!! Its mind blowing !! Jealous Sumo !! Precap sounds interesting . Post ASAP !!

  4. WeirdSister

    Going amazingggggg…
    Nd sorry for not commenting on the previous parts… Was pretty busy…!!
    Love u loads..!

  5. Ariana

    Nazu I’m sooooooooooooooo sry I couldn’t cmnt on ur prev update. Don’t take my srys as a regular excuse but just wait till this week dies coz I need my school to shut down for some time.
    anyways it was sooooooooooooooooo cute
    I love how u made it so clear that Shravan has hidden feelings for Sumo
    Oh the precap is breath taking
    Verma (is that him) but no worries when hero is there n an awesome writer is writting it
    for sure u planned some dhamakas
    post soon but take time coz I’ll vanish till wed again 🙁
    anyways take care
    I might get in touch on twitter
    btw do u knw abt alu?
    love ya

    1. Nazia

      Oh aru.. I forgot to ask sumthing.. Can u plz give me the link of the ch- 4 of ur ff?? I m loving ur ff.. Was reading it.. But unfortunately got stuck at ch-4.. Um not finding it. Plz share it!!

  6. Nazia

    @Christie.. Tnk u soo much <3
    @Sanju.. Ok dear.. Will post as soon as I can
    @Sonu.. Tnk u..!! But y didn't u login?
    @Weirdsister.. Tnk u.. That's ok.. Well, can I call u WS in short?
    @Aru.. No it's ok.. I understand.. And u may think verma is that one.. I thought as um making him the opposition party so y don't I make him verma.. U know in the show he was opposite to shravan so here he's of sumo.. And don't worry,. U may take ur time and comment later.. And alu di cums on twitter.. If u check u'll get her.. And u know what I love reading long comments.. So plz always write long comments like this, ok?
    Love u all

  7. hey nazia. superb one.
    its sooo cute that sumo jealous.
    I love that scane.. nice episode.
    post next one asap.
    lots of love.

    1. Nazia

      Tnk u dear..! In the show we cudn’t see the jealousy of sumo.. So I thought to show here..

  8. nazia hello dearie how r u….im mad reall ur writing makes me really exciting nazia u r reall doing welll………………………………………m sis keep it up
    secondal nazu is better nazia is for others…
    love u
    kidnapping????????????????????????lets see

    1. Nazia

      Um fine preeti.. Tnk u soo much!! And ya of course.. It’s nazu for u.. Love u too

  9. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey nazia !!!!! Ammmazingggg one dear … Mind blowing ????

    1. Nazia

      Tnk u sooo much fatima! <3

  10. Nazia …..great writing yar….feeling so good …..and eagerly waiting for the next part…..post soon…..luv u sweety

    1. Nazia

      Tnk u arti di <3 Ok will post as soon as i can.. Love u too

  11. Alina

    Nazu first of all thanks for the link if you would not have shared I wouldn’t have read before this month…i enjoyed alot read all episodes in one go..seriously Yb r writing pretty well, sorry for the laaaaaatttttttteeeeeeeeeeeee( ya this much late ) comment.. I will try to b regular onwards
    Coming to the episode it was mixture of everything love, jeousy, fun etc
    Best part of today’s episode a/c to me was when sumo said arya is that type of girl who wants to get close to every handsome guy n then Shravan’s reaction 😉
    OK.. So it’s too late I’m going to sleep
    Good night
    Post soon!!

    1. Nazia

      Di u r soo sweet!! Apne sare epi..s me itne acche acche comments kiye.. I just loved it.. And it’s ok na di.. Bhul gayi kal kya kaha tha twitter about sry and tnk u..? And di u explained whoch parts u liked the most.. I really loved this thing!! And I’ll try my best to post soon.. 🙂 <3

  12. Niharikamalhotra

    @Nazu..remember me??..if not.. Then leave..
    So coming to the epi..
    Yaar sorry for belated comment..
    Well…I liked that mumma papa part with preeti…in short that family scene… N the lines of priya Ji:whether it is first or 100th..we’ll do the same…really mindboggling…u know..I always missed this scene.. Ya nanu was there but not parents…well verma…godddd…ha ha…n next is kidnapping… Go with yr flow..yaar quite excited scene…well keep this suspense n add some masala with yr beautiful thoughts…
    N loved this epi 4..n read yr last episodes.. Really impressive…
    N now ….
    n thanks for telling me..otherwise I’d never know about my sisi ‘s talent.. Well keep it up..n post as u get time…n do tell me,okay??…
    N I must say,yr first attempt wassssss
    F A B U L O U S ! ! …
    love U….N TAKE CARE..

    1. Nazia

      Kittu.. Agar tujhe miss nahi karti to itne sare pm nahi bhejti!! Bohot miss kiya!! And yar kya kamal ki hai tu,.. Mere ff k naam se tune shayeri hi bana diya.. Yar missed ur shyeris as well!! And tnk u sooooo much for this looong comment!! RReally I was missing it a lot!! Plz ab ese 1 mahine k liye off mat rehna!! I missed u!! Aur tum sab ko me kese bhulu? Tum sab mere cutie sweety sisi..s and di..s hoho.. !! Love u <3

  13. Niharikamalhotra

    I understand Nazi, u missed me…n I too love u yaar..n missing everyone.. N u r really ….”WOW”….Amazing, n yr efforts for yr friends.. Just hattsoff yaar…n I luv uuu..
    Take good care of yrself..n hope not to b visible for 20 days again…finger crossed….
    N tc…

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